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Canada immigration has taken a soar and people are moving to Canada as permanent residents. A higher number of immigrants are from India.

Connect with the best Canada PR visa consultants in Hyderabad who are recognized as one of the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad, GreenTree Immigration Hyderabad.

Get your eligibility checked for free with our Canada visa consultants Hyderabad with a one-on-one consultation.

GreenTree Immigration, Top Canada PR visa consultants in Hyderabad

With a legacy of providing the best Canada immigration services in a number of cities across India, GreenTree has always held Hyderabad near and dear in establishing itself as the finest provider of PR consultancy services in the city.

Bringing to life the dreams of several aspirants who want to work and settle in Canada, we at GreenTree provide the most potent guidance on both immigration and student visas that are in most demand in recent times.

Moreover, our branches in places like Hyderabad and other metros have made us one of the top Canada immigration consultants in India and Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad with a stellar reputation and success rate par excellence among the different visa agents in the country.

Canada Visa Services Offered at GreenTree Immigration, Hyderabad

Our expertise in the field of Canada visa consulting dates back to several years for a plethora of immigration pathways. Each profile is studied with utmost precision and a detailed analysis is made before offering a holistic picture of where you stand in the Canada immigration process. All credits to our visa consultants in Hyderabad for making this possible with 100% customer satisfaction in regards to the services offered at their finest.

Permanent Resident Visa

Obtaining a permanent residency lets you work and live in Canada for an unlimited period of time. People who immigrate to Canada on a PR visa can also study and invest in the country and also bring their family to settle in Canada.

PNP Visa

Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most popular pathways to immigrate to a specific province or territory in Canada. Skilled workers and investors who want to contribute to the economy of a specific region in Canada can apply for permanent residency through this program.

Dependent PR visa

The family of a PR holder in Canada can make a move to the country via the dependent visa. Your spouse and children can be brought to Canada to study, work, and settle if you hold Canadian permanent residency.

Visitor visa

Tourists who want to visit Canada for a temporary stay can apply for a visitor visa. Supporting documents and funds needed for the stay should be produced in order to obtain a Canadian visitor visa which is usually valid for a period of 6 months.

Study Visa (Under SDS & Non SDS)

SDS: The Student Direct Stream lets students come to Canada for study and is a fast-track pathway usually processed in 20 days.

Non SDS: It is a conventional method of acquiring a student visa.Students who are not eligible for applying through SDS can apply.Can apply under Non SDS

Open Work Permit

A document that lets you work for any employer in Canada is called the open work permit. It is not specific to any particular occupation; however, you have to return back to your home country at the end of the stay period mentioned in the visa.


All PR holders must carry their PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document) on travel to Canada. It is a document of proof that should be showcased on boarding a flight to Canada. It denotes that you have obtained permanent residency and that the card is valid. It is mandated for all PR holders to carry one for entering Canada from a foreign country.

Post Graduate Work Permit

Via PGWP, students graduated from accredited Canadian universities and other learning institutions can work in the country with an open work permit that is not job-specific. This permit lets students gain Canadian work experience which will pave the way for permanent residency.

Quebec Immigration

Unlike other visa programs, Quebec is a province with its own rules and regulations to obtain permanent residency. There are different pathways for skilled workers, self-employed professionals, refugees, investors, and other permanent immigration pilot programs to settle in Quebec.

Quebec Study Visa

International students who want to pursue further education in the province of Quebec need a Quebec study permit. To obtain this, the students must submit a letter of acceptance from an authorized educational institution and a Quebec acceptance certificate (QAC). This is a mandate to get a student permit for foreign students to study in Quebec.

Self-Employed Program

You can also immigrate to Canada permanently as a self-employed person through this program. One must possess cultural or athletic excellence and should be able to meet the relevant eligibility criteria and should have an experience of at least 2 years of being self-employed.

Business Immigration

To move to Canada as a business immigrant, one has to run a qualifying business in Canada and should meet a number of other requirements in regard to the investment made. An agreement between the applicant and an angel investor/ venture capitalist to set up a qualifying business in Canada should be produced.

We are known to provide the best services for Canada immigration in Hyderabad, along with top-notch Canada work and job assistance. Our job assistance provided by our process executives is excellent, and we are the number one Canada work visa consultancy in Hyderabad.

Different Pathways for Canadian Immigration from Hyderabad Under Express Entry

The most popular and successful program that fastracks your Canadian immigration process is the Express Entry. It is a 67 points-based express program that is fully online and is currently the fastest route to obtain a Canadian PR visa.

The different pathways under Express Entry are as follows:

Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSW)

The Federal Skilled Worker Program lets eligible skilled workers with experience in the occupation listed in TEER to immigrate to Canada with permanent residency.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Via the Canadian Experience Class pathway, foreign workers who have had at least 2 years relevant work experience in the last 3 years can migrate to Canada with a PR..

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Provincial Nominee Program accepts skilled workers who can contribute to the economy and growth of a particular state or province. On receiving a nomination from a Canadian state, aspirants can go ahead and apply for a PR visa.


On being qualified in a skilled trade, aspirants can apply for permanent residency in Canada. The corresponding occupation should be classified as a skilled trade and the applicant should possess at least 2 years of work experience in the last 5 years to obtain PR via this pathway.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The QSWP allows international graduates and skilled works to immigrate to Quebec province of Canada.

Self Employed

To move and settle in Canada as a self-employed person, an applicant should exhibit proficiency in cultural and athletic pursuits that will add value to Canada in the respective landscapes. You must hold a minimum of 2 years experience and be ready minded to settle in the country as a self-employed person.

Get Your Canadian Visa Eligibility Check Done in Hyderabad

While we have mentioned the different pathways under Express Entry, there are certainly other routes like Family sponsored visa, and Graduate work permits to work and live in Canada.

With that being said, it is very vital to know that no two profiles are the same and we at GreenTree Immigration don’t believe in an one-solution-fits-all formula.

This is the very reason why our Canada visa consultants insist on getting your eligibility check done. As a first step in the process,Our Canada PR calculator Tool. comes handy for a self-assessment followed by detailed guidance from our Canada visa experts at GreenTree.


The minimum age to apply is 18 years. Get maximum points, if you are between 18 and 35.


Higher secondary is minimum. You may need higher education depending on NOC code

Work Experience

Minimum of 1-year work experience. But to score higher points, more experience may be required

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in English or French is must. Also, provide the approved language test result, i.e. IELTS


Earn adaptability points for past education, work experience, relative, etc. in Canada.

Arranged Employment

You get valuable points for having arranged a job offer from Canada.

You have to score at least 67 points in the selection criteria score if you are applying through Express Entry.

You need to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively in English or French.

You should not be younger than 18 years of age.

You are required to get a police clearance certificate & a medical clearance certificate.

You will need to show proof that you have sufficient funds.

You should hold a minimum Bachelor’s degree if you are applying for a Canada PR visa

How to Kickstart Your Canada Immigration Process from Hyderabad?

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how you can proceed with the Canadian immigration journey with our comprehensive guidance in every step of the way.

On booking an appointment with GreenTree, IRCC Certified visa consultants in Hyderabad, will take up your profile, analyze it thoroughly, and provide feedback on proceeding further.

For migration under the Federal Skilled Worker Program in Express Entry, a minimum of 67 points to be scored in the 100-point grid.

Secondly, we’ll lead the way on getting an ECA report for all your educational qualifications by coordinating with WES (World Educational Services).

Personalized inputs would be provided for you clearing IELTS in flying colors with the required band.

On obtaining an invite, our experts at GreenTree, Hyderabad, help you in submitting an EOI (Expression of Interest).

Furthermore, medical and police clearance certificates ought to be submitted.

Lastly, depending on the pathway chosen, and the application submitted, your visa would be granted by the IRCC.

Key Benefits of Immigrating to Canada

Canada is a place of all things opportunities. The country warmly welcomes hundreds of thousands of immigrants from nations across the world and is greatly known for its inclusivity of multi-diverse cultures.

Besides these, Canada is a popular economy to migrate to for its:

Incredible quality of living

Free healthcare for permanent residents

World-class education and training

Plethora of job opportunities

Highly safe environment to work and settle

Welcoming people and their inclusiveness

Mouth-relishing food from cuisines around the world

Mesmeric landscapes and stunning natural sceneries

Cheery lifestyle

Lowest crime rates

Blissful climate

Indians Immigrating to Canada at a Never-Before Rate

With a vastly skilled population, India is one of the top countries that receive Canadian PR visas in great numbers. Possessing potential talent and a skillset that is of global standards, Indians are welcomed on a historic rate where more than 30% of the total Canadian permanent residency recipients are Indians. Moreover, the processes are fast and the probabilities are high, making professional skilled workers in Hyderabad and other places in India opt for Canada as the dream country for immigration. Hence, as a first step in the process, talk to our Canada Immigration consultants in Hyderabad right away to know your visa eligibility.

How GreenTree Eases the Canadian Visa Process from Hyderabad?

Individualized Profile Study: We adapt personalization in every step of our visa consultancy services by analyzing each profile with a great eye for detail.

Professional Consultation:At our branch in Hyderabad, you will get top-notch guidance from the most expertised Canada visa consultants who will make your visa process an absolute breeze.

Thorough Eligibility Review: Right from age and education to work experience, every eligibility parameter is studied in detail to suggest the best way possible to reach your dream destination.

Documentation Assistance: Not just Canada, but PR processes in general involve a lot of documentation and we being the best Canada consultancy in Hyderabad make sure you don’t miss out on any documents that are important to your visa journey.

IELTS Enlightenment: To demonstrate your English language proficiency, we offer all the information such as the required score and practical tips required to ace IELTS.

Job Market Insights: Over the years, our expertise in the Canadian job market has only amplified. Get complete insights on jobs in demand in the country.

Reach GreenTree Immigrantion, Hyderabad, for all your Canadian visa related queries and end-to-end guidance on the entire flow of processes that follows in making your Canadian dreams come true with permanent residency.

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