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Our CICC representative

Ms Komal Sachdeva

RCIC Number: #R706160

Ms Komal Sachdeva is an active standing member in College of Immigration & citizenship Consultant. (R706160) Practicing Immigration law and Owes a diploma in Immigration law. She has a dash of Inspiration and dabble of endurance to Guide and protect You from immigration fraudulents.

GreenTree Immigration is a Registered Under CICC representatives (ICCRC recently changed to CICC). To safeguard your Immigration dreams and case from unauthorized or Ghost Immigration consultant. Protecting the dreams and avoiding rejections has escalated us to earn the title Best Immigration consultant in Chennai.

All RCIC are registered under CICC (College of Immigration & Citizenship Consultants)

RCIC COnsultant
RCIC COnsultants

Your Perfect Canada ImmigrationConsultant

GreenTree Immigration is an icon for showing better and suitable pathway for your immigration process without any false promises

Key services offered at GreenTree Immigration

Eligibility Evaluation Report.

IELTS Training.

Resume Marketing.

Post Landing Services

IELTS Training.

Document Notarization.

Transcript Assistance

Free counselling

Major Benefits of Immigrating to Canada

Your parents can Visit you easily.

Spouse can work full time from day 1.

Live, Study, work in anywhere in Canada

Pay Subsidized Fees for University Education

Study in Top ranked universities.

Earn in Canadian Dollars.

Enjoy all social and health benefits

Avail free public education for your children till high school

Climb up the success of ladder with a plethora of career opportunities

Claim citizenship just by staying inside Canada for just 1092 days

Get an opportunity to claim Canadian Passport the 3rd most powerful passport in the world


How To Apply Canada PR

If you're applying for permanent residence in Canada, keep track of what you need to do. Read our tips for your Canada PR application.

Score minimum points

Score Minimum Eligibility Points Based On Your Age, Education, Work Experience, Language Proficiency, Etc. Minimum Eligibility Point’s Requirement Is 67 Points In Express Entry FSW Category.

Get ECA Done

To Get Your Qualification Verified, Obtain Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report From An Approved Assessing Body, I.E. WES, ICASC, CES, ICES, Etc.

Create online Profile

Create Online Profile In Express Entry System Mentioning All Key Details Of Your Profile Including (Work Experience, ECA, IELTS And Others) And Get Your CRS Score.

Invitation to Apply

IRCC Will Open Express Entry Draw Periodically To Select The Applicants With Top CRS Point Score & Subsequently, Issue Them Invitation To Apply

Submit PR application

Once ITA Is Received, Submit Complete Canada PR Application Along With The Required Documents Within 60 Days Of Receiving The Invite

Get Canada PR Approval

Your Submitted Application & Documents Will Be Verified And If Everything Is Found Valid, You Will Get Approval For Canadian

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Canada PR

Eligibility Criteria

Age Factor

You must be at least 18 years old to apply Canada PR. You get points for age factor up to the age of 46 years. However, with the increase in age, your points start decreasing. You get maximum points for age factor when you are in age group 18-35

Language Proficiency Test

English and French are the two official languages of Canada. Hence, as an applicant of Canada PR, you must prove your proficiency (minimum CLB 7) in one of these languages. You need to provide Language proficiency test result from an approved language testing agency, such as, IELTS for English proficiency.

Educational Credential Assessment

You must be at least graduate to apply Permanent Residency in Canada. Also, if you are applying for Canada PR as a skilled worker from an overseas country, you need to provide ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)from approved authority, such as WES, so that IRCC can verify your qualification obtained from outside Canada.

Work Experience

To apply Canada PR, you must have at least 1 years of work experience. However, to get invitation to apply for Canada PR from IRCC, you must earn high enough points on the point based immigration system of Canada. Hence, work experience of at least 3 years can help you earn good points.


Annual Salaries in Canada

IT Professionals 75,000 PA 2173,2171,2174,2283
Electrical Engineers 87,000 PA 2133,2148,9241
Senior Managers 85,000 PA 0111,0112,0113
Nurse & General Physicians 89,000 PAt 3012,3111,3112
Electronics Engineers 87,000 PA 2133,2147
Civil Engineers 83,000 PA 2131
Telecommunication Engineers 87,000 PA 2147,2173
HR Professionals 81,000 PA 0112,1121,1223,1241
Dentists 89,000 PA 3113
Pharmacists 75,000 PA 3131
Industrial Engineers 68,000 PA 2141,7301,7361
Mechanical Engineers 68,000 PA 2132,2148,7301
Accountants 66,000 PA 1212,0111,1111
Chefs & Cooks 32,000 PA 6321
Admin Managers & Supervisors 58,000 PA 0114
Restaurant Managers& Supervisors 32,000 PAA 0113,0114
School Teachers 53,000 PA 4031,4032

Why Green Tree?

Major reasons to choose GreenTree Immigration


How you ever heard Of Refund? Get 100% Refund if you are not Eligible WE INVENTED THE TERM 100% REFUND


The Standards of service has been lifted up by Eliminating IVR calls in processing Department


You get RAPID Response once your profile is Submitted because we sign up only Standard profiles


Our Immigration Experts are trained by Professional and Legal Immigration Lawyers and hence they Owe Real Time Updates


Green Tree Immigration the Most Reliable and Trusted Brand In Immigration Sector


You get no interruption in your process unless and until you get delayed submitting your documents