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A quick guide to Canada Immigration Express Entry Process

After the restrictions policies on H1b visas in the United States, many immigrants chose Canada as an alternative way. One of the prominent ways for Canada Immigration is PR Visa. Through Canada PR Visa an immigrant can enjoy as much as the Citizens of Canada, After the time period is completed Immigrants can also apply for citizenship and reside in the country permanently. Here is a quick guide on Immigration to Canada through Permanent Resident Visa(PR Visa).

Once Canada’s former prime minister said “Canada is a homeland for equality, justice, and tolerance” Former prime minister Kim Campbell

Eligibility for Canada PR Visa

Canada PR Visa works on the points-based system which is based on language, work experience, age, and education through the above following criteria. CRS points is been calculated through the secured points eligible candidates are invited to apply for PR Visa.

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Canada Immigration types through PR Visa 

  • Federal Immigration program
  • Provincial Nominee program
  • Quebec immigration program
  • Business Immigration
  • Family sponsorship

How to apply for PR Visa?

 To apply for PR Visa you should Complete the following:

  • Complete the Language Eligibility test.
  • Submit the application based on the program you have decided
  • Collect all the required documents for the proof of funds
  • Complete your medical check-up and police verification
  • After the process of completion, you will receive the COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Resident)

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What are the documents required for applying for a PR visa?

  • Valid passport
  • Age proof
  • Medical Clearance Certificates
  • Language Eligibility Scores
  • Educational qualification certificates
  • Police Clearance Certificate

What is the processing time?

The processing time depends on Various factors usually it will take 6 to 8 months for the whole process for the completion of the whole process In some time it will vary according to the applicant’s profile.

What are the Processing fees?

Visa Charges:

  • Primary Applicant: 1325CAD$
  • With Spouse: 1325CAD$
  • Child:225CAD$ (Up to age 22)

Other Document Charges:

  • ECA Fees: 305CAD$
  • Language eligibility fees:260CAD$
  • Medical test fess:60CAD$

After your continuous stay of 750 days, you can renew your  Canada PR Visa. Once you completed 5 years of your Permanent resident in Canada you are opted to obtain Canadian Citizenship.

How do Canada PR Visa Benefits immigrants?

 PR Visa valid in a term of 5 years can be renewed after the completion of the time period

  • PR Visa holder can apply for Citizenship
    Enjoy benefits such as free health-care, Education, and security
    Can live work, a study in any province in Canada
    Cannot able to do this following for the immigrants
  • PR Visa Candidate cant able to Vote
    Cannot able to be in high government security jobs

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