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How to get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for Canada from India

Have you applied for Permanent Residency for employment or for your studies? Do you know Police Clearance Certificate is a mandatory thing and if the PCC for canada express entry process was unsuccessful, your immigration application may possibly be rejected? Fret Not! Here we provide the key for all your PCC questions. 

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a legal record that certifies that a person has no criminal history and is granted to Indian passport holders and applicants by the department of police or government officials. Police certificates for express entry are needed for Canadian immigrants with no criminal background. Each nation and region has a different police certificate system. Your certificate must be in either English or French; if not, you must give the police certificate with a certified translator’s translation.

Who requires PCC:

  The police clearance certificate is mostly necessary for Indian nationals who want to immigrate to a foreign nation to work there, stay there for an extended period, or live there. Tourists may not need to apply for a police clearance certificate. The PCC must be presented to the relevant embassy together with a current Indian passport and other required documents.

PCC Submission Period:

  The express entry candidate can submit their Police certificate within 90 days before the date you submit your application. As soon as you enter the pool, begin your police clearance process to avoid delays. It should be produced six months before you apply. It must not be expired when presented. 

Request Letter for PCC:

A request letter for a police certificate from IRCC may be necessary for some nations before they will offer you a police certificate. You can check the official website to know whether your country is requesting it or not. If this is the case, for Express Entry, attach a document that denotes that you are applying from a nation that needs an official letter from IRCC to get the certificate. You must complete this form and submit it in place of the police certificate for Family Class applications. IRCC will provide the request letter after the verification process. 

Required Documents for PCC:

The documents may differ based on the country you apply for PCC. In India, while applying for a Police clearance certificate, an applicant’s passport is enough. Original passport and self-attested photocopy of the first and last two pages need to be attached. The passport will be valid only if you have your current residential address in the applying passport. In case of an address change, any address proof of your current address like an Aadhaar card, smart card, or any bills should be attested along with the passport.  

Procure PCC in India:

The process of getting PCC may vary based on the country to which you are applied. You can start the immigration procedure from India to Canada online or by mail. If you are currently living in abroad, making an appointment at the local passport office is necessary. The request can be submitted via the Delhi police website. To verify your identity and complete the application process, the nearby police will visit you at your home. Within 21 days, you will get a copy of the police clearance certificate if the documents are clear.

Not Getting PCC?

Once the application process is complete, you will receive a certificate of police clearance. With your registered id, you can obtain the certificate from the official Delhi Police website or receive it by mail. You can download it within a year of the application date. After receiving the previous PCC, an individual may apply for a second one, and an organization may do the same after the preceding PCC has been successfully settled.

Police Certificate IRCC validity :

The police clearance certificate remains in effect for six months from the date of issuance. The PCC application can be made in advance if a PR is required or if a work, study, or other permit renewal is expected. There is no PCC for emergencies. As a result, the Consulate no longer accepts PCC applications there. Each and every PCC application must be filed to the BLS, the outsourced organization.


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Processing time of PCC:

Consulate can only give PCC after receiving a clear police report from Indian authorities, which could take several months. After receiving the report and making the PCC ready to be issued, the Consulate will inform the applicant. Postal applications will require an additional 3–4 working days to process. The document will be processed after the verification procedure is finished and issued within two to three weeks.


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