How to apply for Canada as a Provincial Nominee in 2022

How to apply for Canada as a Provincial Nominee in 2022?

PNP(Provincial Nominee programs) is a part of Canada Immigration programs through this program required candidates are directly nominated by the individual province based on the skills and the province requirements the candidate is been nominated by the provincial government. Nearly 2,50,000 immigrants are expected to be invited within 2021-2023 through PNP streams. More than 70 unique PNP streams available can be prioritized on the basis of Expression of Interest(EOI), First Come First Serve, and Passive.

PNP Eligibility requirement

Provincial Nominee programs have certain eligibility standards that have been required by the particular province. The eligibility is been based on skills, Work experience, and Education that have been beneficial to the growth of provinces and contribution to the local economy. Through the provincial nominee program, individuals can nominate their families.

For Example, A particular province prefers a software Architect that has been beneficial to their province, In-other some other provinces prefer French language experience professionals. The province will consider the contribution towards the economy and growth of their province considered and send their interest to the federal government.

How do I apply for Canada as a Provincial Nominee?

Through the Provincial Nominee program provinces or territories can nominate their required eligibility candidates that will help in contributing towards the province and send the eligibility required profile to the Federal government. And at last, all the Canadian immigration decisions are been taken by the federal government

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To apply in Canada as a Provincial Nominee it follows two steps:

First, need to apply to the province for provincial nomination then if you are invited to apply by the province, and then secondly you need to apply for the federal government of Canada read the below steps before you apply for provincial nominations


Before applying for the PNP stream check your eligibility for which province is been requiring your skillset and professional eligibility then apply for the particular province

Step 2:

After selecting the province based on the eligibility criteria submit your application to the particular province or territory.

Step 3:

Based on your application status If you are selected by the particular province you will receive a provincial nominee certificate representing the individual province

Step 4:

After receiving the PNP Certificate you need to apply for the federal government for the PR application status. if you are nominated through the Express Entry-based PNP means you can submit through Express Entry otherwise you should submit through paper-based works.

Based on the province some criteria may differ some province works based on the Priority First Come first serve while some provincial streams prefer the potential applicants to register for the Expression of Interest, In further some province outside the federal express entry Immigration streams is called a base stream rather other PNP stream is contributed under express entry.

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