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Looking for the highest paying jobs in Australia? The wage range is probably one of the first things we look at while searching for employment before joining. Thankfully, Australia has many positions in a diverse range of fields that provide that targeted six-digit salary. Several well-paying positions in Australia simply call for relevant experience and certifications. Here, we can learn more about the best job in Australia.

Understanding the high-paying professions available in Australia can inspire you to put in extra effort, make sacrifices, and educate yourself. This blog will help you to know about the Skilled Professional’s jobs in Australia.

Average Salary Preferences in Australia

As per an online pay source, the average professional wage in Australia in 2022 will be around 90,900 AUD annually, with a possible range of 25,000 to 400,000 AUD. The basic wage includes accommodation, transportation, and extra perks. Similarly, experienced workers are paid more. The average gross pay for workers with almost 20 years of experience is 145,00 AUD, while the average gross pay for workers with less than a year’s worth of experience is 55,002 AUD. The average of Australia highest-paid jobs are listed below.

Job Division

Avg. Salary / Year – AUD
Healthcare, Social Service, Pharmaceuticals $105K
Engineering  $111K
Childcare & Education  $97K
Marketing & Sales $92K
Legal $90K

Highest Paying Jobs Australia, 2022:

The top 10 highest-paying jobs in Australia for 2022 are listed below, according to data from the Australian Survey and wage portal. The top paid profession is always a medical specialist. The following list includes a few additional professionals.

Job Type AUD – Annual Average Salary









Mining Engineer


Construction Superintendent


System Architect


Creative Director


School Principal


Software Engineer



  1. Psychiatrist: 

Average annual salary: $200,000

Psychiatrists are the experts who are specialized in determining mental health. A psychiatrist evaluates, identifies, and treats emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders and can carry out several medical and/or psychological tests. An analysis by a psychiatrist can assist in figuring out a problem’s root cause and available solutions. People look for psychiatric treatment for a range of reasons. It is considered as the most In-Demand Jobs in Australia 2022.


  • A bachelor’s degree in psychiatry.
  • A master’s degree or diploma in psychology is an advantage.
  • After finishing grade 12, enroll in the Diploma of National Board Exam (DNB), a medical course equivalent to an MD.
  1. Cardiologist:

Average annual salary: $196,365

A doctor who specializes in treating heart and blood vessel problems is known as a cardiologist. They can help you avoid or treat several cardiovascular issues. They can also focus on particular issues, such as heart failure, irregular heart rhythms, or heart issues which is experienced from birth. 


  • Get an MBBS degree after completing grade 12.
  • Enroll in the MS in General Science postgraduate program.
  • Earn a DM(Doctor of Medicine) degree in cardiology
  • Receive the medical license from Indian Medical Council.

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  1. Surgeon:

Average annual salary: $194,289

A surgeon is a medical professional who focuses on diagnosing and treating illnesses that may call for surgery or other physical adjustments to the human body. Surgery can be used to identify a condition or repair an injury.


  • Get an MBBS degree from any MCI-approved university.
  • Enroll in a general surgery MS program to work as a surgeon.
  • Pursue specializations or super-specialty for higher pay.

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  1. Professor

Average annual salary:  $161,778 

A professor is a qualified professional who educates students after high school, carries out research, and releases publications in their area of specialization. Both large universities and small colleges employ professors. Professors come in different kinds, including adjuncts and professors.


  • Choose a specialization and get a bachelor’s degree.
  • Pass the GATE test and apply for a master’s degree.
  • Complete and pass the NET, SET, or CSIR NET competitive exams.
  • Enroll in the doctoral degree (Ph.D.)
  1. Mining Engineer 

Average annual salary:  $150,000

A mining engineer can oversee any stage of the mining process, from resource finding and exploring the minerals by feasibility analyses, mine design, creation of plans, production, and mine management. They devise plans to safely extract them from the ground.


  • Get a 4 years bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering 
  • Purse 2 years of Postgraduate degree in Mining Engineering. 
  1. Construction Superindentent: 

Average annual salary:  $142,500

Construction superintendents screen tasks like planning, costing and organizing from beginning to conclusion. They uphold high standards of performance and guarantee the construction site’s safety and security.


  • Get a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in civil engineering like construction management, construction science, and architecture.
  • Getting a master’s degree is an added advantage. 
  1. System Architect:

Average annual salary: $140K

A system architect is in charge of planning, implementing, operating, and managing computer and networking systems. They guide the best IT system and component combinations, monitoring the deployment and service improvement, upgrading and enhancing software and hardware. 


  • Get a Bachelor’s Degree in software engineering, IT, or computer science. 
  • Expertise in network architecture, database administration, programming, and information technology.
  1. Creative Director 

Average annual salary: $140K

Creative directors are the leaders of the creative teams of an advertising agency or within a company’s marketing division. They collaborate with the creative team to develop, plan, and implement a client-centered strategic vision. They should have creative and critical thinking. 


  • Get a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design or marketing relevant to creative studies. 
  • Also can enroll in art, visual communication, and design. 
  1. School Principal

Average annual salary: $135K

The principal’s job is to lead, direct, and coordinate activities at the school. The principal’s major goals should be to improve teaching and learning in his or her school and to create and maintain successful educational programs there.


  • Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Education
  • A Master’s degree is an added benefit. 
  • Prior experience serving as a principal is required.
  1. Software Engineer 

Average annual salary: $120K

A software engineer aims to apply engineering principles in developing software. Using software programming languages, they analyze and change the existing software, and create, build, and test end-user applications that satisfy user needs. They must have good logical thinking knowledge. 


  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, software engineering, or a similar field.
  • 3 to 5 years of software practical language experience.
  • Gain knowledge in software toolsets. 


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