Popular Courses in Canada for International Students

Popular Courses in Canada for International Students in 2024

Want to be an international student by studying at the top universities in Canada in 2024? This blog can help you cut to the chase by getting all the top information you need! Get the info you need on top universities in Canada & colleges in Canada, courses & programs, tuition fees, scholarships offered, and how to get in as an international student in Canada. Study in Canada and move towards your international dream.

Popular Courses in Canada for International Students in 2024

Several programs are popular in Canada. The top 5 courses in Canada for international students are mentioned below.

Business, Management, and Commerce: 

This field of study includes various areas of specialization which covers finance, marketing, accounting, management of human resources, and international business. Business-related degrees are popular because they offer students the skills and information they need to excel in diverse industries.

Computer Science and Information Technology (IT): 

The demand for IT professionals is high in Canada and is expected to continue in the future years. IT programs teach students how to design, develop, and implement computer systems and applications. There are many specializations available within IT, such as software engineering, cybersecurity, and web development.


Canada has a strong engineering sector, and there is a demand for qualified engineers in various disciplines, including civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Engineering programs provide students with the technical skills and knowledge needed to design, build, and maintain complex systems.

Healthcare & Medicine: 

The healthcare sector is another area of high demand in Canada. There is a huge need for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. Healthcare programs provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to provide care to patients.

Project Management:

Project management is a newer field that’s blooming very fast. Studying project management courses in Canada offers excellent skills. You’ll gain skills in project planning, risk management, task scheduling, team building, stakeholder satisfaction, budgeting, leadership, and clear communication. These skills are valuable across diverse industries, including IT, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, finance, and others!

Top Canada Universities for International Students

The top 10 colleges in Canada for international students are listed below:

Canadian University Canada Ranking QS Ranking (Global Ranking)
University of Toronto 1 21
McGill University 2 30
University of British Columbia 3 34
University of Alberta 4 111
University of Waterloo 5 112
Western University 6 114
Université de Montréal  7 141
University of Calgary 8 182
McMaster University 9 189
University of Ottawa 10 203


Fee Structure in Canada for international students in 2024

The fee structure in Canada for international students in 2024 for various levels of programs is listed below:

Study Program in Canada Duration of the study (years) Average Annual Fee in CAD Average Annual Fee in INR
Undergraduate Program (B.Sc, B.A, B.Tech) 3 – 5  10,000 – 25,000 6,10,000 – 15,20,000
Postgraduate Master’s Degree (MS, MA) 1- 2  15,000 – 25,000 9,16,000 – 15,20,000
Postgraduate Diploma 1 – 2 8,000 – 20,000 4,80,000 – 12,00,000
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 1 – 2  30,000 – 40,000 18,32,000 – 24,45,000
Doctoral Degree (PhD) 3 – 6 7,000 – 15,000 4,25,000 – 9,10,000


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Scholarships in universities for international students in 2024

The government has initiated these Canadian Scholarships for international students. The top scholarships in Canadian universities are listed below: 

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS)

This scholarship is specifically designed for PhD candidates demonstrating remarkable academic excellence and is given up to 50,000 CAD annually for three years.

  • McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid

This scholarship offers merit-based entrance scholarships for international students and includes one-year major scholarships valued at up to 12,000 CAD.

  • University of Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to international students with exceptional academic achievement and creativity. It covers tuition, books, and full residence support for four years.

  • UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This scholarship recognizes international undergraduate students with outstanding academic achievement and leadership skills. It provides financial support.

  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF)

This scholarship is available for international graduate students with high academic performance. This has a value of 18,000 CAD for PhD students and 14,000 CAD for Master’s students.

  • University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarships

This scholarship is for undergraduate international students entering their first year and is given from 10,000 to 20,000 CAD.

  • Dalhousie University Scholarships

This is one of the famous scholarships which provides entrance awards for international undergraduate and graduate students. 

  • University of Waterloo International Student Awards

This is an entrance scholarship offered for international students. It includes the International Master’s Award of Excellence 2,500 CAD per term.

  • Simon Fraser University Financial Aid and Awards

This scholarship is provided for international students based on their academic merit. It includes awards such as the SFU International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship.

These scholarships offer significant financial assistance and support to help international students achieve their educational goals in Canada.

Admission Requirements in Canadian Universities for International Students in 2024

The following are required for Canada university admission process:

Academic Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalent for undergraduate programs.
  • Bachelor’s degree for graduate programs.
  • Official transcripts demonstrating strong academic performance.

Language Proficiency

  • Proof of English proficiency through IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE tests.
  • Minimum required scores vary by institution and program.
  • Some universities also accept French language proficiency for Francophone programs.
  • GRE or GMAT scores for specific graduate programs may be required.

Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

  • Usually two or three letters from teachers, professors, or professional supervisors.
  • The LOR must contain the applicant’s academic abilities, character, and potential.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Personal Statement

  • A written essay outlining academic goals, career aspirations, and reasons for choosing the specific program and university.
  • Highlights personal achievements and experiences relevant to the chosen field of study.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • Detailed overview of academic background, work experience, internships, research, and extracurricular activities.

Application Fee

  • Payment of a non-refundable application fee varies by university.

Portfolio (if applicable)

  • It is required for programs in fine arts, design, and architecture fields. The portfolio must showcase the applicant’s creative work and skills.

Interview (if required)

  • Some programs and universities may require an interview as part of the selection process. It can be conducted in person or online.

Financial Proof

  • A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) containing 20,635 CAD must be submitted to apply for your study permit/study visa 
  • Proof of funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses.
  • May include bank statements, scholarship letters, or sponsorship documents.

Visa Requirements

  • Must have an acceptance letter from any Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada.
  • A valid passport and other necessary documents for visa application.
    • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) is mandatory.
    • English Test results form (IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo)

Health Insurance

  • Proof of health insurance coverage must be submitted if required.

These requirements can vary by university and program, so it is essential to check the specific requirements of each institution you are applying to. Also, Canada university application deadlines vary for different colleges and universities.

How to Apply for Canada Universities and how to apply for Canada study visa?

You need to research your domain of study and check if your desired university has the selected course. You will also need assistance with GIC for your Canada study visa. This can be a tedious process and can require a lot of in-between steps. This is where you can get help from the best study visa consultants who can provide you guidance and assistance in university admissions and in applying for your Canada study visa with a high visa approval rate.

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