Canada PR from India

Canada is one of the finest countries to make your goal come true. After the restrictions of the US H1b visa, many Indians prefer to choose to immigrate to Canada. Here we are going through the step-by-step process on how to apply for Canada PR from India.

Canada Permanent resident process from India

Step 1:

Educational credential assessment(ECA)

Educational credential assessment(ECA) is the first step to knowing whether your profile will be eligible or not on your express entry profile. The education credential assessment shows whether your education will be equal to Canadian education standards or not. This assessment is being conducted by various organizations around the world but is mostly preferred by World Education Services in India this organization tends to check and deliver the result.

Step 2:

IELTS (or) Language test report:

IELTS is the most preferred language test across the globe. If you have preferred to get high points on the IELTS test you get more points in your CRS score to apply. In the earlier days, we have a paper-based system that makes you apply for the system. Now you have an online-based system in every preferred center in India you can apply. If you know the  French language you can also apply French professional test that gets some additional points.


Submitting Express Entry Profile:

Once you have submitted all the documents your next steps in filing your Express entry application online. Once you have created your profile and selected the channel through which you want to apply for your Canada PR, They ask for the details Age, Education, Work, Experiences, Single or married. You have to provide the details for the express entry profile. You can check the details at Canada immigration portal

Step 4:

Submitting your CRS score

Submitting your CRS so much crucial steps in knowing the profile is eligible to get your CRS score or not. After submitting your score your profile is calculated on the basis on the age, education, language, and experience is been calculated and you get a score which made you apply for PR. To check your CRS eligibility preferred our Canada immigration consultant will check your eligibility.

Our tip: To improve your CRS score we prefer some tips to apply such as prefer more than 3 years experience before applying for PR and get more points in Language eligibility tests. If you have high qualifications you get more points.

Apply for PNP:

After the successful filing of your  CRS score next steps in taking which provinces to apply for which province to apply. In every province, there have some requirements and draws. Before applying for which province to apply we prefer to take advice from our immigration consultant.

Step 5:

Express Entry draw:

After successful completion of CRS score and PNP nominations. You have completed profile a draw is been conducted by the immigration department in every 15 days. Once you have submitted the profile you would have a limited number of days to Canada with the Permanent Resident  Visa in your hand.

Step 6:

Before arriving into Canada some of the documents you need to carry forward with you such as Identity proof, Educational assessment qualification, Work experience, passport and offer letter by the concern Canadian employers and other documents.

You can get genuine support to how to apply for pr from India with our immigration experts we can help you to get PR. If you have any doubt you can talk to our immigration consultant. Subscribe our blogs and get the latest immigration news.


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