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Top Reasons to Choose Canada for Immigration

Immigration to a new destination can have various reasons for every individual it may be for study, work, business, or permanently settled in the dream country. There are a lot of developing countries welcoming immigrants across the globe to develop the country’s growth and economic standard,  Canada has also been welcoming a lot of immigrants across the globe for a very long time, In case Canada is a land of immigrants that welcomes 3,50,000 immigrants every year, It sets a target of 1 million immigrants as of 2019-2021. Here are the top key factors in choosing Canada.

Reasons to Choose Canada for immigration

Better Standard of living

  • Canada has a lot of natural resources like lakes, and minerals and keeps exciting as one of the richest countries in the world.
  • Average Canadian income has increased in recent years.
  • In a recent survey conducted Canadians on average have their own house with a household of machinery amenities in the house and most Canadians own a car

Safety and Security

  • In today’s world safety plays a crucial role in every scenario, Canada is the safest country with a low crime rate.
  • Canada imposes strict rules and laws which interfaces low crime rate when compared with the neighboring country the United States.
  • You would be surrounded by a safe and clean environment.

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Medical Benefits

  • Canada provides universal health care for the citizen and Permanent residence immigrants of Canada at no cost anyone can get the benefits because Canada considers it as the fundamental right.
  • Canadian health care system is considered as one of the finest health care systems in the world

Once US Senator Bernie Sanders said “It was kind of mind-blowing to realize that (in Canada) – people could go to the doctor whenever they wanted and not have to take out their wallet,” on Canada’s Health care System.

Best Education Standards

Free Education

  • Canada spends more money on Educational activities per capita rather than any other country in the world hence providing world-class educational standards
  • Canada provides free education to everyone in public schools until 12thgrade which is funded by the government.
  • Post-graduation is been funded by many public institutions are more affordable fees when compared to private universities and institutes.
  • Some of the noted Canadian universities like McGill University, University of British Columbia, and the University of Toronto are considered as some of the best universities in the world. (Get guidance from the experts before choosing the Canada Study Visa)


  • Canada welcomes as you are not forced to discriminate your culture hence Canada considered as the multi-rational cultural country
  • Some survey says that immigrants are considered as they feel in the home in Canada
  • Meanwhile, Canadians are more open-minded, friendly, tolerant, and positive stereotype.

Employment opportunities

  • Canada is a land of opportunities for skilled people and offers plenty of jobs more than 5,00,000 job available full time in the current period
  • The salaries have increased high due to increase in demands

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Growing Economy

  • Canada has potential growth in employment and increases in employment opportunities every year. On average Canadians earns up to 40000$
  • As one of the richest countries, Canada offers a high standard of living decreasing taxes and strengthening its economic rate at 2.3%.
  • Canada has a world-class banking system and a stable currency.
  • Canada is considered to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Now you have got a clear reason to choose Canada before choosing Canada keep the points in mind that will help to move forward to the next step. If you are a Canadian immigrating aspirant Green Tree Immigration experts will guide you throughout the process, We work with Canada PR, Study and Business Visa Contact us for your immigration query with us and make your dream come true

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