Ireland Student Visa

Ireland is the most popular destination for Indian students who want to study overseas because Ireland has a high-quality education system, top universities, and also low educational costs compared to other countries. If you’re planning to study in Ireland for more than 3 months then you need to apply for an Ireland student visa.

Ireland has two types student visa

Ireland C study visa – students who are going to study in Ireland for less than 3 months are needed to apply for a C Study visa.

Ireland D study visa If you’re going to study in Ireland for more than 3months, then you should apply for a D study visa.

You should provide two sets of photocopies containing the following documents

  • Your current valid passport and full copy of old passport.
  • A signed letter of application including your full contact details.
  • Letter of acceptance from the Ireland universities.
  • Evidence fees have been paid to the college.
  • Evidence accounting for any gaps in your educational history.
  • Proof of fund.
  • Payment receipt of visa fee.
  • IELTS score sheet.
  • SOP
  • Mcc & Pcc
  • An agreement stating that the candidate intends to return to their home country upon finishing their course in Ireland. All supporting documents must be original documents and in English, or accompanied by a notarized translation. The supporting documents that you submit are important because they provide information about your personal circumstances.

Visa fee

  1. Single entry €60
  2. Multi entry €100
  3. Transit €25

Students can apply for a visa online by visiting the AVATS online application Facility. You can apply for an Ireland study visa up to 3months before your date of travel to Ireland.

When you have completed the online application form, you must follow the instruction on the summary application form that is created by the online system. The summary form will contain information on where you are to submit your supporting documentation.

You need to take a printout of the summary form, sign and date must be submitted with your supporting documentation.

And you may also be required to provide your Biometrics Information as part of the application process.

Applications are processed in date order. Processing time can vary between countries.

However, you can generally expect a decision within 8weeks from the date on which your application is lodged at the visa office.

The documents below are important because they provide information about your personal circumstances in the country from which you are applying.

The onus is on you to satisfy the Visa Officer that a visa should be granted for the purpose sought.

The submission of any or all of these documents does not guarantee that your application will be successful.

If you submit a document that is not in English/Irish, it must be accompanied by a full translation. Each translated document must contain

  1. Confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document
  2. The date of the translation.
  3. The translator’s full name and signature; and
  4. The translator’s contact details.

All letters submitted by a business, company or other organization should be on official headed paper and give full contact details so that they can be verified. These must include a full postal address, name of contact, position in the organization, telephone number (landline), website, and email address (email addresses such as Yahoo or Hotmail are not accepted).

The Visa Officer considers each application on its merits and may request additional information or documentation.

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