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Total Cost for Canada PR Visa fees in India

For many of us, moving overseas is a dream. It could be for work, education, or relocating there to enjoy life. The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about immigration is the cost. You are in the right place if you wish to know the cost of immigration. Here, we evaluate the actual cost of Canada PR Visa in 2022. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the cost of a Canada PR Visa in 2022 increased on April 30, 2022. The amount varies depending on the immigration program you choose to apply for. The pricing structure for Canada express entry fees is shown below.

Canada PR Visa Processing Fees in India 

The Canada PR visa is priced according to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). The cost may vary depending on the immigration program you choose to apply for. The pricing structure for Canada express entry fees is shown below.

Fees CAN $ INR ₹
Applicant Processing fee 850 51,295
Right of permanent residence fee  515 31,080
Applicant without right of permanent resident fee 850 51,295
Spouse or partner Processing fee  850 51,295
Spouse or partner PR fee 515 31,080
Spouse or partner without PR fee 850 51,295
Dependent children  230 (per head) 13,880
ECA Fee 240 14,490
IELTS Fee Starts from 14,600
Medical Fee Starts from 5000
PCC Fee Starts from 1000

You are not required to pay the visa fee until your application for Canada PR is accepted.

The cost for each phase:

The cost will vary for each phase, and it depends on specific criteria. Here are the phases and costing details we need to approach for Canada PR.

  1. ECA Fees
  2. CIC Processing Charges
  3. Language Proficiency Assessment Charges
  4. Document Charges
  5. Transcript Charges
  6. Medical Clearance Certificate Charges
  7. Police Clearance Certificate Charges
  8. Courier Charge

1. ECA Fees:

You must obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for immigration purposes from a designated organization in order to submit an application for immigration to Canada. Each selected organization decides how much an ECA will cost. 

Here are the assessing authorities you can choose for ECA. 

  • World Education Services (WES)
  • Comparative Education Service (CES)
  • International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS)
  • International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)
  • International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
Assessing Authority Price – CAD $ Price – INR ₹
WES 325 – 650 19,770 – 39545
ICES 200 – 600 12170 – 36500
IQAS 220 – 660 13385 – 40150
CES  220 – 660 13385 – 40150
ICAS  220 – 660 13385 – 40150

Note: The fees for ECA vary depending on the designated authorization. 

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 2. CIC Processing Charges:

Processing charges should be paid to the Canadian government for the next phase of getting a Canada PR Visa. Most services are subject to these fees. If you are unable to pay online, you may pay fees via international money order or bank payment to the Receiver General for Canada. The Canadian Federal Fee is payable to the Canadian government. Each time an applicant submits biometric details like fingerprints and photos, the biometric fee must be paid. 

Type Price – CAD $ Price – INR ₹
The Canadian Federal Fee(Per Adult) 1365 – 1525 83185 – 92935
The Canadian Federal Fee(Per Kid) 225 13715
Biometric Fee 85 5180

Note: CIC fees can be paid via credit card. 

3. Language Proficiency Assessment Charges:

Language Proficiency Assessment (

The paper-based IELTS test is given by IDP IELTS India four times each month, or 48 times per year. It can be on different days of the week, with the option to select your preferred time slots. You can use a debit/credit card, net banking, or the PayTM wallet to pay online. You have the option of paying by Demand Draft or ICICI/HDFC deposit slip if you register for IELTS offline at one of the IDP IELTS India branches. 

Type Council Price – INR ₹
IELTS Exam Fee(per applicant) British or IDP India 15500

Note: Payable to the service provider. 

4. Miscellaneous Charges:

It refers to the variety of small fees required to apply for Canada PR via Express Entry. This will include

  • Document Notarization
  • Transcript Charges
  • Medical Clearance Certificate Charges
  • Police Clearance Certificate Charges
  • Courier Charges
Type Fees – INR ₹ Criteria
Document Notarization 200 – 500 Per Document
Transcript  2000 – 8000 Based on university
Medical Clearance Certificate 6500 – 7500 Per Applicant
Police Clearance Certificate 500 – 1000 Per Applicant
Courier  2200 – 4500 Based on university

5. Document Notarization

When you apply for a temporary residence visa in Canada, you must submit a variety of different documents, but some of them do not need to be notarized. The notarized document will incur additional costs.


Your yearly or semester mark sheet, consolidated or combined mark sheet, and provisional or graduation certificate should be included in the transcript. Based on the university, the cost may vary. 

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6. Medical Clearance Certificate:

An immigration medical examination certificate is required if you want to apply for permanent residency. The members of your family should also get a medical examination, even if they aren’t traveling with you. 

7. Police Clearance Certificate

Along with a medical certificate, a police clearance certificate should be submitted to travel to Canada for permanent residency. Depending on the providing authority, the police clearance certificate is available in several formats. 

8. Courier Charges

The cost of delivery charges depends on the university. Fast Express courier charges will be incurred. 

Canada PR calcualtor

Business Immigration Fees

Business immigrants are those who can build businesses in Canada or invest in existing ones. They are expected to contribute to the growth of a vibrant and successful Canadian economy. These fees are applicable if they choose to pursue this scheme. There are three categories of immigrant business people: 

  • Quebec business immigration
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Start-up visa
Applicant Processing Fee without PR Fee $1625
Applicant Processing Fee with PR $2140
Spouse Processing Fee without PR Fee $850
Spouse Processing Fee with PR $1365
Dependent Children (per child) $230

Family Sponsorship Fee:

A Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada who is 18 years of age or older may sponsor some members of their family to immigrate to Canada. These family members are able to live, study, and work in Canada as a result of their permanent residence. 

Parents and grandparents with PR CAD 1080
Sponsorship fee $75
Applicants’ processing fee $490
PR Fee $515
Parents and grandparents without PR CAD 565
Sponsorship fee $75
Applicants’ processing fee $490
Spouse – Parents and grandparents with PR CAD 1,085
Processing fee $570
PR Fee $515
Spouse – Parents and grandparents without PR CAD 570
Processing fee $570

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