Top demanding jobs in Canada

As our needs change, so do our salaries. We absolutely want to move, start a family, purchase a house, and change our career surroundings. Earning affects your lifestyle. Canada gives you an opportunity to fly there and get your desired income. You can migrate over there and earn a living. High salaries offer for greater demand for skilled professionals. If you expect a change in your life, this blog is definitely for you. Here are the high-paying jobs in Canada for immigrants. 

Average salary preferences:

In Canada, the average annual wage ranges from $50,924 to $100,693. The salary differs by region and territory depending on the cost of living. The provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec continue to have high average wages. There are a number of in-demand jobs in Canada you must know. Here is the list of average salary preferences in Canada. 

Job Division Avg Salary/Year CAD
Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Social Services $100,693
Engineering $83,988
Science $73,059
Information Technology $70,198
Legal $69,192
Marketing & Sales $63,444
Banking, Finance & Insurance $60,961
Childcare & Education $59,264
Construction & Maintenance $54,982
Accounting, Administration & Human Resources $54,190
Hospitality & Travel $53,836
Law Enforcement & Security $50,924


Highest Paying Professions in Canada:

Based on the Canada employment survey and pay portal, below are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Canada in 2023. Medical specialists hold the top spot among occupations with the highest salaries. Here are some of the other Skilled Professional jobs in Canada:

Job Type AUD – Annual Average Salary
Doctor/Physician $212,500
Creative Director $106,646
Real Estate Agent $100,000
Architect $98,236
Back-End Developer $97,500
School Principal $96,685
Aerospace Engineer $95,550
Software Engineer $95,000
Data Scientist $94,750
Professor $91,877


  1. Doctor/Physician

Average annual pay: $212,500

The doctor or physician aids patients with routine checks and examinations and assists in making diagnoses. Patients consult a general physician when they experience symptoms or any sickness. A doctor must be able to perform a variety of activities, like gathering, documenting, and keeping track of patient data, such as medical histories, reports, and test results. It is one of the most demanding jobs in Canada. 

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  • Five-year UG medical education.
  • Lots of knowledge in the medical field.
  • Must be updated with the latest medical technologies.
  • Diagnose health issues.

Canada PR calcualtor

  1. Creative Director

Average annual pay: $106,646

The creative director is in charge of a team that develops and executes creative work like graphic design, music, media, and advertising. Their work may vary based on their industry. For large businesses, in-house creative directors oversee marketing campaigns and other creative projects. For many clients, the creative director of the agency manages creative projects.

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  •  A fine arts degree or UG in a graphic design-related course. 
  • Must have group coordination and productive criticism skills.
  • Industry-related problems and computer knowledge is required.
  • Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills are beneficiaries.
  1.  Real Estate Agent

Average annual pay: $100,000

Real estate agents assist clients in selling and purchasing homes and other properties. They keep records of all documents and agreements, including legal papers. Bring buyers along when they visit and evaluate properties, and advise them on the suitability and worth of the home they see. They ought to perform managerial, analysis, and marketing duties. It considers the best paying jobs in Canada.

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  • Must hold a real estate agent license.
  • Sales experience and interpersonal skills are required. 
  • Must be knowledgeable in local property. 
  • Negotiating skills. 
  1. Architect

Average annual pay: $98,236

An architect is in charge of creating and designing a new structure. They perform on design projects from beginning to end, interacting with clients, developing and refining early designs, and keeping track of the process. They must conduct client discussions, create conceptual sketches, and deal with providers. 

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  • 5-year undergraduate architecture program.
  • Communication and architectural knowledge.
  • Design & sketching skills.
  • Software skills like AutoCAD.
  1. Back-End Developer

Average annual pay: $97,500

Back-end developers are in charge of developing, building, and enhancing servers and databases on the server side. They update existing features and modify them for a seamless experience. They interact with the computer servers using server languages like PHP, Python, and databases. They create and manage the systems that allow websites to analyze data and perform actions.

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • Familiar with server languages and databases. 
  • Good programming and analyzing skills. 
  1. School Principal

Average annual pay: $96,685

The principal is the head of the school and is responsible for assessing and modifying the educational program. They oversee teachers and students and provide performance comments. The school administrator can decide on funding, hire and fire staff, make disciplinary decisions, and establish safety rules and regulations. To ensure educational quality and behavior requirements, they collaborate closely with students, parents, and teaching staff, receiving and sharing input.

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  • Master’s degree in education
  • Many years of teaching experience. 
  • Experience in school administration.
  • Leadership and curriculum planning.


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  1. Aerospace Engineer

Average annual pay: $95,550

Aerospace engineers are in charge of designing and developing the latest technologies in aerospace products. They manufacture, test, restore and enhance spacecraft based on environmental regulations. They examine components or damaged products and create unique technological materials. Aerospace engineers are in charge of ensuring the materials used in aircraft are both safe and functional.

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  • Master’s degree in research.
  • Excellent research and analytical skills.
  • Critical thinking and verbal communication are required.
  • Mastery of computers.
  1. Software Engineer

Average annual pay: $95,000

A software engineer is a specialist in information technology who creates, develops, and maintains computer software for an organization. The engineer collaborates with programmers on the design and development phases of the project. They employ flowcharts and designs to define the procedure and process. 

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer.
  • Practical knowledge of programming.
  • Interpersonal and problem-solving skills. 
  • Documenting the requirements.
  1. Data Scientist

Average annual pay: $94,750

An expert who gathers massive data and utilizes analytical, statistical, and programmatic abilities is known as a data scientist. They interpret the unprocessed data and draw meaningful conclusions from it. Data scientists interact with business and IT departments to address problems and propose alternatives. They deploy AI techniques to automate particular organizational procedures.

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Science, Maths, or Technology.
  • Good statistical and programming skills.
  • Strong Mathematics skills.
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills. 
  1. Professor

Average annual pay: $91,877

The Professor’s responsibilities include overseeing students, attending events and conferences, teaching a variety of lectures and seminars, and executing research. They work with coworkers, provide guidance to teaching assistants, and handle various administrative chores. Professors also work on research or thesis papers while instructing and educating students in the classroom.

Required Qualification & Skills: 

  • A master’s Degree or Ph.D. in the relevant discipline is required.
  • Research, presentation, and teaching skills.
  • Experience in teaching. 
  • A professional attitude and dedication are needed.


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