Canada immigration check list

List of documents required for Canada immigration 2024

Any individuals who want to immigrate to Canada through PR, study, or Business visa need to check the documentation and checklist before submitting their applications. Canada immigration progressed both Online and by paperwork. Some of the Canadian Immigration programs progressed in an old-fashioned way like paperwork in that case the individuals need to check the updated versions of the forms in the IRCC portal likewise before submitting the Canada immigration here are some key tips to checklist your documents.

Canada Immigration Document Checklist 2024

Travel documents

Ensure to have a valid travel document like a passport before applying for the PR Visa. You need to submit a copy of the traveling documents at the time of the application progression.

Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

World Education Council is a designated body that provides ECA for applicants who wish to immigrate to Canada through PR Visa. ECA documentation is valid for the terms of 5 years. The applicants need to check their education standards through ECA once can through the WES portal or with the help of a Visa consultant they can check and apply for the ECA.

Proof of Funds

You need to show proof of funds either through the assets or through bank statements. The applicants need to check the proof of funds before applying for the PR Visa. The following list of documents that have been required to show proof of funds neither from India nor other countries.

  • Bank statements of the last six months
  • Previous pay slips
  • A list of assets and liabilities, among others

Make sure that the proof of funds required valuable documents before progressing your PR applications if you have queries regarding Proof of funds our immigration consultant will help with your queries.

Language Eligibility Test Score

Language Test Score is mandatory for immigrants who wish to land in Canada either English or French the applicants should be proficient in any of these languages. The applicants should attend IELTS or CELIP the secured score is been calculated in the CRS Score and securing high points will help to improve your score

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Provincial Nominee Certificate

if the applicant is nominated through the provincial nominee program the applicants should submit a provincial nominee certificate and their PR Visa applications. The required documents may vary from province to province. If the applicant is nominated through the provincial he can secure additional CRS points.

Job Offer Letter

If you have a valid job offer letter from the Canadian employer you should submit the valid documents. If you got a job offer letter from a Canadian employer means you have a high chance of getting a Visa. It, not that means without a job you cannot migrate if you have a job you can get additional points.

Marriage Certificates or Divorce Certificates

If you are applying for your PR Visa with your spouse you should submit valid marriage certificates. If you are wife is a skilled professional and vice versa in skill ability, you can get additional points through Spouse. Before applying check with your partner and apply

Medical Certificate

All the immigrants need to undergo a medical exam through a valid medical examination to ensure they are fit and healthy and the report is mandatory to the checklist. The medical report is valid for six months

Birth Certificate

For various reasons the birth certificate is mandatory, to verify your age and to verify your place of birth for the reason the birth certificate plays a minor role


A recent photograph of two required dimensions 35 mm * 45 mm is essential for identity verification. The photo must be a clear picture of the face, neck, and shoulders.

Letter from previous employers

A letter of recommendation from the previous employers should be attached it will be helpful for the recruiters to select the required skilled professionals.

Police clearance certificate

All immigrants to submit police verification certificates at the time of documentations. The applicants should not have any Criminal records at the time of police verifications

Check forms validity

Every Canadian immigration form or document checklist has its publication date in the bottom left-hand corner of the form. When the form is updated need to cross-check with the provided data and also cross-check with the online IRCC portal. Always check with the updated forms

Copy of your applications

Finally, keep a complete copy of your application because this is important for so many reasons. Envelopes can get lost in the mail, IRCC can lose pages of your application, and at some point, you may need to remember all of the dates you have provided (like when you apply for Citizenship, or PR card renewal).

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