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How to write a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for Masters

Seeking and searching for ways to obtain a perfect Letter of Recommendation (LOR)? Read on to learn about the importance, eligibility criteria, and submission process of “the best” letter of recommendation (LOR) for your Master’s degree abroad. Also, read more to learn how GreenTree Immigration provides assistance and offers tips and tricks on how you can get a letter of recommendation to make your way to an overseas master’s program.

What does a “LOR” or “Letter of Recommendation” mean?

A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a type of formal letter that is written at the behest of the candidate who is currently seeking a Master’s program at an overseas graduate school. The LOR must be clear and concise as to why this letter was written.

What are the different types of Letters of Recommendation for Master’s programs? How do they differ from each other?

There are two different types of Letters of Recommendation (LOR) that can be submitted to the graduate school to which you are seeking admission to increasing your chances of acceptance. Either of the two LORs can be submitted to seek admission into the graduate school.

  • Academic LOR

The Academic LOR should be written by someone professional from your previous university or institution who knows your educational merits and skills. This LOR can be written by professors, the Dean, the Head of the Department (HOD), or tutors.

  • Professional LOR

Professional LOR is a type of LOR that can be acquired from the previous employer and submitted to the graduate school. This letter of recommendation can be obtained from any higher-ranking person, such as managers, chiefs, or superior officials in your previous organization. 

Is a Letter of Recommendation mandatory for the Master’s program? Why do schools and universities abroad need LOR for Master’s programs?

A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is compulsory documentation needed to acquire admission into any university or institution in Canada, Germany, Ireland, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. A letter of recommendation must be presented to universities if you are opting for graduate, undergraduate, or doctoral programs in the above-mentioned countries.

This Letter of Recommendation (LOR) gives the ins and outs, personality, and illustrious academic or professional details about the candidate. The graduate school can obtain a clear and genuine picture and opinion about the candidate seeking admission. The letter of recommendation (LOR) helps get one’s feet wet to enter graduate school effortlessly.

How should one write a letter of recommendation while applying for a Master’s program? 

While writing a letter of recommendation, make sure to keep these points in mind to write an excellent letter of recommendation.

  • Introduction

Introduce yourself first. Provide your name, position, and any further qualifications. Next, describe your relationship with the individual you are composing a LOR on behalf of. Make sure to keep your introduction short and to the point.

  • Subject

Firstly, start with a brief introduction about the person you are writing on behalf of. Make sure to mention the good qualities, potentials, and strengths, and also emphasize the expertise and skills the applicant holds. Mention why you think the applicant has to be accepted into the graduate school.

  • Conclusion

End the recommendation letter with a powerful and compelling closure declaration, along with the recommender’s/sender’s basic profile details, such as name, contact information, and a signature.

Who should you request to obtain a Letter of Recommendation for your Master’s programme?

If you have just completed your undergraduate degree and are looking for graduate schools abroad, you can request information from your professors, dean of the faculty, or Head of the department (HOD) at your present university. The recommender must have known you for at least 6 months, both academically and personally. The recommender should write about your skills, character, and ability and explain why you would be apt to take up this program.

If you are an employee looking for opportunities abroad and want to be accepted by a graduate school, you must provide a letter of recommendation from your current or previous employer or any higher official. 

It is best to request a domain or professional expert for the course you are taking.

Do not produce any letter of recommendation to the graduate school from your relatives, friends, or family.

What are the Tips & Tricks from GreenTree Immigration for writing a Letter of Recommendation?

Some of the best Tips & Tricks from GreenTree Immigration for writing a Letter of Recommendation are provided as follows:

  • Make sure you write a brief and to-the-point description.
  • Ensure that the LOR is honest and true to your knowledge.
  • Do not overemphasize things.
  • The recommender should express and declare the facts, accomplishments, and skills of the candidate.
  • Concentrate on and highlight the candidate’s expertise and skill set.
  • Make sure you write in a formal tone and individualize the candidate. However, the LOR’s tone shouldn’t seem overly formal.
  • Depending on the course you are opting for in your graduate school, get a LOR from the equivalent or relevant recommender.
  • Also, be sure to write a maximum of 400 – 500 words and up to one page.
  • Keep in touch with your professors and recommenders. Also, discuss research prospects and your statement of purpose with higher officials at your university.
  • Send in your letter of recommendation before the final submission date.
  • Last but not least, keep the letter of recommendation simple and concise.

How can I send in my Letter of Recommendation to the university I am applying for a Masters program?

You can send in your letter of recommendation (LOR) in three different ways. 

  • Submit via Electronic Mail (Email)

Make sure your professor, or any faculty member you know, sends the letter of recommendation (LOR) via email to the graduate school you are opting for.

  • Send it in as a regular postal attachment

You can request that your recommender either write or type the letter of recommendation with his/her signature, designation, mobile number, and mail ID. You can get the LOR from the faculty and ship it yourself. Make sure to send it in advance, as it takes time for your LOR to be delivered to the university.

  • Fill out an online application form  

Certain graduate schools have specific guidelines for writing a LOR. You can request your faculty to fill out the application form from the university portal and submit it.

Anyhow, the mode of submission of the candidate’s LOR depends on the university to which he/she is applying. You can check the mode of LOR delivery on the graduate school website you are applying to.

Final Takeaway

Going to graduate school abroad is a dream for many Indian youngsters. A profound, strong, and powerfully built letter of recommendation will definitely pave the way to your dream country and graduate school. Going to graduate school overseas can be exciting as well as gruelling, but you get to learn new, interesting, and modish things as well.

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     31 January 2023 


Dear [Professor Name (MS graduate school)]/To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter in order to recommend that YYYY obtain international admission to your prestigious university. I am XXXX, YYYY’s project supervisor, and I am the Director of the Innovation and Technology Hub at ZZZ university. YYY has done his undergraduate programme at ZZZ university and is the gold medalist in his department. 

YYYY has participated in many international conferences and symposiums. YYYY has won first place for his project proposal under the Center for Science & Innovation Development. YYYY completed his/her end-of-semester project under my guidance, and I found him adept in his study concepts. YYYY is a cheery student with very good morals, ethics, and honesty.

If YYYY is given admission to your university, I can positively assure you that he/she can be an added asset to the university’s academics, research, and innovation and bring accolades to the academy.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me if you need any additional information about YYYY’s educational qualifications or behavior. 






[Department & University]

[Official Email-ID]

[Official Phone number]





         31 January 2023 

[Recipient’s name]

[Recipient’s position]

[Recipient’s address]

 Subject: Letter of Recommendation in Graduate School Regd.

Greetings [Mr/Ms/Dr/Name],

The primary purpose of this letter is to extend my sincere recommendation on behalf of my employee, [ZZZZ], who is passionate and eager to enter and enrol in your university, [university name]. I have been working with [ZZZZ] for almost 2 years. Currently, he/she is working at [company name]. I am his/her managing director. 

I can truly vouch for his/her good code of conduct, integrity, and dedication towards pursuing graduate studies. He/she is an accomplished, astute, high-minded, and service-oriented individual. I genuinely like how committed and focused he/she is on giving every assignment and team effort his/her very best effort. In my opinion, he/she makes a tremendous contribution to our company and the projects overall.

If admitted, [ZZZZ] will be a valuable asset who can provide honors and high grades for your graduate programme.

You can contact me by mail or phone if you want to learn more about [ZZZZ] and his or her professional values and principles.


[Recommender signature & name]

[Recommender position & company name]

[Recommender Mail ID]

[Recommender contact number]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need to submit a single or multiple Letter of recommendation to the school I am applying to?

You can submit a single LOR, but it would be ideal if you submitted multiple LORs, up to 3.

  • What is the purpose of applying for a Letter of Recommendation for a Masters programme?

The candidate’s character and abilities are recommended by some professionals, like professors and employers. This helps them in selecting the individual for university or employment.

  • Who should give you a letter of recommendation for your Masters programme?

Your previous university professors, deans, and tutors, as well as your previous employers, can provide you with a LOR. 

  •  How many words can your Letter of Recommendation have?

It’s advised to have 400–500 words on your letter of recommendation.

  • How lengthy should my Letter of recommendation be?

The recommendation letter can be one page long and include all of the necessary information. 

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