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Canada needs immigrants as much as immigrants needs Canada

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Canada is known as the land of immigrants and it ranks #2 in the top immigration countries, Adding on to this the government has set a target of one million immigrants in a time period of 2020-2021 where the government of Canada has planned a points-based system to invite the Aspired immigrants to their country, This point based system is Express Entry and the Canadian government has many streams under each visa categories, and they invite peoples based on skills if you are Canada Immigration aspirant this page is designed especially for you and even you might seal a spot in one million.

Why Canada welcoming immigrants?

The fact hidden behind is Canada needs immigrants as much as immigrants needs Canada.It is a well-developed country, and they have skilled professionals who are the root cause of the country's development Right now Canada is facing the shortage of skilled professionals as the current skilled professional's age range is about 55-65, and they are edging about retirement and Canada faces the shortage of skilled professionals they eye on international skilled immigrants as their citizens who can work for the development of their country and maintain their economic status which will benefit both the immigrants and the country and Canada prefers Indians as they are well-known for Hardworking and making tasks done on time, Inviting immigrants to foreign countries in a very cost effective for Canada.

How to get Canadian immigration visa

You might have got a clear idea about the Apply for Canada immigration, Immigration process for canada, visa process, Eligibility requirements, and language ability. Though it's a computer-based system it's a hassle-free you need an immigration expert to assist you to improve your CRS score and update information about the various daunting visa procedures for Immigration to Canada we at green tree make your PR visa dream come true by assisting all the immigration needs with a qualified Canada Immigration Consultants.

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