Skilled Nominated Visa Sub Class 190

The Skilled Nominated Visa (Sub Class 190) was introduced on July 1 2017. Sub Class 190 is a state nominated visa i,e. a permanent visa for skilled migrants which allows them to stay in a particular state for 2 years and then can live in any part of Australia with the PR status. To apply for this visa, applicants should have a nomination from the state and State Nomination provides 5 additional points to qualify under Sub class 190. If eligibility requirements are met, you can become an Australian citizen. Applicants are eligible for subclass 190 visa only if they hold their occupations in Australia's skilled occupations list.

After a tenure of 5 years while the travel component expires you can apply for a Return Resident visa (RRV) to enter Australia. Sub Class 190 is a family component that allows you to bring your dependent, common-law partner, dependent child, step child, dependent grand-child under this visa. Sub Class 190 has a separate stream for NZ citizens who have provided the commitment and contribution to be able to live and work in Australia indefinitely.

To apply for an Australian PR one must attain 70 points out of 170 in the pre-defined points grid issued by the DIBP. The selection factors are quite common.

Primary applicant factors:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Language requirements
  • Employment in Australia
  • Australian Study Requirements/ Specialist Education qualification
  • 1 degree or diploma in Australia
  • Professional year in Australia
  • Credentialled community language/ NAATI Test passed
  • Study in regional Australia
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Secondary applicant factors

Additional factors:

  1. State Nomination
  2. Territory nomination

Eligibility requirements of Australian PR visa:

Age: 30 Points
  1. 18 to 24 years: 25 points
  2. 25 to 32 years: 30 Points
  3. 33 to 39 Years:25 Points
  4. 40 to 44 Years:15 Points
Education: 20 Points
  1. Diploma:10 Points
  2. Bachelor’s & Master’s: 15 Points
  3. P.HD: 20 points
Experience: 15 Points
  1. 3 – 5 years: 5 points
  2. 5 – 8 years: 10 Points
  3. 8 + years: 15 points
Language: 20 Points
  1. Competent English: 0 points
  2. Proficient English: 10 Points
  3. Superior English: 20 Points

Primary Additional factors:

Secondary Applicant:

Additional factors:

Benefits of Australian PR (sub class 190):

  1. Raise your standard of living
  2. Pathway for Australian Citizenship
  3. Travel in and out of Australia indefinitely
  4. Sponsor your immediate relative
  5. Get health care benefits
  6. Study in Australia
  7. Enjoy Public and social benefits
  8. Earn in AUD$
  9. Free Education for Children

How can I apply for Skilled Nominated(subclass 190)

Step 1: Achieve 65 points in the selection factors

Step 2: Meet other eligibility Criteria

  1. Meet the health Requirements
  2. Meet the Character requirements
  3. Repay your Outstanding Debts to the Australian Government
  4. Intent to Acknowledge the Australian values statement

Step 3: Check your ANZSCO and Occupation list

ANZSCO is a 6-digit code which determines the eligibility criteria respective to your occupation and also define the type of occupation list you fall under

ANZSCO can be figured out with the help of ones Duties and tasks

ANZSCO has skill level 1,2,3,4,5

Occupation list:

  2. STSOL
  3. ROL

Your Profile ANZSCO should fall under any of the occupation lists to be considered as eligible for Australia PR

Step 4: Have a positive Skills Assessment

You must attain a positive skills assessment to be eligible to apply for Australian PR

To apply for Skills Assessment initially figure out your Skills Assessing Authority. Australia has nominated 41 assessing Authority to assess skills respective of one’s occupation and education

ANZSCO plays a major role in figuring out your Skills Assessing authority

Skills Assessment is one among the mandatory document to apply for Australian PR Getting a skills assessment is must

Step 5: Language Ability Proof

You must Take up Language test approved by Australian government to prove your Language Ability. You must attain a minimum of 6 bands in all 4 modules of IELTS or Score 58 in all 4 bands of PTE

Language tests are valid for 3 years as far as Australia is concerned

Language test Approved by Australian Government

IELTS General

PTE Academic

Step 6: Submit EOI

You must submit an EOI with the Australian government with all collected mandatory documents. All details expressed should be true and real if fabrication or manipulation of details provided at this stage may affect your application in the nearer future

Once EOI is submitted the Australian authorities will take time to verify the documents and details provided

Step 7: Obtain Nomination or Find a sponsor

He EOI stage is followed by the nomination stage or finding an sponsor for yourself Either find an employer to provide you with an job offer and the sponsor has to nominate you under the visa ,the sponsor can complete the employer nomination application online After securing the Nomination from the government apply for Sub class 189 Visa online

Step 8: Hold back for a decision

The Australian government takes time to verify the online application submitted by you there is no predicted timeline for the government to provide a decision on the application

Step 9: VISA grant letter

Receive your visa grant letter once the government is satisfied with the documents provided and you have achieved your dream

Cost to apply for Australian PR (Sub class 190)

Payable to the government:

How to add family members into Australian (Sub class 190) Visa

You can add your dependents into your Australian PR application

Type 1: At the moment you lodge your application

Type 2: After lodging the application but before an decision is taken on your application,

The family unit definitely will have to meet the character and medical requirements. If you are married and you don’t include your family unit into the application you must provide a compact and suitable reason for them not accompanying you

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