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Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500)

Australia has become one of the students' favourites and top choices for pursuing education. The Australia Student Visa is an essential step for international students who are looking to gain access to a world-class education. Aside from world-renowned institutions, Australia is renowned for its stunning landscapes and unique wildlife. Whether you're admiring the stunning beauty of Uluru or observing the stunning natural phenomena of the Great Barrier Reef, there's no shortage of adventure to be had in Australia. Plus, you won't want to miss the variety of cultures and cuisines to explore.

For international students, safety is a top priority when studying abroad. With Australia's high standard of living, rigorous safety measures, and dedicated resources, you can feel comfortable living and studying in this unique country.

What is the Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500)?

The Australian Student Visa is a temporary visa granted to eligible students seeking admission.

The visa permits eligible students to live, study, and work in Australia. It also allows students to take advantage of everything Australia has to offer, such as world-class universities, part-time employment while studying, and many other benefits.

Why should you choose to study in Australia? What are the benefits of a study visa for Australia?

Australia has a number of world-class universities that provide the highest level of education to all students. With internationally recognized qualifications, the experience you gain studying in Australia can set you up for success in a career of your choice.

Are you considering studying in Australia? Discover the amazing advantages of studying in this remarkable country.

Guidance for overseas students

Australia is one of the best countries for welcoming international students from all over the world. Australian universities conduct orientation programs including social and educational assistance for all international students.

Multiculturalism and security

Australia is a welcoming country to all immigrant students from all over the world. The country has students from various regions and ethnicities. People and environments are safe and secure in Australia.

A career and research-focused curriculum

Australian universities focus on enabling students to gain knowledge and experience in industry-related skills. Training such as communication skills and events or projects organized by the university prepares the student for the workplace environment. Australian universities hold the best research facilities and infrastructure under various departments. People from healthcare and life sciences are keen on moving to Australia.

Excellent job opportunities

You have various Study in Australia benefits which can be claimed after your studies in Australia. One of which is the post-study work visa Australia Students who complete their graduation or post graduation at Australian universities have ample job opportunities. Students get great international exposure, practical knowledge, and better experience, which are some of the key attributes. Work part-time jobs up to 40 hours while pursuing studies.

Funding and Scholarship Programs

There’s a variety of scholarships for international students in Australia for different courses and degree Students from all over the world are moving to Australia to pursue higher education. This is because the Australian government and universities provide financial assistance and various scholarships. International students can avail themselves of scholarships worth up to $15,000 AUD to $30,000 AUD per year.

Affordable cost of living and tuition fees

Australia is one country that provides reasonable living standards and tuition fees. People are willing to move to destinations like Australia and Canada because there are top-tier colleges with excellent standards of education.

What are the eligibility requirements to apply for a student visa to Australia in 2024?

What is the step-by-step procedure to apply for an Australian student visa in 2024?

The Australian Department of Home Affairs and VFS Global (Visa Facilitation Services Global) handle the visa processing for Australian visas. The step-by-step Australian student visa application process is given below:

Applicants outside Australia are required to apply within eight weeks of the course's commencement.

Gather the essential documents required for applying for an Australian student visa.

Applicants must apply for an Australian student visa online. Applicants can be outside or inside while applying for this visa.

After applying for the visa, the applicants must keep checking the status of their visa application and respond sooner to any mail from the immigration department of Australia.

What are the documents required to apply for an Australia student visa in 2024?

The Australia study visa document checklist is as follows:

Prepare the documents. Make sure the necessary documents are translated, scanned, and have photocopies.

English Language Requirements (IELTS, PTE (Academic), OET, TOEFL, Cambridge English: Advanced)

Identity documents (an active passport or any national ID)

Proof of funds is essential. Applicants must submit evidence showing they have adequate funds for education and accommodation.

Supporting documents, accepted application forms, and the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Genuine temporary entrant documents (GTE)

Character requirement documents - Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Medical requirement documents - Medical Clearance Certificate (MCC)

Dependents under 18 (if applicable)

Children over 18 years (if applicable)

What is the application processing time and cost of an Australian study visa?

The Australian student visa processing time for 2024 is listed below:

Higher Education Sector

75% of applications in 16 days

90% of applications in 24 days

Schools Sector

75% of applications in 37 days

90% of applications in 60 days

Vocational Education and Training Sector

75% of applications in 26 days

90% of applications in 46 days

Postgraduate Research Sector

75% of applications in 28 days

90% of applications in 4 months

Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector

75% of applications in 11 days

90% of applications in 35 days

Independent ELICOS Sector

75% of applications in 22 days

90% of applications in 35 days

Non-Award Sector

75% of applications in 12 days

90% of applications in 19 days

Australia Study Visa Streams and their Application Fees

Study Visa Streams Application Charges
Higher Education Sector $710 AUD - (37,651 INR approx.)
Post Graduate Visa Sector $710 AUD (37,651 INR approx.)
Additional Applicant Charge (Over 18 years) $530 AUD - (28,105 INR approx.)
Additional Applicant Charge (Under 18 years) $175 AUD - (9280.11 INR approx.)
Subsequent Temporary Application Charge $700 AUD (37,120 INR approx)
Vocational Education and Training Sector $710 AUD (37,651 INR approx.)

Top Institutions for Indian Students in Australia in 2024

What are the intakes in Australia for a study visa?

Australian universities have two main intakes for international students. Choosing an intake depends on several factors, such as the availability of the program, acceptance rate, and course availability.

February intake/Semester 1

It begins in late July or early March and lasts until late May or early June.

July intake/Semester 2

It begins in late July or early August and lasts until November.

November intake/Semester 3

It begins in late October or early November and lasts until February.

What are the services offered at GreenTree Immigration for Australia study visas?

GreenTree Immigration has been rendering outstanding study visa services for Australia for years. From ensuring your documents are in order to aiding you with complex procedures, we are here to help make your journey to Australia stress- and hassle-free. Our customer service is unmatched, and you can always be sure of our support when it comes to securing your visa.

Why is GreenTree Immigration the best Australia study visa consultant in India?

GreenTree Immigration is one of Australia’s premier study visa consultants. We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional assistance and guidance in obtaining their study visas in a prompt and efficient manner. Our experienced agents are well-versed in Australia's visa application process, ensuring that all the requirements are met and that your application is properly prepared and lodged.

We ensure applicants are provided with detailed information and application processing. We believe in delivering outstanding customer service to ensure your immigration process is smooth and efficient. We’re here to answer all your immigration queries, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are looking for career options after completing your studies, you have a variety of possibilities. From urban centres with bustling economies to regional areas with several job opportunities, Australia has something for everyone.

Finally, Australia offers students the opportunity to gain skills and experiences that can last a lifetime. Consider studying in Australia now, as there are countless prospects for accomplishment!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How long does a student visa for Australia take?

Ans : The processing time for an Australian student visa is 10 months.

Is an Australian student visa easy to get?

Australian student visas are easier to obtain than those from other countries.

How much money is needed for an Australian student visa?

The base fee for an Australian student visa is $650 AUD (34984.28 INR).

Is Australia giving student visas without IELTS?

Yes, some Australian universities accept students without IELTS.

Is studying in Australia or Canada cheaper?

Australia and Canada provide affordable and quality education in contrast to other countries like the USA and the UK.

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