Medical requirements for Canada PR Visa

If you are immigrating to any nation, there will be a certain set of immigration rules and procedures before entering the nation. Likewise, Canada also has certain rules before entering their nation. Before entering Canada whether you are going via study visa, work permit not PR visa medical examination is mandatory to provide that you must be physically fit and healthy. In other words, if you are not physically fit and prone to any disease, the immigration council may think to reject applications to ensure public safety. In this blog, we have listed a detailed list of medical requirements for Canada PR.

Medical test requirements for Canada PR 

All the Canada PR Visa applicants need to undergo a medical test if they are applying for Canada PR. In Fact, your spouse, dependent children, and partner also need to undergo medical examinations. Whether you are applying for a temporary resident or visitor visa all the medical examination is Compulsory. 

As Canadian PR applicants, they need to undergo medical examinations such as for eyes, nose, chest X-rays, lungs, heart, Syphilis, and HIV.

Temporary residents planning to stay six months. Temporary workers who have worked in a particular job require a medical examination. These jobs include positions in which public health must be protected, such as jobs that bring you into close contact with people the position of the job includes  workers in healthcare settings;

  • clinical laboratory workers;
  • Nurses;
  • medical students admitted to Canada to attend university;
  • medical electives and physicians on short-term locums;
  • workers in primary and secondary school settings and workers in child-care settings;
  • workers who give in-home care to children, the elderly, and the disabled;
  • daycare employees;
  • agricultural workers

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Where & who should take a medical test 

You can get your medical examination in your home country or any country in your area of choice. In exceptions, you should get your medical examinations done only by panel physicians approved by the IRCC.

  • Panel physicians means doctors who are authorized by the IRCC. It can also be said as IRCC approved doctors can handle medical tests required for Canadian immigration
  • Authorized panel physicians conduct your examination and issue a Health Certificate.

List of Medical examinations required to immigrate to Canada 

Chest X-Ray 

This is an important checkup to work out any medical problems with the important purposeful organs. However, this test is avoided for a pregnant feminine candidate for the protection of the fetus. however, the mother and also the newborn is needed to endure many medical tests.

A PR individual shouldn’t have major medical conditions and disorders like HIV, TB, and Syphilis. you’re required to induce your biopsy to seek out if you’ve got the other disorders moving your overall health as well.

Blood Tests

Blood test is an important diagnostic test to consider for various disorders and overall health issues as well. 

Urine Tests

A detailed examination of urine tests was also conducted for diabetics. From various issues such as diabetics to various problems diagnosed through the Urine test

Thorough body checkup

A thorough body checkup medical exam includes a check-up for your eyes, nose, heart, lungs, and other important functional organs.

You should also discuss if you have any past medical health issues with the panel physicians. 

Medical cost for Canada PR 

Medical costs for Canadian PR vary from country to country. If you are residing in India it costs around 5000 INR to 9000 INR. These include all the mentioned tests. However, Consult with your panel physicians for an update about your cost. 

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Validity of Medical test

The validity of your Medical test is around 12 months on the date of applying  PR. If you are applying after  12 months from the date of the medical test it would not be valid.

What are the things to consider during  Medical examinations for Canada PR 

Once you get approval from panel physicians you need to do a complete medical checkup listed above. 

  • On arrival at the clinic, you need to submit your identification proof. If you are asked for X-Ray or other tests you need to provide your identification proof again. 
  • The doctor will ask about the previous medical history. The questions about what are the medicines that you are consuming and about existing medicinal examinations. If you are not undergoing any medical examination you do not take so much time. 
  • Based on your physical examination you are examined such as height, weight, blood pressure, feel about your pulse, listen to your heart and lungs. Depending on your age you have been asked about chest X-Ray and laboratory tests at the clinic or a laboratory.
  • However, during the examination, you have the right to ask your queries about the test.
  •  Once your exam is completed you will receive the result. In the result, you will check what the test you have undergone and the result of the test. 
  • If you are unsatisfied about the result you can register a complaint Webform or Contact the Client Support Centre

If you have undergone a medical test before medical examination You should submit a copy of medical IMM 7073 with your application. If you have undergone a medical test after the examination you don’t need to submit the medical IMM 

Whether you are applying for a PR Visa, Study Visa, or temporary visa you need to undergo a medical examination to prove that you are physically fit and have good health conditions. If you have any queries regarding Canadian immigration consult with our immigration consultants can guide you. 

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