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What is an Ireland Study Visa? What are the different types of Ireland study visas?

Before arriving in Ireland, nationals of a few countries who desire to complete a programme of study are obligated to register for a visa application. Most Indian students opt to study in Ireland due to its scholarship and funding programs. However, you must first apply for a student visa to avail the option to get educated in Ireland. The course you want to opt for at the university in Ireland and your age will determine the sort of visa you require.

There are two different categories of study visas, and the criteria for applying for each are described as follows:

D Study Visa (Long Stay Visa)

If you want to visit Ireland for more than three months, either for work or school or to live permanently with Irish family or relatives, you should apply for a long-stay "D" visa.

You should apply for and acquire an Irish residence permit (IRP) if you are given a long-stay "D" visa and want to stay in the country for more than three months.

C Study Visa (Short Stay Visa)

You should submit an application for a short-stay "C" visa if you want to visit Ireland for a period of time shorter than three months. If you wish to enrol in a short course, travel to Ireland, do business, or visit someone in Ireland, you must apply for this category of visa..

On a short-stay "C" visa, you are only permitted to stay for three months. You should depart Ireland and submit an application for a new visa if you wish to come back to Ireland again.

Why should you choose to study in Ireland? What are the benefits of an Ireland study visa?

Ireland has world-class and prestigious universities and institutions to start off with your studies or higher studies in the humanities, technology, and sciences. You may get off to a solid start in your career by enrolling in one of the Irish universities or institutions. You may also choose Ireland as your country of study due to its amiable residents, verdant surroundings, and proud history and tradition. Ireland receives excellent grades for its academic achievement, which includes the transfer of knowledge between institutions and foreign businesses and education that satisfies the demands of a prosperous and successful economy. Furthermore, it's a tremendous amount of fun and a wonderful experience.

Additionally, further on is a series or listicle of the whys and wherefores you must pursue your education in Ireland.

What are the intakes in Ireland for a study visa?

Ireland’s colleges and universities have two major intakes. An intake is also referred to as a semester at some Irish universities.

Autumn intake/Semester 1:

It begins at the beginning of September and lasts until December.

Spring Intake/Semester 2:

It lasts from late January to late May.

What is the step-by-step procedure to apply for an Ireland student visa in 2023?

The step-by-step procedure for applying for a student visa is given here. Kindly look for all the requirements and details needed to submit your long-term study visa (long-stay “D” visa).

One can use the official website of the Irish government to submit a student visa application online or offline to the Irish embassies or consulates. The application must be submitted 3 months prior to your travel date to Ireland.

In Ireland, visa and immigration services are generally handled by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS).

  1. Initially, finish the online application procedure. After that, the official web service will generate an online application form.
  2. Read the guidelines on the candidate application form. Details concerning how to submit your relevant documents are provided in the application form.
  3. The application form must be printed, signed, and submitted with your supporting documentation.
  4. Biometric data must be provided during the application procedure.

What are the documents required to apply for an Ireland student visa in 2023?

The documents required to apply for an Ireland student visa are listed below.

Note: The original documents must be in English or be supported by a notarized translation.

  1. Submit your completed application form & application fee
  2. These should be accompanied by the relevant papers listed below.
  3. The application letter must contain all the contact details, along with your full name and postal address.
  4. The application letter must contain details such as the reason for coming to Ireland and the dates of arrival and departure from the country
  5. A complete copy of all prior passports as well as your current passport. The current passport must be active for at least 12 months after application
  6. Two recent, coloured passport-size photos
  7. A letter of acceptance from the college is required
  8. Any gaps since your previous full-time educational term must be disclosed
  9. You are required to display your English language test results
  10. You must submit to the college's Irish bank a copy of an Electronic Transfer of Funds (ETF) document
  11. Any prior visa denials
  12. You must show that you are capable of pursuing your chosen course by submitting your educational certificates in the field of study
  13. You need to provide evidence that you have the funds to continue your tenure in Ireland
  14. You must have private medical insurance coverage or your college must be providing it, which should be mentioned in the acceptance letter
  15. Applicants for long-term study visas must present a financial overview

What are the language requirements to apply for an Ireland study visa?

Applicants must present documentation proving their English language skills in order to get a student visa for Ireland. To demonstrate your ability to communicate and interact, you often need to pass a certified English proficiency test.

Your English language proficiency certificate must have been granted no more than two years prior to the anticipated start date of the programme.

Current basic English language requirements

To be eligible to apply for an Ireland study visa, candidates must have an IELTS band score of at least 5.0.

What is the total cost to study in Ireland? What is the processing time for an Ireland study visa for Indian students?

Do not apply for study visa extension at the verge of expiration. It is necessary for us to apply for Canada study visa extension at-least 30 days in prior. applying for a study visa extension must have a clear purpose. This is mandatory and only applicable for students wishing to continue their studies in Canada after the completion of first course. By doing this you can restore your migration status as a temporary Resident in Canada and continue studying in Canada. Anyhow you need a new study permit for the new course you have chosen.

Ireland has been permitting an increasing number of overseas students to study there in recent years. Ireland has far lower tuition fees than the majority of nations. There are also proposals for free higher education in Ireland. The Irish government also began financing programmes and providing many scholarships.

Looking for annual programme fees at Ireland universities? Here is a rough list of tuition fees for the educational programmes.

S.no Study program Average fees/year
1 Undergraduate programs €9,850 to €25,500
2 Postgraduate programs (Master's degree) €9,500 to €34,500
3 Doctoral degree €9,500 to €34,500

It is preferable to submit an application for one of the many scholarships available to Indian students if you wish to reduce your tuition fees.

The processing time for an Ireland study visa for Indian students is 4–8 weeks from the date of submission of their application to the Embassy. Students applying for a study visa in Ireland must apply three months prior.

If you have to submit or miss any document during your application submission, your application process may take a bit longer, so it's essential that you provide all the necessary documents and details the first time you apply.

What are the application processing fees for a study visa in Ireland?:

The following are common non-refundable visa application processing fees:

How to apply for an Ireland study visa extension?

Students must submit their final exam grades and fulfill the attendance criteria each time they request a renewal of their permit. Students must enroll in a higher education programme that is registered on the ILEP if they want to continue studying after that period.

Renewals of student visas in Dublin

You may update your student permit online if you reside in Dublin. Thus, a scheduled appointment is not required for walk-in visits to the immigration office. You will receive a postal delivery of your Irish Residence Permit (IRP).

How long can I stay in Ireland if I apply for a study visa? What happens after I graduate from Ireland University?

  • The Third Level Graduate Scheme enables non-EU and EEA graduates from Irish universities to live and work in Ireland for approximately 24 months (2 years) after graduation.
  • The Third Level Graduate Scheme of the Irish Government grants a one-year stay-back visa for graduates of Irish universities of higher education who may remain in Ireland and search for employment. For postgraduate degree students, the time is increased to two years. Student employment makes them qualified to request a work permit or green card.

Top Institutions for Indian Students in Ireland in 2023

Ireland has the best and most prestigious universities in the world. Indian students come to Ireland to attend universities and schools that are highly regarded worldwide. The best thing is that the majority of the programmes are available in English and that they provide affordable education. The top institutions are listed below:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • University College Dublin
  • University of Galway
  • University College Cork
  • University of Limerick
  • TU Dublin
  • Dublin Business School
  • Maynooth University, County Kildare
  • Irish American University/ American College Dublin

What are the living expenses in Ireland?

Ireland's average cost of living is not low, but it is also not as high as that of other European nations like Sweden or the UK. Expatriates moving to Ireland shouldn't anticipate making significant financial savings or living in luxury on a tight budget. One of the many factors to consider when attending university in Ireland is the cost of living.

Expense/Tariff Average range of cost/month
On-Campus Accommodation €600 - €680
Private rental (house share) €500 – 600 (excluding utility bills)
Private Complex €600 - €1,000
Ireland's transportation system

In Ireland public transportation and private transportation such as local taxis, regional trains, buses, and DART are accessible. The average monthly transportation expense is about €140 in Ireland. Getting a student travel card is advised if you're a student.

Particulars Expense/Charges
Bus Ticket – Monthly Pass € 65.00
Bus Ticket – Single Ride € 2.10
Private Complex €600 - €1,000
Ireland's Food Cost and Groceries

Ireland is less expensive than you may anticipate. Monthly charges for groceries and food can range from €250 to €350.

Ireland's Utility Bill Costs

The monthly average utility bill costs are mentioned below:

Utility Cost per month
Food/Rent/Electricity €165 - €250
Mobile phone/Internet €80
Gas €805
Entertainment €75

Why should you choose to study in Ireland? What are the benefits of an Ireland study visa?

If you have been denied a D study visa, you will receive a letter explaining the reason why as well as your right to make an appeal. You have two months from the day you get the denial to file an appeal. Make sure to include the relevant supporting documentation along with a clear explanation for your appeal.

You can instead register and submit a fresh visa application as a substitute.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Does an Ireland student visa need IELTS?

IELTS band scores of 6.5 are typically required for admission to the majority of Irish institutions and universities. The Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service demands IELTS band scores of 5 for an Irish study visa.

Does studying in Ireland need health insurance?

When applying for a study visa, non-EU students must present evidence of either having complete medical insurance or that the university covers it.

How many intakes are there per year for Ireland University admission?

There are two intakes for university admissions in Ireland: autumn and spring.

Is it challenging to obtain an Ireland student visa?

Ireland is a desirable location for overseas students to attend university since it has a low percentage of student visa rejections.

Can I get my eligibility check done for free?

Our automated calculators are easily available on our site through which you can do an eligibility check done all by yourself and the results would be sent to your inbox.

Can I obtain a permanent residency in Ireland after graduating?

Foreign students who seek to get residence permits in Ireland after completing their studies must find employment there and remain there for a minimum of five years. They can subsequently submit an application for permanent residence in Ireland.

How much funds are required for an Irish student visa?

The funds are required as proof that you have €7,000 available to support yourself during the first few days of your stay, along with your tuition fees.

Without taking the IELTS exam, am I still allowed to study in Ireland?

Yes, as many colleges are willing to accept applicants with other examinations. Indian students could now apply and advance their degrees in Ireland without taking the IELTS.

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