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Australia PR(Permanent Resident) Visa Step-by-Step Process

Dreaming about Australia? Are you aware that due to its rich cultural diversity, magnificent natural beauty, and high quality of life, Australia continues to have one of the greatest economies in the world? The interesting fact is that Australia always loves newcomers. Do you wish to become a permanent resident of Australia? This blog shows you the steps involved in obtaining a PR visa program for Australia.

What is an Australia PR Visa

An Australian Permanent Resident has a permanent visa granted by the Australian government to reside, work, or settle there. They are recognized as permanent residents, not citizens. An Australia PR visa can be requested by those who wish to study abroad, change careers, or settle down there with their families.

Based on the Australia PR Visa Category, you can remain there for 5 years or indefinitely. After serving the required four years with an Australian PR visa, the person may also apply for Australian citizenship. Australian PR visa is a point-based system one who secures high points are invited to apply for the immigration programs.

Fastest ways to get PR Visa in Australia 

There are different programs for Skilled Australia Immigrants to settle in Australia permanently.

 Here are the typical paths to obtaining permanent residency:

 1. Skilled Independent Visa Sub Class 189

A skilled independent visa known as Subclass 189  Visa enables you to remain in Australia for 5 years with permanent resident status. It is devised especially for skilled professionals and permits them to live and work in Australia. You can have your partner/spouse, partner’s child, or stepchild under this visa category.


  1. Should have the work listed on the skilled occupation list
  2. Should have a relevant job skills assessment.
  3. Should meet the estimated points. 
  4. A job offer or sponsorship is not mandatory.

   2. Skilled Nominated Visa Sub Class 190

Visa Sub Class 190 is also known as a skilled nominated visa which enables the nominated skilled professionals to reside in a certain state for 2 years and can sponsor qualifying relatives for permanent residency and live anywhere in Australia while holding the PR status. For five years, they can also travel within and outside the country.


  1. A job offer or sponsorship is mandatory.
  2. Should be nominated by the Australian territory or state.
  3. Should have the work listed on the skilled occupation list
  4. Should meet the estimated points.

    3. Skilled Work Regional Visa Sub Class 491 

This visa subclass is intended for skilled professionals who desire to reside and work in regional Australia. This visa is valid for 5 years. The resident can apply for PR after 3 years of the valid visa. A family member of a person who has a Skilled Work Regional Visa may apply for this visa on their behalf.


  1. Can be nominated by the Australian state or territory or
  2. An eligible relative can sponsor.
  3. Should have the work listed on the skilled occupation list
  4. Should meet the estimated points.

    4. Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa Sub Class 476

Fresh engineering graduates may live, work, or study in Australia for a maximum of 18 months with this visa. You must possess a degree from an accredited institution to be granted this visa subclass 476


  1. Should complete an engineering degree at a recognized college.
  2. Should be under 31 years old.
  3. Should not have held a 476 or 485 visa subclass previously.

Steps involved in getting an Australia PR visa program:

There are various stages of the application for an Australian PR Visa. The process involves both online and offline activities. A step-by-step process to get started is provided below.

Step 1: Choose the Right Visa

Australia provides various visa options to apply for getting an Australia PR visa. You must find the perfect pick depending on your requirements and eligibility. The visa subclasses are mentioned above for family, graduate, business, and Spouse/Partner. 

Step 2: Validate Your Eligibility

The Australian Government follows the point-based system to issue the permanent residency visa. You can check your Australian PR eligibility points using our online Australian PR Points Calculator.


Australia PR visa procedures

Step 3: Submit Supporting Documents

Certain documents need to be submitted to the Australian government to apply for an Australian PR Visa. The documents are listed below:

  • IELTS report: You must prove your English proficiency to the Department of Home Affairs to obtain an Australian PR visa on a scale of 0 to 9 in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Skill assessment report: Your skill sets should be nominated from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) provided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia. 
  • Academic qualification certificates: Your educational certificates should be submitted in the process of applying for PR. 
  • Employment records: This includes your previous working company’s experience certificate. Deliver details about your previous work history.
  • Travel documents: The travel documents are provided by an authorized authority and should be valid for travel to Australia.
  • Health Check-up: You must submit your medical health checkup certificates to show that you are in excellent health and physically fit.
  • Character Verification: Verifying your character is a vital requirement before you can apply for an Australian permanent residency visa.

Step 4: Submit your EOI

A formal submission to the Department of Home Affairs indicating your interest in applying is known as an Expression of Interest (EOI). EOI must be finished using SkillSelect online. The Australian immigration authorities consider your expression of interest with a nomination from a state, an Australian employer, or the Australian Government.

Step 5: Wait for the Invitation

The names of those chosen for Australian immigration are listed on the invitation to apply(ITA). Additionally, you must confirm that the profession you are nominating is currently open on the relevant Skilled Occupation List. Depending on the type of visa application, you might perhaps have to wait a few days or even a few weeks for a response.

Step 6: Apply for Australia PR

You will have 60 days to submit the entirety of your application after receiving the ITA for an Australian PR visa. The ITA is only valid for 60 days. Thus, you must be organized in advance and apply as soon as you can after receiving the ITA. 

Step 7: Waiting Time

For a few professions, the waiting period to apply in Australia might range from 1 month to 12 months. Once you have received the ITA from DHA for your EOI in Skill Select and paid the PR Fees, the processing time for PR will start.

Eligibility Requirements for the Australian PR visa program

Here are the requirements for an Australian pr visa. You must meet the following criteria to apply for permanent residency in Australia:

  • The registrant must be under 45 years old.
  • The applicant’s skills should be nominated for the SOL.
  • They should score at least 65 points.
  • The applicant should have a proper skill assessment report.
  • The registrant should have a certificate of proficiency in English.
  • The candidate’s health and character details should satisfy. 

Check your eligibility now!

The Australia PR process can be carried out easily with the assistance of the best immigration consultant, and you can even discover your dream job. Australia uses a point-based system for immigrants to apply for the Australia PR visa. You can check out your Australia PR eligibility with our Australian PR points calculator. 

Australia PR calculator


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