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Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru, is a southern urban city in India and the capital of Karnataka. The capital has 80% of Kanada, Tamil, and Telugu-speaking individuals. Bangalore is recognized as the "ECity" (Electronic City) of India and is also known as the "Silicon Valley of India". These names are given to the city because it is the central and major city that has globally established IT companies and IT hubs such as Wipro, Infosys, HCL, and many more. It's also known for having the best recreation and entertainment centres with a variety of popular cuisines. The famous locality in Bangalore is Koramangala, which is a blend of residential and commercial areas. Koramangala has the best places to visit, and youngsters love to hang out here.

Are you a Bangalore resident aiming out for New Zealand immigration and expecting to visit the best New Zealand consultancy? Connect with GreenTree Immigration’s Bangalore branch in Koramangala, the first-class New Zealand visa consultant in Bangalore to fasten your immigration needs.

Which is the Best New Zealand Immigration Consultant in Bangalore, India?

GreenTree Immigration is undeniably one of the best New Zealand immigration consultants in Bangalore, providing a range of immigration services. Our Bangalore Branch New Zealand team had profound knowledge and years of expertise in providing services for New Zealand. We take all the essential steps and minor details into account for every client to process any visa. GreenTree immigration is also one of the leading New Zealand study visa consultants in Bangalore providing study visas and student-dependent visas to students aspiring to study abroad.

What drives Indians to want to go to New Zealand?

New Zealand has a wide range of study and employment opportunities. Indians with very many years of experience in employment have a chance for skilled immigration to New Zealand. The climate and environment are a lot better than in many other countries. The place is not overpopulated and is calm and serene. The country offers the highest pay rates. You can study at some of the world’s top universities, such as University of Auckland, University of Otago, and many others. The work life and family life are balanced.

What are the various immigration routes that GreenTree Immigration, Bangalore offers to New Zealand?

Our GreenTree Immigration Bangalore branch is providing excellent services for New Zealand immigration, covering Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visas and student visas.

The services covered by the GreenTree Bangalore branch for New Zealand immigration are as follows:

  1. Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visa/PR Dependent visa
  2. Visitor visa
  3. Student Dependent visa
  4. Study visa

What are my eligibility requirements for New Zealand Immigration?

Living and employment rates are unmatched when compared to India. Hence, New Zealand has some extreme requirements for immigrants to move and reside there. The process might be tedious, but never mind; contact GreenTree Immigration, Bangalore branch, to make it an easy process.

To obtain New Zealand immigration, you must be able to obtain 100 points out of a maximum of 330 on the grid.The following point grid is provided here for you to calculate your chances of immigrating to New Zealand.


A minimum age of 18–39 years is required to obtain the maximum points.

Educational Qualifications

A minimum level of 5 (Diploma) is required. Higher points are awarded for higher degrees such as Bachelors, Masters, PhD, and Post-Doctorate, respectively.

Work Experience

To obtain points, you must have at least two years of work experience. You get additional points for additional work experience.

Language Proficiency

English skills are mandatory to immigrate to New Zealand. IELTS with a minimum band score of 6. 5 is required, and other English tests accepted by New Zealand can also be taken.

Spouse Factor

The educational qualifications of your spouse/partner can help you earn additional points up to 20. To acquire this opportunity, your spouse must have an IELTS score of 6.5.

Additional Points

You can obtain supplementary points if you are linked to New Zealand through work or study.

Skilled Migrant Category visa (SMC) Approval Process:

You should take the IELTS exam and obtain a minimum score of 6.5 as it's required to qualify for your English language eligibility.

You have to score 100 points in order to qualify for an SMC visa/PR pool.

Once you have obtained 100 points, you are eligible to submit an "Expression Of Interest" (EOI) to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Currently, NZ is inviting people with 160 points and above under the EOI.

You will be invited to apply for residency. You should submit the residency documents back to the New Zealand government.

Your candidature will be subject to application profiling by the New Zealand government.

You must wait until the application profiling to acquire your nomination from the New Zealand government.

You will receive your nomination from the New Zealand government once your application qualifies.

You will be asked to submit a few documents for verification purposes by the New Zealand government.

You will have to submit your fingerprints and face ID (biometrics).

Once all the processes and submissions are completed and approved, you will receive your SMC visa approval.

Are you looking to calculate your eligibility for New Zealand Immigration? You can calculate your New Zealand PR points from our New Zealand PR calculator - New Zealand Immigration PR Points Calculator.

How can I start my New Zealand immigration process at GreenTree Immigration?

You can visit our GreenTree Immigration Bangalore branch and have a free and detailed consultation with our immigration expert regarding New Zealand immigration. Our Bangalore-based New Zealand immigration team has years of expertise in managing immigration-related approaches, and they'll apprise you of the primary steps you must bear in mind to successfully immigrate to New Zealand.

Our New Zealand Immigration Expert will explain in detail the points you earn for each requirement.

Our process team and consultants assist you by explaining the entire application profiling process.

Our clients will be informed of the application process's timeline.

GreenTree Immigration has exclusive offers and low-cost dual-profiling.

Our immigration expert can assist you in calculating your PR eligibility.

Our team will help you with the essential documentation.

GreenTree Immigration's Bangalore Branch also provides IELTS assistance to score up your PR eligibility points.

We will refund your money if your profile is turned down. However, we will go to any length to ensure the success of your application.

What are the significant advantages of moving to New Zealand?

There are copious reasons to immigrate to New Zealand. The major and considerable merits of immigration to New Zealand are listed below:

New Zealand is not overpopulated.

There are numerous opportunities to work and earn New Zealand dollars.

Best universities like the University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington, and many more Exceptional educational quality

Affordable living expenses, Live with your family. Your partner can take up employment and work full-time anywhere in New Zealand.

Citizens are affable.

The island country has a serene environment and marvellous buildings.

Exclusive and excellent healthcare services

GreenTree Immigration, Bangalore Branch - Excellent recommendations & guidance for NZ SMC visa and other visas?

The GreenTree Immigration Bangalore Branch, situated in Koramangala amidst the IT sector, is known for its unmatched immigration services for New Zealand. We deliver the most reliable immigration services to every client that steps onto our premises. We are recognised as the best immigration consultancy in Bangalore for our diligent and punctilious services for New Zealand immigration.

Our immigration experts and processing team are industry experts who will provide you with superior counselling and registration assistance.

GreenTree Immigration, Bangalore Branch, has provided a number of services for New Zealand immigration and types of visas. Some of the services offered by the Bangalore branch of GreenTree Immigration are permanent residency (PR)/skilled migrant category (SMC) visas, student visas, student dependent visas, visitor visas, and dependent visas. GreenTree Immigration is also known as the best New Zealand PR consultant in Bangalore. You can contact our immigration experts in our Bangalore branch and clear all your queries regarding the process and registration for a New Zealand immigration visa. The contact details of our Bangalore branch are provided here.

Contact and visit our GreenTree Immigration Bangalore Branch, the best New Zealand Visa Consultants in Bangalore for assured New Zealand Immigration services.

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