Top 10 myths about express entry program

Express Entry is one of the fastest ways of immigrating to Canada, rather there have been several myths about immigration in recent times by the immigration candidates here in our blog we listed 10 myths about the Express entry program.

Myths and Facts about Express Entry Programs

myths about Canada immigration

Job offer:

Myth: Valid job offer is required for the Canada Express Entry Immigration program.

But the real fact is that job is not required for the express entry profile, If you have a valid job offer it only increases your CRS points.

Anyone can enter:

Myth: Anyone can enter the Express Entry pool 

But the real fact if you are eligible for Canadian immigration via the federal economic immigration program only you can enter the program. 

There are a lot of misconceptions such as anyone can enter via this program it is not true regardless of age, experience, language ability, adaptability factors they also should qualify under any one of the Immigration programs such as

  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • The Canadian Experience Class

Find out of you are eligible under the immigration program from our Immigration experts. 

False pieces of information:

Myth: You can provide any false information for immigrating to Canada for the Express Entry program. 

But the real fact is not like that, no matter your interest in immigrating to Canada providing any false information in the Express Entry profile will be imprisoned to severe punishment. You will be imposed up to 2-5 years if you are caught. 

Express entry updates

Myth: Once you created your Express Entry profile you cannot able to change your profile. Even your points are improved. 

But the real fact is not like that as a candidate you can update your profile as much as times. For example, if you improve your language ability you can update your profile or if you are selected in any of the province’s programs you can update your profile. It helps in improving your CRS score. 

Language Ability 

Myth: You don’t need to pass any language ability test in fact without language ability you can enter the pool.

But the real fact is not like that you must pass the language ability test either English or French. Your language proficiency must meet the standards set for the Federal immigration program. 

Express Entry is the only way

Myth: Express Entry is the only way you can immigrate under the economic immigration program. 

But the real fact is not that the Express Entry program is not the only way to immigrate. You can choose several provincial programs for the economic immigration program.

For example province like Quebec has its own set of province regulations and rules and does not rely on an Express entry program. 

You have plenty of time

Myth: You have plenty of time when you apply for Express Entry Profile to submit as a whooping time of 60 days.

But in real fact, you have only I have an only considerable amount of time and you have to collect documents such as educational credentials, references, ECA verification, personal documents. You have only some limited time only to collect all the documents. 

Federal skilled occupation applies:

Myth: Federal skilled eligible occupation still applies

But in real fact, it will not be applicable as on January 1 there has no eligible occupation list. There has a myth that potential candidates under FSWP still exist; it is not in real-time. Candidates must simply demonstrate at least a year of Work experience in the last ten years. 

Canadian job is classified into skill type and lists all the jobs under the National Occupational Code program. You can check your NOC code from the Canada immigration portal or from our immigration experts

Medical Checkups

Myth: You can check your Medical Checkups from your known source.

But in reality, it is not like that any Medical Checkups when you apply for immigration you should only check from the approved Canadian hospitals and resources. You cannot able to check from your known resources.

Express Entry Process makes easy:

Myth: Express Entry makes the whole immigration process so easy way. 

But in real fact, it is not like the Canadian government is choosing qualified skilled professionals only to enter the country. You can have passed several tests and improved your CRS score. CRS is the only way you can improve your immigration points in the Express Entry. 

There are several misconceptions while immigrating to Canada via Express Entry you can have a detailed list of progress do and don’t while immigration. If you are interested in Canadian immigration you can get detailed information’s from our Canada Immigration consultants. Consult with our immigration experts to make your dream come true. 

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