Top most demand jobs in manitoba

Top most Indemand jobs in Manitoba province in 2024

The polar bear capital of the world is surrounded by the regions of Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west of the provinces. Manitoba has a lot of fascinating attractions such as lakes, rivers, mountains, and forests. On comparing with the other provinces, Manitoba province is considered to be the most stable and strongest economy in Canada. Some of the common reasons Manitoba prefers to migrate are the stable economy, the low cost of living, and enormous jobs for qualified skilled workers to explore the opportunities.

Manitoba is facing a shortage of skilled professionals, and currently has more than  29,600 jobs in demand published in the economic outlook. In the upcoming years between 2021 to 2026 more than 141,700 new job openings will be available in the Manitoba province.  Jobs such as  Transportation and warehousing, forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil &gas, healthcare, and social assistance are in demand published in the economic outlook article. Our blog listed the top most demand jobs in Manitoba.

List of most demanding jobs in Manitoba

top most indemand jobs in manitoba

Information Technology 

Although Ontario is been recognized as the tech capital of Canada. Manitoba holds a huge demand for software professionals on average software professionals earns up to CAD $1,00,000 which is higher than the software professionals earn in Manitoba. There are numerous opportunities for web designing, Data Analyst, Software Developer, IT Project Manager, IT Business Analyst, Database Analyst, Data Science Specialist, Digital Media Specialist in Manitoba. On Average software professionals, hourly wages start from  CAD $23.00/hour and $57.69/hour. You need at least a graduation degree in computer science or relevant experience to qualify in these jobs Some of the most demand software professions are listed below.

  • Software developer: The role requires a graduation degree from a computer science background. You can earn a median income between $36 CAD and $49 CAD per hour.
  • Web designer/developer: You can earn a median income between $24 CAD and $36 CAD per hour.
  • Networking Engineer: On average Networking engineers can earn income between   $25 CAD and $57 CAD per hour.
  • Database analysts and data administrators usually earn between $20/hour and $57/hour in Manitoba.

Health occupation jobs

Manitoba has a Demand occupation for health care professionals, especially during the covid situations. Some of the most demand health care professionals needed in Manitoba are Managers in Health Care, Pharmacists, Dietitians and nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Medical laboratory technologists, medical radiation technologists, Dental hygienists, and dental therapists the average salary varies from province to province some of the professions lists below.

  • Pharmacist: The average salary for a pharmacist is $45.35 per hour in Manitoba.
  • Managers in Health Care usually earn between $39/hour and $47/hour in Manitoba.
  • Medical laboratory technologist average salary earns between $29.21/hour and  $43/ hour in Manitoba.
  • Dental hygienists average salary earns around  $43/ hour in Manitoba.

Business, finance, and administration occupations

Finance and business-related sectors have more in-demand jobs in Manitoba compared to other sectors. Some of the most in-demand jobs in Manitoba are Accountants, Human Resource Managers, other administrative services managers, insurance, real estate, financial Brokerage Managers, Banking, credit, and other investment managers, Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers, financial auditors, and accountants, Financial and investment analysis are in-demand job sectors in Manitoba. The average salary varies from position to position.

  • Accountants: The average salary for Province of Manitoba ranges approximately between $43277 -$52666 per year.
  • Banking manager salary in Manitoba salary ranges around $96656/year. 
  • Business Analyst average salary is CAD$67,461 per year in Manitoba.
  • Financial auditor can earn an average salary of $34,974 per year in Manitoba.

Services sector jobs

According to a recent survey conducted by the leading magazine in Canada, the sales and service sector is expected to create a huge impact for a sum of 28,000, or 19.8 percent of new jobs, yet to be created in Manitoba province. Some of the most in-demand service sector jobs in Manitoba are Corporate sales managers, Retail and wholesale trade managers, Managers in customer and personal services, Technical sales specialists wholesale trade, retail and wholesale buyers, Real estate agents and salespersons, Financial sales representatives, Foodservice supervisors, Cooks, and Bakers. The average wages vary for every profession on average it starts from  CAD $18.00/hour and $48/hour. You need graduation or required work experience to qualify for the jobs.

  • Sales Manager can earn an average salary of  $76294 per year in Manitoba.
  • Sales Representative can earn an average salary of  $52875 per year in Manitoba.
  • Real Estate agents can earn an average salary of $71,423  per year in Manitoba.
  • Financial sales representatives can earn an average salary of $37,050 per year in Manitoba.
  • Foodservice supervisors can earn an average salary of  $38323  per year.

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Manufacturing Sector Jobs 

The manufacturing sector represents 10 percent of Manitoba’s economic growth. Manufacturing remains the largest sector of the province’s economy. Some of the traditional industries and technology industries provide a lot of jobs in the manufacturing sectors jobs such as Manufacturing Engineer, Quality control inspector, Production Manager, Assembly Supervisor · Assistant Plant Manager, Chief Manufacturing Executive, Chief Quality Control Executive are huge in demand.

  • Manufacturing engineers can earn an average salary of  $65,791  per year.
  • Production Managers can earn an average salary of  $57,774 per year.
  •  Supplier quality engineers can earn an average salary of   $98180  per year.

On average in the province of Manitoba, one can earn an average of $24.36 per hour. Depending upon the qualifications, experience, and in-demand jobs the salary package may vary. If you are planning to migrate to this particular province you can apply through the Federal Express Entry program or through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Check your eligibility for the Manitoba immigration program with our Immigration Consultants.

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