How to improve your Canada Express Entry CRS Score

Canada Express Entry is an online immigration system that makes it easy for skilled and potential employers to become Canada’s permanent residents. Express Entry (EE) operates on a points-based system where applicants will be selected based on the latest CRS score based on core human factors, skill transfer capabilities, and additional factors. Here a quick guide helps you to improve your CRS score

Ways to improve your CRS Score

Improve Your Education/Upgrade your education 

You can improve your education. If you are a graduate, you can move on to a master’s or a PG diploma. The master’s adds 40 additional points and the PG diploma adds 33 additional points to the diploma.

Get a job offer in Canada

People who apply for a PR visa for Canada are mostly skilled professionals who do not have time to devote to job applications and spend a lot of time on a regular basis. But if you apply for a job through the job bank and provincial nominee program (or )employment portals, they can give you a chance to get a job offer that can increase CRS scores from 50 points to 200 points.

Improve your IELTS score

A total of 260 CRS points has been provided for language proficiency. French and English are the official languages ​​of Canada, so take a French course and learn both to earn more points. Additional points are accumulated for each improvement in test scores in all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), but the magic threshold is when a candidate achieves a 

Canadian Language Proficiency Level (CLB)  of 9 in each. skill. Reappear in the IELTS test and achieve a high CLB level that helps in improving the CRS score.

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Through Relatives

You can get additional 15 points through your sibling or blood relations residing in Canada. If your siblings or any blood relations reside in Canada you can get additional points.

Through Provincial Nominee Programs Nomination

A nomination from any one of the provinces will get additional CRS points of 600. Get a PNP certificate from a  territory or province of Canada. and in most cases will secure you an ITA in the next draw.

Spouse factors

Candidates applying with a spouse may get additional points, however, have another potential for improving their CRS score because the level of spouse’s education, language skills, and Canadian work experience can all be rewarded. You can get 20 points based on the partner’s language proficiency and up to 10 points based on your spouse’s educations.

If you are still confused about your CRS score here our tool provides you to calculate your CRS Score.

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To conclude, checking the eligibility requirements and increasing your CRS Score has been important to increasing the chances of getting your PR Visa. Check with our Canada immigration Consultants the pathways to improve your CRS Score and get free guidance from our immigration experts.

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