Key Reasons to apply for Skilled PR Visa in Canada

Canada is a nation where skilled professionals across the globe preferred to immigrate. Canada is also facing a shortage of skilled professionals in various sectors in Engineering, medical, Marketing, and other Business related professions. In recent years Canada has emerged as the best country to live on the global index. In the recent US News and World Report survey, Canada ranks among the top countries in the world for Quality of life, Citizenship, education, etc. Are you a skilled professional who opts to immigrate to Canada?  Here are some key reasons to apply for a Skilled PR Visa.

Reasons to apply for a Skilled PR Visa in Canada in 2024

Canada welcome immigrants

Canada welcomes immigrants across the globe to improve their economic standards and country’s growth. In the upcoming years, Canada aims to welcome around 10 million immigrants.

Need for skilled labour

Canada facing a shortage of skilled labour in fields such as Engineering, Medical, and other professional fields due to low population growth. To reduce the skill shortage  Canada needs to accept a huge number of skilled professionals across the globe.

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Equal rights as a Canadian citizen

As a Canadian PR visa holder, the PR Visa candidate has equal rights as a Canadian Citizen.

  • Right to work in any province
  • Right to have equal rights in education, work, and Medical requirements. 
  • Free Education for children
  •  Pathway to Canadian Citizen. 
  • Allow bringing your family with help of your visa

Canada allocates huge money for immigrants

Canada has allocated a huge amount for immigrants, nearly $10 million to help to find a job in Canada. The government mulls to release funds up to $10 million for 15 diverse projects, which will help newcomers to find jobs.

Immigrants helping organizations

The Canadian government has helped to serve the new immigrants who enter Canada by launching many immigration service organizations active in various provinces and territories in Canada. This helps the newcomers to give new jobs and accommodation to make them know more about the Canadian immigration schemes. 

Canada has changed in immigration scheme year by year you need and know about the exact updates about the various immigration program whether you’re migrating via Express entry, work visa, or Study Visa you need an immigration consultant to know about the immigration programs. Get free guidance from our Green Tree immigration consultants and make your dream come true.

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