Top 10 Highest paying Engineering Jobs in Australia

Top 10 highest paying Engineering jobs in Australia

Professionals in the workforce, whether they have years of experience or not, are searching for immigration options to move to different immigrant countries for job prospects.

When it comes to careers and education, engineering has risen to the top of the list in popularity.

The following blog discusses the trendiest and highest-paying engineering career prospects in Australia.

List of most popular engineering jobs in Australia

The list of the top ten engineering jobs in Australia is mentioned below.

     1. Software Engineer – $120,000 AUD

There are a large number of multinational corporations found in Australia. Software engineers are the most in-demand professionals in Australia. A software engineer’s fundamental role is to handle and perform the software development life cycle (SDLC). It primarily involves the development, testing, and evaluation of computer software.

The ANZSCO occupation group code for software engineers is 261313.

The annual average salary:$120,000 AUD

      2. Civil Engineer – $105,254 AUD

A civil engineer’s role is one of the most popular and in-demand profiles in Australia. The Australian government has funded a lump sum in the infrastructure sector for the construction of buildings, roads, and many other projects. This domain employs 91% of people full-time, with 12% of the workforce being female.

The ANZSCO occupation group code for chemical engineers is 233211.

The annual average salary:$105,254 AUD 

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     3. Chemical Engineer$99,764 AUD

Chemical engineering is one of the most in-demand occupations in Australia. Almost 89% of the population works full-time, and 20% of the workforce is female. Chemical engineers are involved in the manufacturing and safe handling of chemical plant operations. The profile is classified as very high skill.

The ANZSCO occupation group code for chemical engineers is 233111.

The annual average salary:$99,764 AUD

     4. Aeronautical Engineer – $96,005 AUD

Aeronautical engineering is a promising career and has ample opportunities in Australia. Aeronautical engineers carry out and coordinate technical tasks related to the creation, improvement, production, maintainability, and modification of flights. 93% of the population works full-time, and 8% of the workforce is female.

The ANZSCO occupation group code for aeronautical engineers is 233911.

The annual average salary:$96,005 AUD 

     5. Electrical Engineer – $114,828 AUD

Electrical engineers are a top-rated and high-demand job profile in Australia. Electrical engineers build, create, and handle the production, deployment, usage, and regular maintenance of tools, systems, and equipment for the creation, distribution, use, and management of electric power. At least 90% of the population in this job works full-time, and 7% of the workforce is female.

The ANZSCO occupation group code for electrical engineers is 233311.

The annual average salary:$114,828 AUD

     6. Environmental Engineer – $97,321 AUD

Environmental engineers have seen soaring demand in the past few years in Australia. Environmental engineers are in charge of developing tools and procedures for wastewater treatment, analyzing what might lead to issues in our environment, and evaluating the effect of engineering initiatives. 32% of females share the female workforce in this domain. 

The ANZSCO occupation group code for environmental engineers is 233915.

The annual average salary:$97,321 AUD 

     7. Mechanical Engineer – $97,500 AUD

Mechanical engineers are in great demand in Australia, and the role of this job profile is mainly to handle the maintenance, installations, and operation of mechanical plants. 92% of people in this domain work full-time. 5% of people are in the female workforce.

The ANZSCO occupation group code for mechanical engineers is 233512.

The annual average salary:$97,500 AUD 

     8. Industrial Engineer – $90,000 AUD

In Australia, there are numerous job opportunities for industrial engineers. Industrial engineers examine how tools are used and operations are conducted to suggest operational optimization in manufacturing and industrial settings. 91% of people in this domain work full-time, with 14% of the workforce being female.

The ANZSCO occupation group code for industrial engineers is 233511.

The annual average salary:$90,000 AUD

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     9. Computer Network and Systems Engineer – $114,908 AUD

Computer network and systems engineers handle operations similarly to software professionals. Additionally, they help in the operations of network systems by fixing network-related issues, working in multiple operating systems, and troubleshooting. There are a total of 13,100 people employed under this role, of whom 93% work full-time.

The ANZSCO occupation group code for industrial engineers is 263111.

The annual average salary:$114,908 AUD

     10. Biomedical Engineer – $96,245 AUD

Biomedical engineering is one of the more popular options in the engineering stream. In the field of biomedical engineering, there are many employment possibilities, particularly in Australia and New Zealand.

The ANZSCO occupation group code for chemical engineers is 233913.

The annual average salary:$96,245 AUD

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of engineering has the highest salary in Australia?

Software engineers, followed by Civil engineers, have the highest salaries in Australia.

2. Which job is most popular in Australia?

Registered Nurses and Software Programmers are the most popular jobs in Australia.

3. Does engineering have scope in Australia?

Engineering is known to be one of the most in-demand jobs in Australia. Australia is inviting applicants under PR who have engineering profiles.

4. Which job is best for Indians in Australia?

The few jobs that are best for Indians and that have a huge demand for employment in Australia are in healthcare, IT, finance, and education.

5. Is an Indian engineering degree valid in Australia?

Yes, Indian engineering degrees are valid in Australia.

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