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Key Reasons to apply for Skilled PR Visa Canada

Over the past few years, Canada has become the finest country to live, work, study, and permanently settle, especially for the right skilled professionals around the world. Canada ranks among the best countries in the world for quality of life, citizenship, education, etc In the recent articles generated by US news. If you are also considering moving abroad on a qualified PR visa, here are some good reasons to choose Canada as your destination. 

Top Reasons to apply for a Skilled PR Visa in Canada

Canada welcomes many immigrants across the globe to develop its economy. Canada Express Entry System is an online immigration system, which is the fastest way to gain permanent residency in Canada. According to a recent survey, Canada plans to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants each year to strengthen its economy.

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Canada is about to face a severe shortage of skills due to low population growth and a large retirement workforce so Canada’s economy majorly depends on immigrants. To fill current and future skills shortages, Canada must accept large numbers of qualified and talented people from foreign countries. Hence Canada has a huge demand for skilled professionals.

As an Immigrant of Canada, the PR Visa holder can have equal rights in Canada such as education, study, and working as a Canadian Citizen. As a permanent resident, you can bring your family members who can also study, work, and live in Canada if they get permanent residence.

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The government plans to provide funding of up to $10 million for 15 different projects, which will help newcomers find work in the country, ways to integrate into society, and also to make them.

For every Citizen of Canada and permanent resident of Canada medical examinations are paid through taxes. Canada immigration offers universal healthcare. The Canadian government plans to allocate $10 million to help new immigrants find work in Canada. Revamping credentials is a key issue that newcomers often face and which the government will now facilitate under the new plan. 

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