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We all know that the English language is essential in our daily life. Furthermore, an English proficiency test is necessary as part of the immigration process to assess applicants’ ability to study, work, and get visas. We will examine the PTE Exam in detail in this article.

The Pearson Test of English, or PTE for short, was developed by the British education corporation Pearson to evaluate the English proficiency of non-native speakers before they enter the academic environment. online eligibility checker The PTE exam is computer-based and concentrates on everyday English used in educational institutions. Most nations, including Australia, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand, accept PTE scores. These PTE scores are for immigration and university admissions. PTE is essential for getting permanent residency in Australia and New Zealand. 

PTE Exam Fees

  • The PTE Academic exam fee is 17,000 INR (inclusive of GST).
  • The PTE Core exam fee is 17,000 INR (inclusive of GST).

Why is PTE preferred over IELTS?

Both tests have prerequisites. However, a few reasons why PTE must be taken for Australian immigration and study are mentioned below:

  • The PTE test for English proficiency is a more efficient, fair, and objective option compared to IELTS.
  • The use of an artificial intelligence algorithm to evaluate PTE ensures unbiased scoring, focusing on the content rather than the accent of the speaker.
  • Nearly all Australian educational institutions and immigration authorities recognize PTE.
  • PTE results are also delivered quicker than IELTS.
  • As it is computer-based, PTE offers a more convenient testing format.
  • The test is simpler, as the duration of the test is only 2 hours and is done in a single sitting.
  • Trusted by various countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK for migration purposes alongside other English proficiency exams.
  • Furthermore, PTE provides more available test dates compared to IELTS.

A Comparison of Different English Tests:

There are three most preferable English language exams available:

  • PTE Academic
  • IELTS Academic
  • TOEFL® iBT
Differences PTE Academic IELTS Academic TOEFL® iBT
Structure Speaking and writing: 54–67 minutes Speaking: 11–14  minutes Speaking: 17 minutes
Reading: 29–30 minutes Academic Reading: 60 minutes Reading: 54 – 72 minutes
Listening: 30–43 minutes Listening: 30 minutes Listening: 41-57 minutes
Academic Writing: 60 minutes Writing: 50 minutes
Completion time 2 hours 2 hours, 45 minutes 3 hours
Grades 10 – 90 0 – 9 0 – 120
Minimum University Grades 55 – 60 6.0 or 6.5 70 – 80 
Test Validity  2 years 2 years 2 years
Category British or American British or American British or American
Recognized countries 70+ nations: 

Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland

140 nations: 

UK, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa

160 nations:  

US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Germany


PTE Score Requirement: 

PTE Academic score ranges from 10-90 based on the Global Scale of English, allowing you to precisely assess your level of English proficiency.


Score Needed for
10 – 29 Academic coursework
30 – 42 Foundation Year courses

43 – 58

Undergraduate level study

59 – 75

To participate in academic education

76 – 84

Australian Skilled Migration Visas

85 – 90

Academic and work activities at all levels


There are 20 question types on each PTE Academic test. Each university selects its own scoring system. 


  • Score between 36–50 needed for the Foundation course
  • Score between 51–60 needed for Undergraduate degrees.
  • Score between 57–67 needed for the Postgraduate degrees.

You will receive the score result from the PTE organization within two to five business days.

PTE Score for Australia Work Visa

Most Australians speaks English. Those who apply for an Australian Work Visa and are not from an English-speaking nation must demonstrate their English language proficiency. Australia’s government accepts PTE Academic for all types of visas. Here is the breakdown of the score points. 


PTE Skills Score required PR points scored
Vocational English 36 Not eligible
Functional English 30 Not eligible
Proficient English 65-79 10 points
Superior English 79 20 points
Competent English 50-65 Eligible for PR, but do not get points

The necessity of PTE Australia

Australia PR Visa

PTE is necessary for immigrants, international job seekers, and students who desire to move to English-speaking nations, particularly Australia. Many universities accept PTE for education, including more than 3000 international educational institutions. For visa applications, it is also accepted by the governments of Australia, the UK, and New Zealand.

Generally, the English Proficiency Test should be taken by immigrants who are migrating to Australia or other countries. The PTE score for Australia PR (permanent resident) needs a minimum of 189 to 190 points. 

Australia PR calculator

PTE Requirement for Australia PR:

The PTE Academic test measures your proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and listening. PTE scores are accepted globally for immigration, education, and employment. There is no need to wait because the computer test, available at any testing center, lasts two hours. The examination date and the final minute availability are announced regularly. 

For an Australian PR visa, the Australian government accepts PTE academics with proof of English language proficiency. The Australian Department of Home Affairs standardizes a minimum score for the test component of listening, reading, writing, and speaking for five different proficiency levels. 

Test component English language proficiency level & score
Functional Vocational Competent Proficient  Superior 
Listening 30 36 50 65 79
Reading 30 36 50 65 79
Writing 30 36 50 65 79
Speaking 30 36 50 65 79


PTE Validity:

The applicants frequently examine the reliability of their PTE results. They ought to be aware that their PTE results are valid for two years following the test date. The expired PTE results will be automatically deleted from the test taker’s account once two years have passed. If they want to prove their English competence after that point, they must retake the PTE test for Australia.

PTE preparation tips:

Plan your target wisely: The best thing you can do for yourself is to begin without fear. Identify your level of English proficiency and the score needed for PTE. 

Be aware of the test formats: It is essential to know the structure of the examination and the categories of questions to be asked for better performance.

Practice makes perfect: Take a lot of practice sessions to improve your test efficiency and get over last-minute anxiety. Never forget to practice all four categories. 

Utilize quality resources: A good book is essential to getting the desired score. The official PTE website offers both paid and unpaid candidates qualified resources.

Know the rules: Understand the complete set of rules before the examination. In tests, even minor punctuation matters. Learn them earlier to avoid last-minute chaos. 

Plan for the scores: Be cautious of the scoring divisions beforehand to attain the desired scores. Learn about the scoring system and the type of task. 

Bonus tips:  

  1. Practice with the sample test papers.
  2. Build your grammar and vocabulary to get high scores.
  3. Write your responses in 35 to 45 words.
  4. Summarise your paragraphs while writing. 
  5. English movies or series can help you a lot with improving your listening skills. 
  6. Hear English songs and analyze the lyrics for better listening. 
  7. Speak to yourself or to your friends for practice. You can also listen to a recording of yourself speaking English for one minute to check for faults.
  8. Try different tongue twisters.
  9. Read like a native speaker. 
  10. Practice reading your favorite books with a good accent and tone.

How to register for the PTE Exam?

Registering for the PTE examination is made easy by following the below five simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the official PTE website.

Step 2: Create your PTE Academic Account with the required details, such as name, address, contact information, and other relevant details.

Step 3: Locate your nearest exam center.

Step 4: Confirm your exam booking and pay the registration fees.

Step 5: Take the registered exam on the registered date.


We hope that from this blog, you know all the details about the PTE exam for Australia. We at Green Tree Immigrants, who have been professionals in this industry for decades, will obtain your Australia PR visa if you are moving there. We are also available to assist you with your PTE Examination.

Our online eligibility checker allows you to ascertain your eligibility for Australia PR. Make all your migrating dreams come true by scheduling a complimentary call for additional assistance.

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