How to Migrate to Australia from India — The Complete Guide

Australia, a country known for its diversity, serene landscapes, exotic beaches, and a whole ton of opportunities, is among the world’s most favorite land people love to immigrate to. Its quality of life and inclusive culture is something the world adores it for. With the 7th highest immigrant population, Australia constantly remains the 1st choice for skilled workers across the globe to migrate, start a new life, and grow in terms of financial independence. And, we at GreenTree Immigration, India’s most popular Australian Immigration consultants, are proud and esteemed to have served 100s of clients achieve their dream Australian PR with ease.

Why Settle in Australia?

Every year, hundreds of Indians are granted Australia PR and it is perhaps the best season for you to kickstart your immigration process.

Also, on moving to Australia,

  1. Experience an impeccable quality of life
  2. Be a part of a multicultural habitat
  3. Enrol in masters
  4. Work part-time/ full-time based on visa rights
  5. Earn in dollars
  6. Bring your family
  7. Get free schooling for your kids
  8. Invest in properties/ buy a home
  9. Get medicare assistance

Types of Australian Immigration Programs

Here is a complete list of visas eligible aspirants from countries across the globe can apply for:

Australian Skilled Migration

  1. Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)
  3. Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 491 - Provisional)

Business Migration

  1. Business Owner Visa (subclass 890)

Employer Nominated Migration:

  1. Employer Nominated Visa (subclass 186)

Study Visa:

Travel Visa:

Program to explore and live in Australia endlessly or for short span depending on the type of visa that the applicant choose Skilled migrant Stream:

Australia’s General Skilled Immigration Program?

Australia’s official government site states that for the year 2022-23, the planning level is set to 195,000 places. Workforce shortage being the key reason for ramping up the number of allocations, it is great news for skilled aspirants from India to go ahead and apply for Australian PR through the General Skilled Immigration Program. The different pathways under you can apply for a Australia PR includes:

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

Applicants can get an Australian PR through this pathway with a mandate that the occupation be present in the Skill Occupation List and a positive skill assessment. It is a points-tested stream and lets visa holders work and live indefinitely anywhere in Australia. The skilled independent visa doesn’t require a sponsor or state nomination. Both onshore and offshore aspirants can apply for a visa under this subclass. A 65+ score is the basic requirement; however, the higher the score, the better are the chances of invitation.

Cost : The approximate visa cost involved is AUD 4,240.

Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

You can Australian permanent residency via the skilled nominated stream on getting nominated/ sponsored by a state or territory. In the EOI, aspirants have to express their interest in working and living in a particular state, and upon sufficient points, eligibility criteria and other factors, the state will decide to sponsor. State sponsorship will fetch you an additional 15 points in the overall PR score.

Cost : The cost involved for a skilled nominated visa is approximated to AUD 4,240.

Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 491 - Provisional)

It is a pathway for aspirants who want to work and stay in a regional place in the country for a tenure of 5 years. This ain’t directly a PR, but subclass 491 lets you enter Australia, work in the relevant occupation for 3 years, after which you can apply for a PR.

Cost : The visa fee for a skilled regional visa (subclass 491) is AUD 4,240.

Eligibility Requirements for Australian PR via Skilled Immigration Program

While the requirements may vary depending on the pathway one chooses to apply for, listed below are the generic requisites to apply for an Australian PR through the Skilled Immigration Program.

  1. Satisfy the basic eligibility criteria (age below 45, education, work experience)
  2. Make sure your occupation is on Australia’s Skilled Occupation List
  3. Demonstrate adequate language proficiency in IELTS or PTE
  4. Get a positive skill assessment from your respective assessing authority
  5. Submit an EOI (Expression of Interest)
  6. Apply for the PR on receiving an invitation

Skilled Immigration Program is a points-based system and hence, to begin with, you can self-evaluate your profile with our Australia PR points calculator to analyze where you stand before taking the next step in your visa process since only those with 65 points and above are eligible to apply.

how to apply for Australian PR from India

First and foremost, you ought to be able to score 65 points to be eligible to apply under the skilled immigration program. However, this is done only after confirming your occupation is listed in Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.

While you can always use our Australia PR calculator for the same, talking to our experts at GreenTree would be the best step to initiate with.

Demonstrating language proficiency in IELTS or PTE is a key mandate and we provide you guidance in helping you achieve this with flying colors in all bands.

Then, we document all your proof of age, education, and work experience letter to create a profile and apply for skilled assessment. Only with a positive skill assessment, will you be able to proceed further.

On a positive result, an impactful EOI ought to be submitted.

Now, an invitation to apply is issued, following which we assist with your visa application.

Once you get through, we assist you with getting your health evaluation and the final step, the police clearance certificate.

Australia Immigration Pathway Changes in 2023

Year after year, Australia welcomes an increasing number of immigrants from India as industries continue to keep growing paving way for a multitude of opportunities for skilled immigrants via Australia PR.

  1. As mentioned earlier, the Australian government will be increasing its planning levels to $195,000 places in 2023 from 160,000 during the year 2021-22.
  2. To be precise, this number is allocated to skill (142,400 places), family (52,500 places) and special eligibility (100 places).
  3. Due to the skill shortages in a diverse range of industries, more skilled migrants will be welcomed next year.
  4. The partner visa is said to be processed on a demand-driven basis.
  5. Parent visa allotment has doubled as the permanent migration program makes it 8,500 in 2023 from 4,500 back in 2021-22.
  6. Visa application backlogs will be reduced on a priority basis the coming year.

Skilled Immigration Program is a points-based system and hence, to begin with, you can self-evaluate your profile with our Australia PR points calculator to analyze where you stand before taking the next step in your visa process since only those with 65 points and above are eligible to apply.

GreenTree Immigration — India’s Best Immigration Consultant for Australia PR

Though it might look simple on the outside, there are a lot of nuances when it comes to Australian immigration, which an experienced consultant can help you handle.

For stress-free visa processing, it is best to opt for a consultant like GreenTree Immigration to take care of the end-to-end PR process, helping you focus more on scoring more in the points grid and less on documentation.

There might be changes year-on-year on the pathways or places allotted, which we keep a continuous note on. Hence, contact our GreenTree experts right away to make sure your process is seamless without hiccups in every step of the way. Achieving your Australia PR would be an absolute delight with us guiding through the entire process in the most efficient and professional form.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is GSM Visa?

Ans : General skilled migration (GSM) visa essentially for the skilled workers who are willing to live and work in Australia on the permanent basis and it is a point base visa..

What is the eligibility criteria for Australia immigration?
  1. You must be below 45 years old
  2. You should meet at least 65 points in the pointing system.
  3. Your occupation should list under skilled occupation list
  4. Positive skill assessment
  5. Be proficient in at least competent English.
What is subclass 189, 190, 491?

Subclass 189 is also known as Skilled Independent visa. You need to attain a score of at least 65 in skill select program to eligible under this category. These 65 points are based on your skilled qualification, experience and language abilities and it is a permanent visa.

Subclass 190 is also known as Skilled Nominated visa is for the people who are nominated by a state or territory of Australia. It is a permanent residence visa you can live and work Australia permanently. If you’re nominated by state or territory you should live in the particular state or territory at least for 2 years.

Subclass 491 is known as skilled work regional visa which also the immigrants to work and live in regional Australia temporally for 5years. You will be eligible to apply for permanent resident visa after 4years of stay under 491.

Processing time for Australia immigration?

The processing time for Australia immigration is 10-12 months.

How many points are required for Australian PR?

To apply for Australian PR you required to meet 65 points in the pointing system. And this points are based on your Age, education, and experience and language proficiency.

Visa application charges for Australian PR?

The fees for Australian Permanent residence is $4115 AUD for principle applicant. For spouse $2055 AUD and dependent children $1030 AUD

What is NAATI?

National Accreditation Authority for translators and interpreters. It is mainly for the immigrant who are planning to work as translators and interpreters. This certificate can help people to claim additional points in skilled migration visa.

NATTI certification is valid for 3 years.

What is skill Assessment?

Skill Assessment is a mandatory part of skilled independent visa which assess the persons qualification and work experience and they will provide outcome letter. Only the positive outcome letter will be eligible for migration.

How much does it cost for Skill assessment?

It cost around 500 – 1000 AUD depends on the assessing authority.

Can I apply for EOI without skill assessment?

No you can’t file your EOI without the positive skill assessment for all skilled migration visa.

What is EOI?

An Expression of interest (EOI) is an online application to show your interest in applying for skilled Migrant visa category. There is no fee for submitting the EOI.

Australia expression of interest is valid for 2years. After 2 years you can re-create the new EOI if you dint receive the ITA

How many skill assessing authorities are there in Australia?

There are 41 assessing bodies to evaluate your skill assessment. The assessing authorities varies from occupation to occupation. You can select your assessing authority based on your occupation.

Do I get additional points for studying in Australia?

Yes you can claim additional 5 points for studying in Australia in the skilled migrant visa category.

What is DIBP?

The department of immigration and Broder Protection is a department of Australia government who is responsible for the Immigration.

What is IMMI Account?

Immi account is a single point of entry into online visa service of Australia where we can pay and submit your visa application.

What is IMMI Account?

Immi account is a single point of entry into online visa service of Australia where we can pay and submit your visa application.

What is CDR report?

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a document that demonstrates your skills and experience as an engineer.

Who is eligible relative for 491 family sponsor visa?

An eligible relative can be a parent, a child or step child, a brother, sister, adoptive brother or sister.

What is Family sponsor visa?

Subclass 491 is called family sponsor visa, where you can sponsor your family member under this visa.

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