Temporary resident to Permanent resident a new pathway to Canada PR

What is TR to PR pathway Canada?

The government of Canada offers a new pathway for immigrants. The goal is to provide opportunities for immigration to international students and temporary foreign employees through the TR to PR Pathway Canada, which is a limited-time program. It applies to specific temporary residents who are presently employed in Canada. The application process may only be open for a specified amount of time.

To be eligible for this program, 

  • The employee should have work experience in health or health-related services or 
  • The person should graduate post-secondary from an institution in Canada.

Various pathways to apply for TR:

There are six streams in this temporary resident to the permanent resident pathway. 

  • 3 for candidates who speak both English and French.
  • 3 are designated for French speakers only.

Who can apply for the TR to PR pathway in Canada?

TR to PR pathway

The six pathways are for: 

  1. Health Care Workers in Canada
  2. Essential, non-healthcare Workers in Canada
  3. Canadian Institution Recent International Graduates
  4. Health Care French-Speaking Workers in Canada
  5. Essential, non-healthcare French Speaking Workers in Canada
  6. Canadian Institution French-Speaking Recent International Graduates

If you don’t match the criteria for one of the six streams, don’t apply since your application will be rejected and your processing fees won’t be refunded.

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  • Appear in person to submit the fingerprints and photographs of the applicant and family members. 
  • Need a Biometric Instruction Letter(BIL). Once the biometric information is submitted, the process will begin.
  • Provide a copy of the latest immigration document like a work visa or study permit, to confirm your residency status in Canada.
  • Submit your current Canadian work permit to confirm that you are now working in Canada.  
  • Provide proof of a proper language proficiency test. 

Supporting documentation for the specific streams:

  • Canada Workers must include a copy of their work visa, work experience, and recommendation letters.
  • Canada Workers should provide T4 tax document copies, employment contracts, and payment slips.
  • International graduates must provide proof of their graduation certification from an accredited institution.
  • Submit the translation document if it is not in English or French. 

Steps involved in the TR to PR Pathway:

Here is the answer to the question of how to apply for TR to PR pathway Canada? Follow these steps to fly to Canada as an immigrant. 

  1. Collect the Documents
  2. Fill out the Application
  3. Pay & Apply 
  4. Get Ready to Fly

Collect the documents:

You need to submit certain documents for specific streams. You will receive a document checklist when you register for the application portal. The checklist shows the supporting documents you must upload to apply using this TR to PR pathway Canada method. To make the process faster, all the essential paperwork should be acquired in advance.

Fill out the application:

The application form needs to be submitted with genuine information. The data you submit for your application might need to be verified. False or deceptive information on the application form is prohibited and must be avoided at all costs. Report “Not Applicable” or “NA” if a section doesn’t pertain. Except for the not mandatory fields, all questions in the application form must be answered.

Canada PR calcualtor

Pay and Apply:

When submitting your application, you must include a payment for the privilege of permanent residence. In certain circumstances, you will receive a refund if your application is rejected or you withdraw it. Biometric fees will also be paid. You must have a working email account and a credit card or debit card to pay your application fees. 

Get Ready to Fly:

An IRCC officer will carefully examine your application. You will receive an acknowledgment receipt, which will be sent via email. Furthermore, you can get the latest updates from the Canadian government regarding your application and the process instantly. Your application might be rejected if any required documents are missing. 

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