How to choose an best Immigration consultant in India

How to choose the best immigration consultant in India?

Immigration is one of the life-changing decisions in everyone’s life. There are numerous reasons for immigration. The reasons for the individuals might be study, work, career, exploration or to improve their standard of living. It might be different for every aspect. To immigrate and make the life-changing process, you need some guidance from proper experts or consultants. But choosing an immigration consultant might be a daunting task. In this blog, we have listed how to choose the best immigration consultant.

Tips to choose the best immigration consultant


There are numerous immigration consultants and some consultants might not get proper Accreditation from the immigration council. Choose the appropriate consultants with accreditations by the concerned immigration council. Only the accredited consultants are approved by the government. 

Licenses and Validations

Check whether they have a proper license to handle your immigration and also check with the tenure of their license. Some consultants might use expired licenses and do the immigration process to verify them also.

Knowledge about the progress

Before progressing with an immigration consultant, check their knowledge about the progress. Have a detailed telephonic conversation with the consultant and know how capable they are about the process. If they provide any false or misleading information avoid them. 

Customer reviews

Reviews play a vital role in every profession’s check with their customer reviews from trusted resources. Check with their online reputation in Google, LinkedIn, Just Dial and Sulekha like portal get the feedback from the sources and know-how the immigration consultant help them to immigrate to their dream destination.

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Visit the office

On verifying with the trusted resources and reviews next step is to visit the office, enquire about the process in detail 

  • How will they help them to immigrate.
  • Check their knowledge about the process.
  • Ask about what are things they will help in immigration.
  • Inquire in detail about everything that you have in mind. 

Success rate:

Success rate plays a crucial role in immigration. Verify how successful they are. Success ratio plays an important role in determining your chances of getting approved. Check with their Success ratio.

Check your eligibility

Eligibility plays a crucial role in immigrating progress. By collecting all the information from the required consultants, ask them to check the eligibility test for your profile, know how many required points you have. After getting your evaluation report, cross-check with your known source to know whether they provide correct information or not. 

Duration about the process

For every immigration program duration may vary; for some programs, it takes 1 month and for some programs 6-12 months. Check with them about the duration of the program If they say they will provide a quick solution for your immigration program, keep an eye on them and enquire about the duration of the program from other sources. If they provide any false information about the duration program avoid them.

Charges about immigration

In the final immigration, charges play a crucial role. For every process immigration charges might differ. Consult with one or two immigration consultants about the charges. If anyone quoted very less then do not blindly trust them. Know the quality of work they provide and quality of work provided by any other consultants.

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