Canada Study visa rejections

Canada Study Visa from India:

Canada ranks #3 for the quality of education. The aspects and concepts of education may differ between provinces but the quality of education remains spiked throughout the country. However, Canada is the most educated country in the world and Canada has a range of World class colleges and universities. Canada provides equal opportunities to local Canadian students and Migrant students. This attracts the international students to pursue their education in Canada.

What Is A Canada Study Visa?

Canada study Visa is Temporary Resident Visa which allows an eligible international student to study in Canada for a particular time period or length of course they have opted. There is also an interesting aspect under study visa. Every student gets a opportunity to work legally inside Canada as a student.

Why Should You Choose To Study In Canada?

Taste of Indian Culture Inside Canada:

The Culture of Canada is diversified and there is absolutely no racism among the Canadian students and international students. Canada is stuffed with Indian students and immigrants. The inner feel of studying abroad is narrow when the people surrounded by you are already from your country.

Earn While studying:

Every international student is allowed to work as a part-time employee legally inside Canada under a study permit. A student can work full time (this is a recent change previous 20 hours per week.) legally to take care of their living expense inside Canada during their study. Surprisingly majority of the dedicated and inspired students pay their second-year tuition fee just by working in Canada.

Affordable Tuition Fee:

Although Canada being as a top country to study higher education, the university tuition fee is affordable and less expensive compared to other top ranked countries. On an average the tuition fee starts from 6000 - 8000 CAD$/ year for an international student and it spikes up-to 15,000 CAD$/year. For the quality of education that is being followed, it is definitely worth it.

Adequate Stay back option:

Investing our hard-earned money into a country like Canada is definitely worth for the stay-back option that the Government of Canada Provides. The stay back period is variable with respect to the course duration. But anyhow any course tenure below 8 months doesn’t get any stay back option. Upon completing your studies in Canada. you can extend your stay by applying for a Post graduate work permit and the government does allow 180 days to apply for PGWP after course completion.

This doesn’t end here Canada has many untold & Unrevealed positives. GreenTree Immigration can help you to explore. Reach us

What are the intakes in Canada study visa:

January (Winter): Most preferred intake by Indians

May (Summer): This intake offers very minimal course & Least Preferred

September (Fall): Most Preferred Intake by Indians & Canada offers more course in this intake

Steps to apply for Canada Study visa from India in 2023:

What are the documents required for Canada Study visa?

Valid passport (at-least empty last 2 pages & 6 months validity remaining)t

Valid English language test Certificate

GIC account

Education documents (attested)

Proof of tuition fee for the first year of Study

Employment documents (if you are employed)

Statement of purpose (SOP)

Letter of acceptance from Canadian university

Upfront Medical clearance certificate

Valid Police clearance certificate (Not mandatory)

Academic references (if required)

What Is The Cost To Apply For Canada Study Visa From India In 2023?

University fee – varies from 6000 CAD$ to 18,000 CAD$ (as per your choice)

University application fee: 0 CAD$ to 200 CAD$

Visa Application Fee: 150 CAD$

GIC Account deposit: 10,280 CAD$

Proof of tuition fee for the first year of Study

Biometrics: 85 CAD$)

MCC: 7000 INR

PCC: 508 INR

What Is The Processing Time For Canada Study Visa For Indian Students?

GreenTree Immigration doesn’t guarantee with any processing time which is less than 12 weeks. The 12 weeks is accounted from the date of application submission with IRCC. Upon submitting your study visa application IRCC is the deciding authority.

Work In Canada As A Student:

You can support yourself while studying in Canada under Study Permit, you have the permission for working 20 hours/week of a paid job previously as per the recent update the Government has lifted the restriction and allows the student to work for a full-time inside Canada The rate of pay is around 15 CAD$/Hour on average, and specifically if you focus on gaining working experience by helping your professors with research work then you don’t need a work permit.

These actions are to be done on campus and you will be paid less and you can work crossing the hours of work permitted If international students wish in working off-campus he can opt for an off-campus work permit after completing his study for 6 months,

What Is The Difference Between Canada Study Visa & Canada Study Permit?

How To Apply For Study Visa Extension?

Do not apply for study visa extension at the verge of expiration. It is necessary for us to apply for Canada study visa extension at-least 30 days in prior. applying for a study visa extension must have a clear purpose. This is mandatory and only applicable for students wishing to continue their studies in Canada after the completion of first course. By doing this you can restore your migration status as a temporary Resident in Canada and continue studying in Canada. Anyhow you need a new study permit for the new course you have chosen.

How To Apply For Post Graduate Work Permit When Inside & Outside Canada?

Post Graduate work permit can be applied both online and offline. Before applying for a Canada post graduate work permit one must identify the attributes of their course and their future plans and apply accordingly. (Click here to get more details on PGWP)

Can I Bring My Parents To Canada From India When I’m In Study Visa?

You as a international student in Canada can invite your parents under a visitor visa and this visitor visa allows your parents to stay in Canada with you for a tenure of 6 months. On the event your parents applying for a visitor visa they will be granted with a visa for 10 years

Can I Bring My Spouse & Child To Canada From India When I’m In Study Visa?

Yes, you can bring your spouse & Child to Canada. You can apply for a open work permit/ Spouse open work-permit and bring them to Canada. This open work permit can be applied along with your student visa application or upon you reaching Canada under a study visa your spouse can apply for open work permit. you also can bring your dependent child under a visitor visa. Applying visitor visa for spouse is not recommended.

What is GIC Account:

Guaranteed Investment Certificate is issued by the approved banking partner in Canada. Whereas this requires a creation of Bank account in Canada in the student’s name & minimum deposit of 10,280 CAD$ is essential. This in-turn will be deposited back to the students account on a monthly basis to support the student’s entire stay in Canada

Few Popular GIC Banking Partners:

What Is SOP?

Statement of Purpose is a supporting and mandatory document to avail a Canada study visa. In order to get a positive and desired visa output one must submit a strong & Meaningful SOP. The Visa officer skims your SOP whereas the purpose and intent to study in Canada are supposed to be crisp.

SOP can be a maximum of 2 or 3 pages. GreenTree Immigration is an expertise with SOP. we have dedicated SOP writers where they can ease the process of getting your SOP done within a couple of days.

Why GreenTree Immigration? – The Best Consultant for Canada Study visa?

  • Anyone can get you an University/College admission in Canada. Studying in Canada is possible only if you hold a valid Study visa to enter Canada. Canada study visa Procedures is transparent and Though internet comprises all the procedures sometimes the process requires experienced professionals like GreenTree Immigration to solve the practical difficulties and for thorough guidance.
  • Walking through all whole process sometimes causes unnecessary stress and confusion. Not being of aware of which Process to complete first and last can hit your confidence worse. GreenTree Immigration is specialized in solving Complicated situations and whereas we welcome your application why worry when the professionals are on your process. With GreenTree Immigration your chances of getting the Canada study Visa is brighter and easier. Just by submitting the application with us and look after your departure chores.

Services Offered At GreenTree Immigration Under Canada Study Visa

  • Course selection counselling
  • University Application
  • IELTS slot Booking
  • SOP Drafting
  • Securing Conditional/Unconditional offer letter from University.
  • GIC Account Creation (direct Tie-up with ICICI, Bank of Scotia & CIBC)
  • GIC Fund Transfer
  • Study Visa Application
  • Biometrics enrollment
  • Passport stamping
  • Study Visa extension
  • Post Graduate work permit.
  • DLI transfer.

Which Is The Best Canada Study Visa Consultant In India To Handle Study Visa Rejections?

we understand your curious on obtaining a study visa and you’ve given it a shot by applying on your own. Its always good to try and fail. We have got you backed GreenTree Immigration has almost 98% Success rate handling Canada study visa rejection cases. We diagnose the reason for your rejections listed in the rejection letter copy and justify them. We also help with SOP alterations and provide a dedicated justification letter and reapply your rejected application. This varies from case to case as the reason for rejections varies case to case.

At Greentree Immigration, we help families make the dream of study abroad a reality. With our experience and expertise in the field, we can guide you through all the steps to get your study visa from Canada. Search no more for overseas education services in Canada. Green Tree is the best choice for getting a study visa, and all other related immigration documentation. We have been highly rated as the best & Authorized Canada study visa consultant in India.

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