National Occupation Classification(NOC) will determine your skilllevel based on your duties and tasks

National Occupation Classification (NOC) code

What is a NOC code?

The National Occupational Classification(NOC) is Canada’s national system of organizing and describing occupations. It can help you locate information about occupations found throughout Canada’s job market.

The NOC is a useful tool for job seekers. You can use it to research:

  • job descriptions
  • educational requirements
  • required skills
  • related occupations

The NOC is often used by employers to help them write job descriptions and identify skill requirements for new job postings.

TheNOCisalsousedbymanygovernment agencies(includingImmigration,Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to identify skills shortages in the Canadian job market.

The NOC is updated every 5 years by Employment and Social Development Canada and Statistics Canada.

How is the NOC Organized?

Basically, it is a tool that is used to classify occupations according to their skill level and skill type.

Everyoccupationisidentifiedbyafour-numbercode,calledtheNOCcode.Eachnumber represents a different trait, which describes the type of industry, and the education and skills required.

To be eligible under Express Entry, your must have previous work experience under skill type 0, or level A or B.

  • Skill Type 0 (zero) – management jobs. It also has 00 category NOC included
  • Skill Level A — professional jobs
  • Skill Level B — technical jobs and skilled trades

Occupation Details: (Primary Applicant)

Designation in India Software analysis engineer
Occupation in demand code NOC 2173
Occupation in demand name Software Engineers and Designers
Designation in India Global Prodution Support Engineer
Occupation in demand code NOC 2282
Occupation in demand name User Support Technicians
Designation in India Scrum Master
Occupation in demand code NOC 1123
Occupation in demand name Professional Occupation in Business management consulting

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