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Every student has a dream to study abroad but not everyone can achieve this dream to ensure there have more eligibility requirements such as Language eligibility, Proof of funds, and Pursuing education plays a vital role in studying abroad. Unlike other countries, Canada has also some eligibility requirements for Canada Study Visa but in recent scenarios, some of the top Universities and Institutions don’t require any of the language eligibility tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and GMAT.

How to Apply Without IELTS in Canada?

English Proficiency Certificate :

If you have previous education in English you can get the English proficiency certificate from the institution you studied and can apply for the educational institution that does not require IELTS and ask for a Professional Certificate in English.

Education Instiuiona not requiring IELTS

Search for the educational Instuiotnal that has been not requiring the IELTS on the Internet and apply for the education institution based on the requirements. We have already listed some of the universities and Colleges you can check them too,

Complete English language Course:

If you have don’t have an English proficiency certificate or do not have an IELTS or TOEFL. You can apply for an English second language (ESL) program to pursue further education in Canada. The duration of the program is around 6 months after the completion of the program you can continue your education program.

If you are willing to study in Canada for Bachelor’s, Master and Ph.D. these are some best chances to get Study Visa without IELTS. here we listed some of the top universities that do not require IELTS.

Universities & Colleges that do not require IELTS

1) University of Winnipeg:

Winnipeg University doesn’t require any IELTS or other language as the compulsory requirements. You can apply for this University without the IELTS Program, but you need to have an English proficiency Certificate where the education you studied is compulsory for this program.

2) University of Saskatchewan

One of the best Universities in the world with a growing number of international students every year. In the University they have acknowledged TOEFEl as a Contrast to the IELTS test

3) Brock University

IELTS will help you to enter this University but it is not compulsory for the IELTS program.

4) Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador

The college will also exclude you from the opportunity that you can demonstrate your ability to speak English by demonstrating your assessments over the past 4 years of your scholastic career. you must tell the University that the former education that you pursued is English.

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5) University of Regina:

This University doesn’t require IELTS as Compulsory but You should Provide a language eligibility certificate from the education institution you studied. You must check the university website for more information.

6) Carleton University:

You must provide English Proficiency Certificate from the institution you studied that you are studied in English for the last three years.

7) Memorial University:

At St. John’s Grounds or Grenfell Ground Wings, you have to do a serious English program. You must complete language eligibility programs.

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8) Concordia University:

You can take an English language course at Concordia University for undergraduate business study. It is not similar for every student you can check in University website for more information.

9)Okanagan College
10)Cambrian College

The above-mentioned University doesn’t require language eligibility tests such as TOEFL, GMAT, or IELTS if you are preparing for a Study Visa in Canada you can check with the above Universities that been more beneficial without the IELTS. For more queries about your Canada Study Visa, you can contact our immigration consultants they will solve the queries in a quicker manner.

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