Difference between PNP program and Express Entry

Difference between Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program

 Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program

Canada is a land of immigrants in recent times more immigrants are invited by the Canadian immigration council and Canadian Government, but while applying for Canadian immigration is still confusing for new Candidates to choose the right immigration stream. Selecting a proper immigration stream can increase or decrease your chances of visa acceptance. You should always prefer to apply for which particular visa category in accordance with your profile.

Two of the most popular visa categories that Canada offers are Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program. You can choose either one category or both the category that fits your profile. Here we provided the difference between express entry and provincial nominee program 

The Express Entry System

The Federal Express Entry System was introduced to enable skilled professionals to contribute to their labor market and for Canada’s economic growth. The express entry program is a point-based system where the applicants point based on age, education, work experience, and adaptability factors the selection process takes place across the globe.

The draws are conducted frequently from which the applicants are chosen and asked to apply for a permanent resident visa through a number of economic immigration programs such as Canadian experience class, economic immigration, and federal program. Based on the selection factors these draws are conducted through the express entry.

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Express Entry process takes around 6 months to complete entire progress if the candidates progress through this program check your Canada PR points score before progressing your journey check with our free tool

Canada PR Points Calculator

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program  (PNP) is a federal-provincial agreement that allows 11 of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories to propose a substantial number of international candidates with job offers for permanent residency.

PNP progress was initiated to develop the provinces based on their requirement and needs. Each province sets its own rules and criteria regarding immigration. The applying candidate needs to check whether which provinces or territory their occupation is in demand list the need to apply for the provincial program. Then also check your NOC Code is listed in-demand the list in which job offers not to be required for some cases. There are over 60 categories, subcategories, and subclasses under various provincial streams of nomination to choose from.

The only thing the applying candidate needs to know is the choice of location to live in Canada. If you want to continue working or relocate to a particular province, you can choose PNPs, as they can increase your chances of getting a visa appointment. In fact, first of all, you can qualify with a low CRS score compared to the Express Entry system and also because you get 600 additional points in your CRS score as soon as you choose a provincial nomination.

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If you are still confused about the process of applying for Express Entry and PNP programs our immigration experts will guide you. Contact our immigration consultants today.

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