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How to sponsor your spouse from India for Canada PR

Are you looking to sponsor your spouse from India for Canada immigration then this blog will help you to know about the key reasons that will help you in getting Canada PR for your spouse. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allows permanent resident or Canadian citizens to sponsor their common-law partners, spouses, conjugal partners from overseas. and dependent children.

If you are Canada Citizen or PR resident married to an Indian citizen or have lived with that person for one year as a common-law partner you can sponsor him or her for Canada Permanent resident. On getting Permanent residents him/her can get access to health care and social services.

Requirements for sponsoring your spouse for Canada PR

  • Need to check the Age of your spouse before Sponsoring for Canada PR the minimum age requirement is 18 years.
  • There is no financial threshold for spousal sponsorship, but the immigrating aspirant should plan according to their needs and they should have enough financial funds to live in Canada. You can show that you have enough funds by showing your asset or bank balance
  • Your spouse or partner should not meet any criminal convictions
  • You should submit documents of proof with the partner. If you are married, you will have to provide compulsory documents such as a marriage certificate in addition to other documents.
  • While sponsoring your spouse from India you’ll have to provide documented proof of your 12 month cohabitation period in lieu of a marriage certificate. Most marriage documents are provided in English or Hindi in India.
  • If you have a marriage certificate in any other regional language you have to require a translator. These translations will have to be certified and fulfill IRCC requirements. Ways can sponsor your spouse from India.
  • If the documents presented are not satisfactory proof of a bona fide connection, or when an officer would love to review updated documents regarding cohabitation or your own relationship continuation whilst living apart, they may ask you for additional information or schedule a meeting with you.”
  • The processing of a sponsorship program by IRCC requires an average of approximately 12 months.

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Sponsorship in Canada:

  • While applying through sponsorship you have to submit your PR application status and your spouse PR residing in Canada to the immigration council.IRCC Verifies both of your profiles and checks with the background verifications.
  • You also need to pay an application fee to the IRCC family for family sponsorship.
  • Make sure you send the correct details to the correct address.
  • If you are a Canadian Citizen residing in India, but you will need to verify that you intend to move to Canada together with your spouse once he or she receives a permanent residence visa.
  • If you are a PR applicant you must live in Canada to sponsor your spouse or partner.

Most PR applicants sponsor their partner through the Canada sponsorship program this program, Are you planning to immigrate to Canada with your spouse, Check with all immigration possibilities that you can sponsor your spouse from India, Consult with the best Immigration consultants in India to verify all your immigration queries.

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