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Honored as the Green City 2022, Hyderabad is a beautiful mix of breathtaking natural scapes, exceptional art, historic marvels, growing tech, and amazing people at large. Also, how can one miss out on the mouth-watering food and delicacies while discussing Hyderabad?

At GreenTree, we are more than delighted to extend our Australian visa and immigration services to this vibrant city of impeccable skill, culture, and whatnot. It is our expert team of consultants who take every effort to continually offer the best Australian visa services, making us one of the most sought after visa consultants in Hyderabad.

Housing the most skilled and intellectual masses, hundreds of thousands of highly skilled professionals make it to top positions in a number of foreign countries including Australia. And, GreenTree makes the entire migration process a breeze, providing top-notch Australian immigration services in Hyderabad, a city and clients who remain dearest.

Australian Immigration Services Offered at GreenTree, Hyderabad

Australia is a dream for many. While the process might look tiring, it needn’t be with GreenTree by your side. Being one among the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad to live and settle in Australia, GreenTree guides you seamlessly throughout the entire visa process, right from basic eligibility check to the final grant in every step of the way in helping you achieve permanent residency in Australia.

The best highlight about consulting with GreenTree, Hyderabad, is that we have well-streamlined the entire process & reflect deep expertise in the different pathways that offer temporary and permanent residency in Australia, essentially subclass 189, 190, and 491.

The Australian demand for skilled immigrants is amplifying each passing day, which is great news for aspirants whose dream is to live, work, and settle in several parts of the country. With more and more invites being equally sent to offshore applicants, the odds of obtaining an Australian PR has multi-folded and we at GreenTree back hundreds of skilled migrants in achieving their dream visa.


SUBCLASS 189 IS also defined as a skilled independent visa this stream is for applicants looking to settle and live in Australia Permanently.


Sub class is 190 also called as the skilled nominated visa is also for applicants aspiring to settle in Australia permanently.

The skilled Work regional (provisional) Visa (Sub class 491), Sub class 491 is a Provisional visa for workers whose intent is to live and work in Regional Australia.

Allows a certain set of eligible fresh International candidates to enter Australia and work for a tenure of 18 months.

Sub class 485 (Temporary graduate visa)

A Temporary visa that allows International students to stayback in Australia after pursuing education in Australia

Sub class 500

A student visa allows you to enter Australia for study purpose and pursue education.


Sub class 309 visa allows you to enter and reside in Australia temporarilly untill sub class 100 is processed


A permanent resident visa which allows the partner of Australia PR holders or Citizen to enter Australia and stay permanently.


Sub class Allows the child of australia PR holder or citizen to enter australia and live along with their parents


A short term visitor visa which allows you to enter australia to see family or friends or for medical treatment purposes.

Sub class 155 & 157

Sub class 155 & 157 visa allows former australia citizen or PR holder to enter australia and to retain their PR status

We are known to provide the best services for Australia immigration in Hyderabad, along with top-notch Australia work and job assistance. Our job assistance provided by our process executives is excellent, and we are the number one Australia work visa consultancy in Hyderabad.

About GreenTree’s Australia Consultancy in Hyderabad

Our team of experts in Hyderabad are easy to talk to, mention your visa needs, and proceed with all processes concerning your visa, starting from Australian skill assessment, EOI submission, receiving invite, and visa grant, making us not only the finest Australian PR consultants in Hyderabad but also a go-to hub for every other visa need and pathway.

Australian Visa Services Offered at GreenTree, Hyderabad

Exclusive Profile Evaluation: Generic conclusions are never drawn. Each profile is taken utmost care of and personalized suggestions and recommendations based on eligibility are offered keeping visa pathways and regulations in mind.

One-to-One Counseling: A personal consultant who will take care of your Australian immigration processes end-to-end with proper counseling and guidance in every step of the way.

Rapid Eligibility Check: At GreenTree, Hyderabad, we make a precise eligibility check for the respective visa you wish to apply for, be it moving to Australia as a student, dependent, or with permanent residency.

Error-Free Documentation: Beina renowned name for Australian visa, and one among the top immigration consultants in Hyderabad, we ensure each and every documentation for your permanent residency is done in precise detail, completely error free.

Transparent Processing: There are no hidden facts when it comes to your visa processing. Every happening in your immigration journey is transparent and brought to your knowledge as and when occurred.

Automated Tools: To make things more swift for our clients, we’ve automated several processes with handy tools including that of the Australian visa eligibility calculator to ease self-evaluation in its entirety.

IELTS/ PTE Guidance: With years of expertise in Australian immigration, GreenTree stays as the most trusted immigration agents in Hyderabad with proper inputs to ace your English language tests, be it IELTS or PTE.

Job Seeking Inputs: Our expert consultants at Hyderabad are highly savvy about the job market in Australia and will thus offer clear advice and guidance on job hunting in relevance to your occupation and skills.

Check your Eligibility conditions for Australia Immigration PR Visa

Australia PR Visa can be attained in 3 streams. Hence choosing the right stream which fits your profile is highly essential. Choosing an ineligible stream may impose a 5 years ban. Reach GreenTree best consultancy in Hyderabad for Australia immigration to choose the perfect fit.Anyhow, If you assume your profile to fall under Subclass 189 you must secure 65 points in the points grid


Age secures a maximum of 30 points variable in-accordance to the respective ages. Be under 33 to secure maximum points.


Education Sector carries a maximum of 20 Points. Bachelor’s and Master’s earn points accordingly

Work Experience

Experience provides a maximum of 15 points. To attain maximum Points one must possess 8 years of work experience. ANZSCO code plays a major role with this

Language Proficiency

IELTS and PTE certification can help an individual to secure a maximum of 20 points under language proficiency section


Having a certification from Credential community language can escalate an individual to attain 5 additional points.

Proof of funds

You will need to show proof that you have sufficient funds.

Medical Exams and Police Certificates

You are required to get a Police clearance certificate & Medical clearance certificate.

Additional points

Additional points can be attained by an individual. Possessing an Australian study credential or having an professional experience from Australia.

Steps to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia from Hyderabad,India

Our experts at GreenTree, Hyderabad, take the fullest care of your end-to-end Australian visa process, including proper documentation and follow ups.

To begin with, your eligibility for Australian PR will be checked from our end, your occupation and if actually falls under the Skilled Occupation List. You can also use our Australian Eligibility PR calculator to self-evaluate your score.

Once you have your eligibility checked, a Skill Assessment is applied for as the next move. On receiving a positive outcome for your study and work experience from the corresponding assessing authority, we proceed with submitting the EOI for you.

But before that, a minimum of 65 points is required to apply for Australian permanent residency and hence, we calculate your points and check ways to improve your score.

Also, IELTS or PTE should be attempted by you, and based on your language proficiency, points would be added to the overall PR score.

Now, comes the stage where we submit your EOI (Expression of Interest). The higher the score, higher are the odds of receiving an invite based on the pathway chosen, subclass 189 or 190.

After receiving the invitation, we’ll submit your visa application with all the proper documents required, after which depending on the processing of your profile, your PR visa would be granted.

Why Choose GreenTree Hyderabad for Australian Immigration Needs?

Mountainous Success Rate: We value your dreams, time, and money; hence, every effort is taken for you to receive a positive outcome, making us achieve a high success rate with Australian immigration.

Top-Notch Infrastructure: GreenTree Hyderabad is fully equipped with resources, tools, and technologies that will deliver impeccable results to satiate the Australian dreams of our clients whom we partner with for visa processing.

Fully Trained & Expert Visa Agents: Our Australian immigration consultants, not just in Hyderabad, but every branch across the country, are highly experienced in the visa pathways and corresponding processes to help aspirants in achieving their dream outcome.

Professional Doubt Clarifications: With several years of expertise in the field, GreenTree has emerged to be the most-reliant Australia visa consultancy in Hyderabad and we offer free counseling and answers for any query of yours.

Great Responsiveness: We are known for our quick and rapid responses for any calls, texts, or mails that we receive. Every query of yours will be resolved with the lowest turn-around-times.

Get in touch with our Australia immigration consultantsin Hyderabad for smooth sailing visa processing, consulting, and documentation to obtain your permanent residency at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Which is the best Australia Immigration consultant in Hyderabad to handle Rejected visas?

Ans : GreenTree Immigration is the best Canada Immigration consultant to handle rejected visa applications. we offer the best and perfect solution to rejected visa applications and relaunch your application for the best positive outcome. We have a dedicated and experienced team to look after your

  1. Study visa Rejections (Sub class 500)
  2. Visitor visa Rejections (Sub class 600)
  3. Skilled Independent Visa (Sub class 189 )
  4. Skilled Nominated Visa (Sub Class 190 )
  5. Skilled Sponsorship Visa (Sub class 490)
How much does an Australian visa cost?

Roughly, the Australian PR visa for the primary applicant costs over AUD $4200 and over AUD $2000 for the dependent and this figure is subject to change.

How can I get an Australian visa from Hyderabad?

On contacting our immigration consultants, an eligibility check is done and if your occupation is listed under Australian Skilled Occupation List and you satisfy the other requirements for PR, the appropriate processing will be begun with. .

What is the quickest Australian visa?

While Subclass 189 and 190 are the two pathways for Australian permanent residency, Subclass 491 offers a five year visa. However, there are other visa types as well if it is only a temporary stay you are looking forward to.

Under what pathway do Indians get Australian visas?

It essentially relies on whether you want to go as a student, work, or permanently stay in Australia. And, Depending on the requirement, we offer the best guidance to get your visa grant effortlessly.

Which consultancy is best for Australia PR in Hyderabad?

While there are a number of great consultancies you can connect with, GreenTree Immigration remains a crowd favorite and highly popular for its personalized Australia PR visa services in Hyderabad.

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