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Canada is one of the world’s popular countries for immigrants to work and settle. Every year, thousands of families immigrate to Canada for its unparalleled quality of life, impeccable education, diverse job offers and a wide plethora of opportunities in all streams of life. For this very reason, the Canadian government has introduced several fast track programs for Indians and other country immigrants to gain faster access to permanent residency via Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, etc. Since these processes are simple, seamless, and straightforward, more and more skilled immigrants are making their way to Canada in recent times. Moreover, Canada has decided to take in more than a million skilled immigrants in the next three years, which paves way for several on-demand occupation workers to gain an easy pathway to the country.

Why is Canada welcoming immigrants?

Canada is a well-developed country and is constantly in search of skilled workers with quality education, language proficiency, and work experience in different fields. The demand for highly skilful people who will support the well-developed Canadian economy in several sectors of healthcare, education, management, etc is ever growing. And, besides economic development, the multicultural history of Canada has always welcomed immigrants from various countries to grow together as a community in building a nation that excels on all fronts.

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Pathways for Immigration to Canada

Express Entry System

A fast-track CRS points-based system for immigration of skilled workers to Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Province-specific pathway for people nominated by Canadian provinces & territories.

Self-employed person Program

Permanent residency curated for self-employed people with expertise in cultural activities & athletics.

Family-Sponsored program

Enables Canadian permanent residents to sponsor a relative to settle in Canada.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

With its own selection criteria, QSWP allows skilled workers to reside permanently in the province of Quebec.

Immigrant Investor Program

Qualified business professionals willing to invest in Canada are accepted via this pathway.

Atlantic Immigration Program

An immigration pathway specifically for people who want to move to territories in Atlantic Canada.

Start-Up Visa

A qualified business idea & a letter of support from a well-renowned establishment is the key need for this visa.

How to Check My Eligibility to Migrate to Canada

As mentioned, there are a number of pathways to immigrate to Canada, but, before anything else, if you want to do a self-eligibility check, then you are at the right place.

Use our PR calculator to figure out your chances of settling in one of the world’s largest economies. Receive your scores right in your inbox by inputting your deets right here on our page.

Likewise, to calculate your CRS score, our tool comes in handy to give you a heads up on how much your points might be. Simply input your age, qualification, work experience, etc in our easy calculator and get your scores effortlessly for Express Entry visas.

Key Requirements for Immigration to Canada

Based on the type of pathway chosen, the requirements may vary. However, we’ve consolidated the basic selection factors that might come handy when you plan your immigration to Canada.

  1. An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report to demonstrate your educational qualification.
  2. IELTS or equivalent test score. Showcase proficiency in English/French, or both.
  3. Proof related to work experience with occupation listed in any of the TEER categories.
  4. Canadian ties, education, or work experience & its related documents.
  5. Proof of funds that will support your stay in Canada.
  6. A medical clearance report from a designated doctor by IRCC or relevant authority.
  7. A police clearance Certificate.

Step-by-Step Breakdown of the Canada Immigration Process for PR Visa Through Express Entry

Our Canada immigration consultants will study your profile and provide complete assistance in the entire course of the process.

All educational documentation needs to get an ECA report to prove Canadian equivalency. This will be done by us in coordination with WES (World Education Services).

Personalized training will be provided for IELTS score.

Next, an EOI (Expression of Interest) has to be submitted alongside skill assessment and IELTS score.

Finally, medical and police clearance certificates ought to be submitted for visa issual.

Immigration Points System & Express Entry Programs

In order to fast-track the Canada immigration process, the government revamped its existing system back in 2015 and introduced a more transparent and easy online process called the Express Entry Program.

The 3 categories that Express Entry works are via

  1. Canadian Express Class (CEC)
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  3. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

To qualify for Canadian PR via any of the 3 Express Entry Programs, the candidate has to have a minimum of 67 points off a 100-point based grid system. And once, into the Express Entry Pool, the IRCC ranks your profile against those in the Pool with a CRS score which determines who gets the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Cost Requirements for the Canada Immigration Program under FSW:

Application Processing Fee:The Express Entry visa application fee per person costs CAD 850. It is the same amount for your spouse/ partner as well.

Right of Permanent Residence: CAD 515 for the main applicant and the same amount for your spouse/ partner.

Dependent Child Processing Fee:The processing fee for a dependent child is CAD 230.

Besides this, there will be separate fees collected for language tests, biometrics, medical examination, and police clearance certificates.

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Latest Canada Immigration News

The Canada immigration through Express Entry takes place via a draw that happens every fortnight or once in 15 days. In this system, based on the number of intakes available, a CRS cut-off score will be set. Candidates who have scored points equal to the cut-off score or higher will get an invitation to apply from the IRCC.

Learn more about the recent Canada Express Entry Draw results, CRS cut-off scores, and the number of invites received in each round to get a bird’s eye view of how to find the best possible ways to immigrate to Canada.

How GreenTree Immigration Experts Fast-Track Your Way to Canada Immigration

At GreenTree Immigration, you get the best guidance possible to immigrate to Canada without hassles. Being one of India’s top consultants for Canadian immigration, we provide the following services for a hassle-free departure to your dream country.

Personalized Profile Study

Expert Visa Guidance

Matching Visa Eligibility

Detailed Document Analysis

Personalized Service

Check your eligibility for Canadian immigration right away or talk to our GreenTree consultant for detailed analysis of your profile to speed up your chances of moving and settling in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is Express Entry?

Ans : Express Entry is an online system used to manage permanent residence Applicants who want to settle in Canada permanently. Express Entry is the major Program introduced by Canadian government.

What is a CRS score and why does it matter?

Ans : CRS or the Comprehensive Ranking System score is the one that determines whether you get an Invitation to Apply or not. Based on the number of intakes fixed for that particular round of Express Entry Draw, a CRS cut-off will be set which determines your chances of getting an invitation or not.

What is the minimum score to be eligible for the Express Entry system?

Ans : 67 is the qualifying score to get yourself into the Express Entry pool. However, higher the score, more are the chances of getting yourself into the pool of Canadian PR aspirants through Express Entry.

What is TEER Code and how does it differ from NOC Code?

Ans : TEER will include 5 skill levels (TEER 0, 1 , 2, 3, 4, & 5). This will replace the conventional NOC Codes from September 2022 and going forward, the skilled worker immigration will be based on occupations listed under TEER classification.

Who is eligible to apply under the express entry program?

The people who can contribute to Canada’s economy with their skill

  1. Work experience
  2. Language ability
  3. Education qualification

And in parallel meets the Eligibility requirements imposed the government of Canada

What is provincial Nomination?

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) is an alternate route to Boost your CRs score and Gain additional points from the provincial government of Canada. GreenTree Immigration we define this as Plan B for your immigration process if the province believes that applicant has the ability to contribute to the economy of their provinces if they would provide us the PNP nomination. Each province has its own requirements and streams.

How does the provincial nomination program help you?

Provincial nomination will give additional 600 points to your Express Entry profile which can be added to your current CRS score. Applying to PNP doesn’t mean that you have secured the nomination. Nomination will be issued only if you meet the particular province requirements.

Can I apply for PR without a job offer?

Yes, you can apply for a PR without a job offer. Job offer is not mandatory for the PR process. You can proceed without a job offer. If you have a LMIA approved job offer it will fetch you additional points.

How to choose a Canadian Immigration Consultants?
  1. Before choosing a immigration consultants,
  2. check how long they have been in the industry?
  3. How are they different from others?
  4. What is their intent on your application
  5. How frequently they will follow your application and keeps you update on the status of your profile
  6. Have a physical interaction with them before you initiate the process
How much time does it take to get a Canadian PR after covid-19?

The general processing time for PR is 6 to 8 months. In case of PNP nomination it will take additional 3months. After covid 19 the estimated processing time is likely to increase by 45 additional days

What is the difference between FSW and CRS

FSW points will help you to find whether you are eligible for the Express Entry Process., whereas the CRS is a selection point which will determine the possibility of getting an ITA to apply for PR.

What is the difference between TRV and PR?

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) also referred to as short-term visa. This visa is applicable to people who are planning to Study, Visit and work in Canada.

Permanent Residence (PR) is for the people who are planning to settle or work in Canada permanently.

What is Canadian Immigration Fee for PR?

As of 2021, Charges for the immigration process is 1325CAD$ per Adult applicant. Which includes processing fee and right of permanent residence fee. 225CAD$ per Kid.

What is Canadian Immigration Fee for Provincial nomination program?

Provincial nomination program offers you alternative pathways to permanent residence for Express Entry. They are provinces which offers non express entry streams to immigrate to Canada .

AIPP is a developing pathway to attain PR but this is an employer designated process. This could be another alternate way to attain PR for less IELTS score.

Can I apply for Canadian PR without IELTS?

No, You cannot apply for a PR without IELTS. IELTS is mandatory for PR application

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