How to get job from India

Most immigrating aspirants have a query that getting a job in Canada might be a daunting task, But in reality, Canada is a land of opportunities hence welcoming immigrants from all over the world to immigrate, In this blog, we are going to see what are the easy steps to get a job in Canada from India.

“Canada In-demand jobs increasing day by day in higher rate”

Things to Consider to apply for Canadian jobs from India

Build a Professional Resume:

 Building a resume might be a simple task for everyone but to create in a proper and professional way might take a lot of experience. A Company or Organization in Canada might receive thousands of applications every month, for the filtration process, might be a hesitating process for humans hence to resolve it most companies assign the task to the tool called Application tracking system which will filter your profile.

The tool works on the keywords resume formats, alignment, profiles with photos, etc. Hence hiring professional resume writing services will help the hiring professional to provide 1st priority.

The approach in different platforms:

In the era of Social media platforms, there is plenty of ways to approach a job and be noticed by the recruiter.

  • You can approach the company portals directly
  • You can approach professional platforms like LinkedIn
  • The approach in different Canada Job portals
  • Use various social media to reach Canada HR Consultant

These are some factors to eye-catch your resume to the Canadian professionals who are hiring.

Create a Job bank profile

Creating an online profile in the job bank is the easiest way to find jobs in Canada. It is an easy tool to find out the preferred jobs in Canada for the employer and the recruiter.

Here are simple ways to create a job bank profile:

  • Go to job bank website:
  • Then go to the Job match sign-in page
  • Click signup button
  • Create the account with the instructions provided

However, to create a job bank profile you must require an Express Entry profile and job seeker verification code.

Contact Canadian HR or Job Consultant

You can contact directly to the Canadian Job Consultant who deals with International jobs who can help you to get Job in Canada by sending mails through the professional profiles that you have required in-demand skill set.

Canadian Job portal

Rather than any other social platform some job sites regularly update the required candidates in some famous Canadian job portal sites like,, etc. Update your profile on these sites and apply for the jobs on these sites.

Through Newspaper

 Follow the Canadian Newspaper regularly In the classified section job requirements for the profile will be listed you can follow the news portal websites from India. and accordingly, you can contact the employer that you are fit for the position that has been applying .

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How Canadian PR Visa will help you to find jobs?

If you are a PR Visa Holder you have increased your job opportunities by more than 3times rather than a normal visa holder. The employer will look at your profile that you have the right to work in Canada without sponsoring yourself and the company might think it is also beneficial for you without sponsoring. If you have queries about How to get Job for Canada from India comment below  or Contact Green-tree Immigration

Required documents to apply for Canada Job from India

  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter supporting your job application
  • Documents of Previous Employment
  • Pay slips for salary evidence
  • Identity proof
  • Passport
  • Visa/Work Permit.

How to find jobs in less time?

Follow the above steps but choose carefully to understand the Canadian Job market. You cannot get jobs simply by posting in job portals and social media platforms. You should get guidance from the experts and research and plan an active strategy. Only the active planning strategy will help you to find jobs in less time

If you are willing to Immigrate to Canada from India Green-tree Immigration will get you to get PR Visa in Canada we work on various Study, PR Visa for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other European Countries.

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