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The process of Immigration to Canada is sophisticated and may seem to be Highly complex. But the illusion is solved right here; it is trouble-free when GreenTree Immigration at Kochi, the only IRCC Registered Immigration consultant, deals with your application process.

Being the best Canada PR Agency in Kochi our main objective is to meet your needs and eliminate any concerns by taking responsibility for producing the finest outcomes possible. Our client's satisfaction is our number one priority.

Being the best Canada visa consultant in Kochi, we have assessed profiles to provide the best solutions.

Best IRCC-Registered Canada Immigration Consultants In Kochi

GreenTree Immigration Kochi is licensed with the College of Citizenship Consultant (CICC) to provide excellent immigration services and is known to be the best Canada immigration consultants in Cochin

The registration of an immigration consultancy under IRCC is crucial for maintaining their integrity, professionalism, and credibility while also ensuring the safety and well-being of their clients. It is a win-win situation that benefits both the consultant and the clien.

Our ICCRC representatives review the applicant's profile eligibility upfront to minimize complications later in the process and ensure a positive visa result. This has earned us a place in the Top 10 Immigration Consultants in Kochi, Kerala.

GreenTree Immigration has been known as the icon for Immigration assistance and it’s professionals. We are here to give you solutions to your unique situation and help you complete the process. The immigration application you submit with us is safe with the best immigration consultancy in the industry.

Types of Visa Services and Assistance rendered by GreenTree Immigration, Kochi

GreenTree Immigration specializes in providing different types of visas tailored for each client. We analyze the profile of the client and provide a personalized type of visa.Below are the types of visas and the services handled by us.

Different Pathways and Draw Types to Get Canada PR from Kochi, Kerala:

Federal Skilled Worker Program This program attracts skilled professionals around the world to live, settle, and work in Canada under a PR. This program requires to satisfy Age, Education & Experience eligibility criteria. Through this program, you can stay in any part of the country except Quebec.

Provincial Nominee Program:Not every application can qualify to apply under PNP. Every province in Canada shows up with a different set of eligibility criteria according to the province's demand. Through this program, you are bound to stay in a designated province for 2 years.

STEM Category: A designated stream for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Professionals. Once you’ve met the required eligibility criteria your profile will be live in Express Entry & IRCC will conduct a STEM category draw based on the demand and provide successful ITA’s to selected applicants.

Healthcare Category: A designated stream for all Professionals related to health care. Once you meet the required eligibility criteria your profile will be live in Express Entry & IRCC will conduct a STEM category draw based on the demand and provide successful ITA’s to selected applicants.

Canadian Experience Class: Possessing previous Experience inside Canada under a valid work permit allows you to qualify under the CEC class however this stream requires the same eligibility criteria as others

Self-Employed Program: This stream requires experience in cultural and athletic activities. This program is specifically designed to attract cultural and athletic communities to make a significant contribution to Canada by living and working under a PR.

Express Entry Program: Express Entry is the mother of all immigration streams. Basically Express Entry Canada manages all streams of immigration applications. Higher your profile score faster the process and you can migrate to Canada after getting a successful ITA’s.

Why choose GreenTree Immigration in Kochi over ordinary Immigration consultancies:

Free Consultation: Get your immigration queries answered in a timely manner by our immigration experts. Our experts address your immigration queries in an understandable and detailed way. .

GreenTree Immigration is CICC/IRCC Registered

Get an evaluation report like no other consultancies in Kochi can educate you.

Free one-on-one consultation

Experience Professional and premium consulting services

Get highly Qualified Experts to handle your application

Experience High success rate with rare chances of rejection

Transparency & Zero hidden costs

Cost-effective IRCC Consultant

Every application is analyzed thoroughly before submission

Native language (Malayalam) speaking Documentation & Immigration Consultants

Connect your consultant in a few steps no IVR implementation

Get Swift and proactive immigration updates

Free Online Canada CRS calculator & 67 Eligibility points calculator tool

As a reputed B2C immigration company, GreenTree Immigration is regarded as the foremost overseas career consultant in India and potentially the biggest worldwide.

No of Applicants Processing Fee and Other Charges Overall Cost
1 Primary Applicant Fees Check the cost
2 Primary + Secondary Applicant Fees Check the cost
3 Primary + Secondary Applicant Fees + 1 kid Fees Check the cost

Immigration / PR Services offered at GreenTree Immigration Kochi

As the best Canada immigration agency in Kochi, we offer the below-mentioned PR and Immigration services:

Profile Evaluation: The deal breaker stage, At GreenTree we meticulously evaluate every aspect of your profile as per the IRCC Guidelines and standards and educate the clients on their profile strength & possibilities of getting a successful Canadian PR. Our professional team will provide genuine and transparent insights through a detailed evaluation report.

Documentation: In GreenTree, you can expect the case officers to be highly knowledgeable and proactive. There is no margin for error which may lead to rejection or 5 5-year ban from IRCC owing to which all our case officers are directly trained by RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). You can experience 3-dimensional solution-oriented documentation. Aligned to which you can experience an error-free and swift process.

IELTS / PTE Training: Though the internet is filled with mixed IELTS/PTE reviews, we understand the importance and impact of language proficiency. Migrating to Canada becomes easier with a good IELTS/PTE score. However, for low scores, we cater with multiple direct PNP streams which demand less requirement. We at GreenTree Immigration cater with IELTS/PTE one-on-one session training for your benefit.

Transparent and legit process: GreenTree is known for its premium and high-quality Immigration and visa services at the right time. You get to experience a legit and transparent progress throughout the process. There are 2 different types of consultants: GreenTree Immigration and others you get to feel the difference during the initial consultation.

Solution-oriented approach: The immigration process needs smart minds that can adapt to the complex and practical difficulties that we may face. We train our consultants for a solution-oriented mindset that can draw you favorable results

Canada PR score & Eligibility Criteria to migrate to Canada

We have the industry's best Canada immigration consultants in Kochi who help you calculate the Canada PR eligibility for free with our real-time PR calculator. Our Canada visa consultants in Kochi will explain how the Canada PR points are allotted and other important criteria.


The minimum age to apply is 18 years old. Get maximum points if you are between 18 and 35.


Higher secondary school + diploma is the minimum. You may need higher education, depending on the NOC code.

Work Experience

Minimum of 1-year work experience. But to score higher points, more experience may be required.

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in English or French is a must. Must take any approved English or French Test to prove your language skills.

Adaptability Factors

Earn adaptability points for past education, work experience, spouse factors, or blood relatives in Canada.

Arranged Employment

You get points for having arranged a job offer from Canada.

Are you looking to book a Free Consultation with the Best Canada Immigration and visa consultant in Kochi?

Check out GreenTree Immigration, the best Canada migration agency in Kochi for free consultation with our Canada visa consultants.


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