Our Vision

To enhance the quality of immigration consulting through effective & Premium Immigration service.

Our Mission

GreenTree Immigration (GTI) represents effectiveness, quality, and efficiency in its immigration services We are committed to delivering world-class and quality Immigration Services, through well-trained, Expertise, knowledgeable and experienced professionals, backed by superior technology we are looking forward to conquering South India and upon accomplishment we are extending our wings Overseas.

Though we accomplish simultaneously we would surely withhold the quality and maintain our No 1 Immigration company Title.


Inline with this GreenTree Immigration has been placed one among the top 10 immigration consultants of the year 2019 by silicon india.

GreenTree Immigration got a place in one among the top 10 immigration consultant of the year 2020 infact the cover story of the year 2020 by Swiftnlift

Our CICC representative

Ms Revathi Varadarajalou

RCIC Number: #R709729

Ms. Revathi, being the most proactive member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) with a trustworthy experience of 10 years in practicing Canadian immigration law under RCIC No. R709729, is well known for remarkable assistance and outstanding service as a registered immigration consultant to endure and secure your immigration dreams through a personalized approach, enhanced transparency, and a quick turnaround. Her client’s success stands tall and populates.

Green Tree Immigration is registered under CICC representatives (ICCRC recently changed to CICC). To safeguard your immigration dreams and case from unauthorized or ghost immigration consultants. Protecting dreams and avoiding rejections has led us to earn the title of "Best Immigration Consultant" in Chennai.

All RCIC are registered under CICC (College of Immigration & Citizenship Consultants)

RCIC Immigration Consultants
RCIC Consultants
Is GreenTree Immigration legit?

Ans : Yes GreenTree Immigration is legit. We are registered under CICC know for providing excellent legit Solution on your profile. Almost 0% rejection and owes around 5+ years of experience in Immigration industry.

Which is the best Immigration consultant in Chennai?

GreenTree Immigration transfer’s immigration difficulties & Risks on our shoulders. Taking up the responsibility we excel completing the process in a perfect way. Saving our Prospects Time, Mental peace and efforts. We have been awarded as the india’s Most trusted and reliable brand. Our Successful client feedbacks and testimonials has earned us the best immigration consultant in Chennai.

Our Top Experts

Senior Branch Manager
A Vision Driven woman with Enthusiasm & Hunger for success. Being the Clients Favourite Process consultant she holds the responsibility of "Senior Branch Manager". Leading the team by example with great optimism & Fearless decision making. Furthermore, Specialised to handle Permanent resident, Study permits and Temporary resident visa for Canada, Australia & New Zealand.
Branch Manager
In the face of challenges, she remains unyielding, embracing adversity as an opportunity for growth. Her story serves as a reminder that with perseverance and determination, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness.
ABINAYA , Branch Manager
Abinaya R.V., the wonder woman of GreenTree Immigration, is a competent and independent person who handles the Chennai branch as Branch Manager and the Bangalore branch as Assistant Branch Manager of GreenTree Immigration. She has detailed knowledge and expertise in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand Immigration and Visa services. To add to her already impressive achievements, she has been named stellar employee of the month eight consecutive times. Abinaya has made hundreds of immigrant aspirants dreams come true!
Product Manager , Australia & New Zealand Wing
A Self-made woman empowered by knowledge and professionalism with Amazing documentation and Analysing skills, Being the Product Manager she drives the team by example, Specialised to handle Permanent resident, Study permits and Temporary resident visa for Canada, Australia & New Zealand.
Process Manager
Sudharshan R, is a determined and resolute person who handles the Process Team at GreenTree Immigration as Process Manager, Canada Wing. He has handled various different cases and has come up with the most premium solutions. He leads his team with great persistence and unwavering enthusiasm to exceed their potential. Sudharsan handles every case with the utmost care and never settles for anything less than a successful visa approval.
Our Accreditation
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