Different types of Canada Visa

Different types of Canada Visa Categories and types

Canada is a favorite place for many visitors for a variety of reasons, including academic, business or personal commitments. There are 5 different types of Canadian visas and residence permits, depending on your goals and personal circumstances. Includes a Canadian visitor visa, study visa, work visa, and permanent resident visa. The type of visa you will need is determined by your immigration status and the intention of your visit. travel to Canada for a limited period of time and do not intend to work or settle in the country permanently.

Canada Visa Categories and types

Visitor visa or Temporary Stay visa. 

Temporary visas are of two types: single entry visas or multiple entry visas. Single entry only allows you to enter the country once and does not allow you to return after your departure. Multiple entries allow you to enter and exit the country multiple times between the validity period of your visa.

Tourism visa

To enter the country only for tourism purposes. Great visa parents or grandparents, who are visiting their family children permanent residents/citizens of Canada diplomat and officer For foreign diplomats and officials visiting Canada on official business Courtesy visa For people who do not meet the conditions for a diplomatic and official visa but because of their rank and their position, their visit is considered important. For individuals or groups visiting Canada for business purposes. 

Temporary Resident Visa

Temporary resident visa

For travelers entering Canada for various reasons but are not eligible for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Working Holiday Visa For young adults from 30 countries traveling to Canada for business purposes. Visa, however, there is no guarantee that applicants will be selected at random for this visa.

Tourist visa

Passengers without a valid tourist visa will have to travel through Canada in 48 hours or less. Birth visaFor pregnant women who wish to give birth in Canada, provided they meet the conditions. The newborn instantly becomes a Canadian citizen. Organ Donor Visa For visitors traveling to Canada to donate an organ to a Canadian citizen. Happiness Visa For citizens of Canada who hold Dual Citizenship but do not have a Canadian passport 

Temporary Work Permit Visa 

For people traveling to Canada for employment opportunities (stay less than six months), provided the Applicant presents job offer documents Valid by a Canadian employer Permanent Resident Visa This visa is for people wishing to settle permanently in Canada.

The Canadian permanent resident visa/immigration visa comes in several types. 

The Immigrant Investor Program 

For investors looking to invest in Canada’s national economy. Must have a net worth of at least 800,000 CAD. Invest CAD 400,000 CAD. The Canadian government will repay the investment amount without interest after five years Visa 

Startup Program 

People who wish to participate and contribute to Canada’s national economy on a personal level Must have a net worth of at least  300,000 CAD. Must agree to own and manage a third party of the Canadian business. Create and manage employment opportunities within three years of arriving in the country Canadian Family Sponsorship Program. 

For partners or dependent family members of permanent residents and citizens of Canada for permanent immigration to Canada Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) For participants who are eligible to care for children, the disabled, or the elderly. is divided into three categories, each targeting key prospects for the Canadian economy. 

Visa for skilled workers 

Must have at least 67 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points. Must demonstrate proof of sufficient financial resources to support themselves and their family. Eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Skilled Work Visa. Eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Must have the expected CRS score Only applicants with the highest score will be invited to apply for a work permit Visa for Canadians. Our Visa Consultants in Chennai will help. you about the Canada immigration progress

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Experience Class Visa

For applicants who are already residing in Canada but have a short-term foreign work visa or a work permit. apply for permanent residence in the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). However, they must meet the following criteria to be taken into consideration. They must have worked in Canada for at least 12 months within the past three years. 

If you have decided to move to Canada, the first step is to process the relevant visa application. Although you can request it yourself, the complex and time-consuming process can be difficult. So, consider the best immigration consultants to maximize your chances.

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