Canada Visitor visa

Canada Visitor Visa

Canada is renowned for being the nation that welcomes immigrants the best! Canada is a lovely destination to visit. One can visit Canada because it has the most breathtaking places to visit and see family and friends. Not to mention the numerous natural wonders, ranging from famous ancient monuments to diverse and varied cultures.

While the majority of immigrants are successful in obtaining a visitor visa for Canada, many applications are turned down because of incomplete paperwork and inaccurate or inadequate supporting evidence. Read on to learn everything you need to know about obtaining a visitor visa for Canada and how GreenTree Immigration can help you get your visitor visa for Canada as soon as possible!

What is a visitor visa? What is the purpose of a visitor visa?

Foreigners can travel and enter Canada using a visitor visa, commonly known as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). The passport will be stamped with a visitor visa or TRV. It demonstrates that you are eligible to enter Canada. Most visitors to Canada require a visitor's visa. If you're traveling through a Canadian airport in transit before arriving at your ultimate location, you could additionally require one. Whether you are traveling to Canada as a student, a temporary worker, or just to visit, you must apply for a visitor visa if you come from a nation that does not require them. A visitor visa application is available online.

What are the different types of Visitor Visas in Canada?

There are two different types of visitor visas in Canada

(i) Single Entry Visa

You are only permitted to enter Canada once with a single entry visa.

You are qualified for a single-entry visa under the following conditions:

  1. There are established and accepted national policies or regulations.
  2. You are participating in an exceptional one-time event in Canad
  3. A foreign national's official visit (you are eligible for a fee exemption and admission to Canada) a
(ii) Multiple Entry Visa

A multiple entry visa is good for as many trips into Canada for a period of six months as you'd like. It will remain valid or in use for up to ten years or until one month before the expiration of your passport. Prior to the expiration date on your visa, you must arrive in Canada.

Which type of visitor visa should you choose?

Selection of the type of visa is not required. All applicants seeking visitor visas are automatically screened for multiple entry visas. Based on your circumstances, the visitor visa provider will examine your application and issue you the visitor visa.

What are the primary documents and requirements for obtaining a Visitor Visa?

Depending on your purpose for visiting Canada, you may need to submit supporting documentation with your visitor visa application.

The purpose of the visit can either be:

The other basic requirements include: a) For business purposes b) For tourist purposes c) For compassionate reasons d) A family visit

  1. Have the sufficient funds for your stay
  2. Have no convictions for crimes or immigration-related offenses
  3. A foreign national's official visit (you are eligible for a fee exemption and admission to Canada)
  4. Possess a valid travel ID, such as a passport
  5. Persuade an immigration official that you'll be leaving Canada when your stay is over
  6. Convince or persuade an immigration official that you have attachments to your native country, such as residence, financial resources, a job or family

What is the cost & processing time for a Canada Visitor Visa?

While applying for Canadian Visitor Visa, you have a processing fee of CAD $100. After the fees have been paid, the duration of processing varies accordingly from the date of application submission.

Application Processing fee in $ CAD
Processing Fees for Single/Multiple Entry visitor visa (per person) $1050
Dependent child CAD $100
Processing Fees for a visitor visa (per family) i.e. (single fee for a family of 5 or more) CAD $500
Biometrics Fees CAD $85
Restoring visitor status CAD $200
Extending visitor visa status (per person) CAD $100
Duration for the processing of visitor visa Varies accordingly

Processing Time for Canada visitor visa

Application Processing Days
If the application made outside Canada 29 days
If the application made inside Canada i) Online Application - 17 days ii) Paperwork - 35 days
Supervisa (Parents/Grandparents) 15 days

What are the various steps involved in applying for a Canada Visitor Visa?

The following steps must be taken in order to obtain a visitor visa for Canada:

  1. Have the necessary documents to obtain a visitor visa
  2. One can apply online for a visitor visa by creating an account, uploading the required documents, and paying the processing fees
  3. Provide the biometrics (photo and fingerprints)
  4. Processing of the application submitted
  5. Once the application is processed, the passport has to be provided
  6. Get ready to travel to and land in Canada

Can I apply for a visitor visa for my parents or grandparents?

Eligible parents and grandparents can visit family in Canada for a longer period of time than they can on a visitor visa by applying for the parent and grandparent super visa.

In order to be qualified for a super visa, check the below criteria:

  1. Be a grandparent or parent of a permanent resident or Canadian citizen
  2. Hold documentation of private health insurance from a Canadian insurance provider
  3. Own a letter that has been signed by your grandchild or child inviting you to Canada

Can I apply for a visitor visa and look for jobs in Canada?

The public policy that enables some visitors to Canada to apply for a work visa is being increased by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Irrespective of when they entered Canada, qualified foreign nationals with legal Temporary Residence Visa (visitors) can apply and look for jobs in Canada for an employer-specific work visa. This can be applied under the public policy that came into force on August 24, 2020, by the IRCC. Some of the individuals were also permitted to work while their work permit application was being processed.

What is a visitor record?

A visitor record is a type of identification document given to foreign people with visa requirements or visa exemptions (such as study or work permit) who are trying to enter or are already in Canada. You can extend your stay in Canada by using a visitor record, which maintains your temporary visitor status. It doesn't ensure you'll be able to leave Canada and then come back using the visitor record. You will have a validity and a processing time for this visitor record. You must apply for a visitor record 30 days prior to the expiration of your visitor visa. The visitor visa is granted either by the IRCC or CBSA. The visitor visa is valid for less or more than six months which shall vary from person to person. You must inform the border officer the term you would like to stay in Canada. According to which the border services officers will stamp the date you must depart the country on your passport.

You can apply for a visitor record either by online or paperwork. The processing time of the visitor record is 200 days. There is also a processing or additional fee charged for the visitor record of CAD $100 per person.

When should you apply for a visitor record?

You can apply for the visitor record, under the following cases:

  1. While in Canada, you make a choice to extend your stay
  2. Extension due to medical treatment in the country
  3. You know you would like to remain longer than six months when you first reach the port or gate of entry

How can GreenTree Immigration assist you in obtaining your visitor visa?

GreenTree Immigration is a renowned and best-rated CICC registered consultant that provides premium services when it comes to immigration assistance. GreenTree Immigration provides diligent and transparent services and provides solution-oriented services to clients with the right and correct choices. The consultants will assist you in easily obtaining your visitor's visa. GreenTree Immigration helps you with the filing and application processes for your visitor visa to Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How long can one stay after obtaining the visitor visa?

Ans : Most travelers visiting Canada are permitted to stay for up to six months. The customs or border services officer at the point of entry may let you reside for less than or more than six months.

How long is the visitor visa valid?

Ans : From the day of entry, you are permitted to stay for six months. However, the visitor visa duration may be 10 years.

Who issues the visitor visa for Canada?

Ans : The management department of immigration and refugee issues is under the authority of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

What is a visitor record?

Ans : A border services officer may grant you a visitor record to lengthen or shorten your stay in Canada. Visitors need to let the border services officer know if they intend to remain in Canada for more than six months.

Does GreenTree Immigration Provide visitor visa for Canada?

Yes, GreenTree Immigration provides visitor visas. The consultants assist and provide premium service in obtaining your visitor visa for Canada in a timely manner.

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