Britist Columbia Immigration

British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province located between the pacific ocean and the rocky mountains its the third most populous province in canada. Capital of British Columbia is victoria.

Streams in British Columbia:

  1. Skilled Workers.
  2. Healthcare Professionals.
  3. International Graduates
  4. International Post-Graduates.
  5. Entry-level and semi skilled worker stream.
BC PNP eligibility

Eligibility criteria for BCPNP streams

Skilled Worker Stream

In this skilled worker stream if we want to apply faster for Permanent resident. the employee should hold a valid job offer from british columbia with relavent experience from the past experience. BC PNP for the workers who falls under Professional, Management, Technical,Trade or the other skilled occupation.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Valid job offer from BC (With NOC Level-O,A,B)
  2. Should have 2years of related work experience
  3. You have to prove that you can support yourself as well ur dependent.
  4. Minimum Language requirments for NOC Skill level B
  5. Legal Immigration status to work in canada

HealthCare Professional Stream

British columbia needs more health care like physicians, Specialists,Nurses and Allied health professionals.

Eligibility Criteria:

International Graduates Stream

In this stream in BC the candidate with a valid qualification from an eligible canadian university or college from the past three years.

Eligibility Criteria:

International post Graduate Stream

In this stream in BC the Candidate should have a graduate degree in the science from an eligible B.c Institution and this stream does not required job offer in B.C The candidate should have a master's or Doctorate (Ph.D) degree in Natural applied or health sciences like Agricultre,Biological and bio medical sciences , computer and information science , engineering technology...etc.,

Eligibility Criteria

Entry-level and semi skilled worker stream

In this stream in BC is for the worker who are in tourism or hospitality, Long haul Trucking or Food processing occupation.The canditate must have valid job offer to apply in this stream.

Eligibility Criteria

Reasons to choose british columbia

Eligibility points

Eligibility points for british columbia is 85 for skilled workers for both provincial and express entry streams International graduate streams required points is 95 pts. semi skilled candidate required points is 68 pts.

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Human Capital Factors
Experience Points
5+ years 15 points
4 to 5 years 12 points
3 to 4 years 9 points
2 to 3 years 6 points
1 to 2 years 3 points
Less than 1 year 1 point
Level of Education Points
Doctrate or Master degree 17 points
Post graduate certificate or Diploma or Bachelor degree Trades Certification 11 points
Associate degree 4 points
High School 0 point
Score Points
CLB 10+ 30 points
CLB 9 26 points
CLB 8 22 points
CLB 7 18 points
CLB 6 14 points
Levels Points
Noc Skill level 0 & A 25 points
Noc Skill Level B 10 points
Noc Skill Level C 5 points
Noc Skill Level D 5 points
Occupation in 00 Noc 15 points
Salary Points
$100,000 and Above 50 points
$97,500 to $99,999 38 points
$95,000 to $97,499 37 points
$92,500 to $94,999 36 points

British Columbia Supports for Immigration in GLOBAL SKILLS STRATEGY

British columbia also supports for immigration in terms of Global skills strategy this Global skills strategy helps for the immigrants who is with specialized knowledge to british columbia for temporary period to work in order to develop their business

Last Tech Draw In British Columbia

last draw for british columbia is on june 1 2021, for skilled worker-SI (Skill Immigration),EEBC (Express Entry-BC) minimum score-80 International Graduate-SI(Skill Immigration), EEBC (Express Entry-BC) Minimum Score-80

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