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Canada is one of the finest countries to make your dreams come true. Immigrants have ample job opportunities, and many Indians chose wisely to immigrate to Canada. The most popular program is the Express Entry system, which is a points-based system that assesses your skills, education, language ability, and work experience. Another option is the Provincial Nominee Program, where you must meet the specific criteria of a Canadian province or territory. Family sponsorship, the business class, and the Canadian Experience Class are other alternatives, each with its own requirements and criteria.

Advantages and Perks of the Canada PR Visa

Canada is a country of choice for individuals seeking a better life, employment opportunities, and quality healthcare. To ensure that more people can benefit from all the great things the country has to offer, Canada offers Permanent Residency (PR) Visas to qualified applicants. If you’re considering immigrating to Canada, here are some benefits of getting a Canada PR Visa:

  • High Standard of Living: Canada is ranked as one of the best places to live in the world. It offers excellent infrastructure, safety, a clean environment, and an abundance of outdoor activities.
  • Unlimited Work Opportunities: With a Canada PR Visa, you’re not tied down to a particular employer, industry, or location. You can work anywhere in the country, with any employer, or even start your own business.
  • Multi-cultural Environment: Canada is a melting pot of cultures, which creates an accepting and welcoming society. As a PR Visa holder, you can benefit from this by connecting with diverse communities and expanding your social circle.
  • Obtain Citizenship: After staying in Canada for three years, PR Visa holders can apply for citizenship and get a Canadian passport, which gives them visa-free travel to over 170 countries.
  • Social Benefits: Canada PR Visa holders are eligible for various social benefits like pension plans, child care benefits, employment insurance, and so on.
  • Healthcare benefits: Canada is renowned for its world-class healthcare system. PR Visa holders are eligible for public health insurance, which covers the majority of their medical expenses.
  • Sponsor family and relatives: The PR holders can sponsor and bring their spouse and dependent children to Canada.
  • Free Education: Children of PR Visa holders can get free education from kindergarten to high school.

Overall, having a Canada PR visa opens up numerous opportunities and benefits that make it an attractive option for those looking to establish permanent residency in Canada.

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Steps to Apply for a Canada PR Visa from India

Step 1: Profile Eligibility Evaluation 

The applicant must be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency. The applicants can determine their eligibility by consulting with one of the best-functioning immigration consultants. They will evaluate the applicant’s chances of moving to Canada and provide the perfect visa type under one of the numerous PR visa streams.

Step 2: Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

Educational credential assessment (ECA) is the most essential step to knowing whether your profile will be eligible or not for express entry. The education credential assessment shows whether your education will be equal to Canadian education standards or not. There are various organizations for taking the educational credentials assessment, but the preferred and fastest is WES (World Education Services). This organization tends to check and deliver the results in just 35 days.

Step 3: Language Profile Report

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most preferred language test across the globe. IELTS is an online-based system in every preferred center in India. If applicants know the French language, they can also apply for a French professional test such as TCF Canada (Test de connaissance du français) or TEF Canada (Test d’évaluation de français). This shows if the applicant’s English proficiency meets the Canadian Government Benchmark Level (CLB) 7 or not.

Step 4: Express Entry Application

After completing your ECA and language proficiency report, the next step is to file a Canada Express Entry application online. Once you have created your profile and selected the channel through which you want to apply for your Canada PR, the government of Canada asks for details such as age, education, work experiences, and marital status.

Step 5: CRS score

After completing the application form, the candidate is given a score that is used as a cut-off to evaluate applications. You can apply for a Canada PR visa if you receive the necessary CRS score. To check CRS eligibility, contact our Canada immigration consultant; they will assist in checking eligibility.

Our tip: To boost the applicant’s CRS score, GreenTree Immigration suggests that the applicant holds at least 3 years of work experience, has a higher IELTS score, and has high qualifications.

Step 6: Express Entry Draw

The applicant then has to wait until the Express Entry Pool draw, which happens on a regular basis every 2 weeks by the Canadian immigration department. Candidates who are ranked higher than a particular cutoff are invited to PR.

Step 7: Invitation to Apply (ITA)

An Invitation to Apply (ITA) will be sent to you if your rank is higher. You have 60 days from the time you get it to apply for PR.

Step 8: Final PR Application

Applicants can submit the completed PR application together with the necessary documentation. Most of these applications will be processed within six months, according to the authorities. You will receive your PR approval once you are accepted.

Step 9: Application Assessment by the IRCC

The application sent to the IRCC will be evaluated for conformance to a PR. 

Step 10: Receive CoPR

After the evaluation of the profile by the immigration department, the IRCC issues the applicant a confirmation of permanent residency. After which, the applicant can fly to Canada and live as a permanent resident.

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Documentation Requirement to Apply for a Canada PR Visa from India

To apply for Canadian permanent residency, applicants are required to submit different types of documents at different stages of the application process. The application process for applying for a Canada PR to make your route easier to Canada involves three different types of processes:

  1. Processing of the application
  2. Documentation of the applicant’s profile
  3. Filing of Permanent Residency

These steps are required for swifter and trouble-free immigration to Canada.

Documentation plays a crucial role in the application process for a Canadian PR, as Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada are liable to accept or reject the profile based on the documentation. Inaccurate or insufficient documentation can lead to the rejection of the applicant’s profile or permanent residency, and sometimes it may also lead to a legal ban for 5 years from applying for PR.

The basic and essential documentation needed for the application process is as mentioned below:

  • Profile-related documents
  1. An active and valid passport
  2. Language proficiency certificates for skilled immigrants (Express Entry Canada)
  3. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) or proof of Canadian education
  4. Provincial Nomination (if applicable)
  5. Job offer from a Canadian employer (if applicable)
  6. Work experience documents 
  7. Letter of recommendation from previous employers
  8. Proof of funds 
  • Documents for a permanent residency application

After getting an invitation for permanent residency, the applicant will be required to submit supporting documents as evidence for the application. 

  1. Health certificate: Medical Clearance Certificate (MCC)
  2. Character certificate: Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  3. Birth certificate 
  4. Adoption certificate (if the dependent child is adopted)
  5. Common-law union form (if the marital status is “common-law”)
  6. Marriage certificate (if the marital status is “married”)
  7. A legal separation agreement or divorce certificate (if the marital status is “divorced”)
  8. Death certificate (if the marital status is “widowed”)
  • Additional documents

The supplementary documents are just personalized documents to check if the applicant complies with the profile. 

  1. Identity proof: digital photos
  2. Proof of relationship: family or relatives in Canada
  3. Proof of alias name documents
  4. Other relevant documents related to the application

Apply for a Canada PR visa through Family sponsorship

By applying for Canada PR via family sponsorship, applicants can bring their family members along with them to Canada and live with them. You can be over the age of 18 and can sponsor selected family members; they can study, work, and live in Canada if they become permanent residents.

You must be any one of the following to be able to sponsor your relatives:

  1. Permanent resident of Canada
  2. Canadian citizen
  3. Registered as an Indian in Canada

Who are the family members I can sponsor?

  1. Parents
  2. Grandparents
  3. Spouse
  4. Common-law partner
  5. Dependent children

Family sponsorship has three essential factors:

Family members or relatives can migrate to Canada with you and have the possibility of acquiring permanent residence.

  1. Must support the family members financially and be responsible for their basic needs.
  2. Ensure that the family members do not need any social assistance from the Canadian government.


In conclusion, Canada’s permanent residency program offers a promising pathway for those seeking to start a new life in a country that values diversity, innovation, and economic prosperity. With over 100,000 individuals granted permanent residency status annually, Canada has emerged as one of the top immigration destinations worldwide. The benefits of obtaining permanent residency include access to world-class healthcare, quality education, and social services, as well as the opportunity to live and work anywhere in the country. Moreover, Canada has a reputation for being a safe and welcoming society that fosters cultural exchange and respect for all people, regardless of background or nationality. With its strong economy and stable political climate, Canada is an attractive destination for individuals and families seeking a better quality of life.

You can get genuine support from our immigration experts, and we can help you acquire your PR. If you have any doubts, contact us for a free consultation with our Canadian immigration team and get clarity on your Canadian PR process.


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