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Is a Canada permanent residency card permanent?

Canada PR visa is valid for a tenure of 5 years. In case you are subjected to any criminal cases you receive a permanent residency(PR) for a tenure of 1 year under section 54(2) of the IRPR such circumstances may include as

  • If you are a subject of section 44(1) report, alleging you are inadmissible to Canada, for example for criminality, misrepresentation, or other reasons;
  • If you were found inadmissible by the Minister or the Immigration Division, the removal order was issued against you, and you are in the process of appealing the removal order where there has been no final determination of the appeal.

Before applying for Canada PR Visa you need to ensure that you do not have any criminal cases. If you have alleged with the Criminal cases IRCC strictly prohibiting the required employees to the

  • You become a Canadian citizen;
  • When there was a decision made outside Canada that you have failed to comply with the residency obligation and you have not appealed that decision, or if appealed, your appeal was refused;
  • When the removal order made against you comes into force;
  • There is a final determination that your refugee protection has ceased for any reasons described in section 108(a)-(d);
  • When there is a final determination to vacate a decision to allow your claim for refugee protection
  • When the officer approves your application to renounce your permanent resident status.

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As such any of the following applies to you, you can remain as a PR candidate even if your profile has expired, However, you have to have a valid permanent residency(PR) when you renter in Canada while traveling in a commercial vehicle such as an airplane, train, bus or boat. When your PR Visa expires while traveling outside you will be needed to apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document, and such application can only be made outside Canada

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