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Parents & Grand Parents visa:

IRCC has introduced a pathway to bring your own parents and Grand-parents to Canada under a PR Visa through sponsorship. This dedicated pathway requires the sponsor to be eligible to invite their Parents & grand-parents. Apparently, Parents & grand-parents visa is unalike from Super visa. However, both streams has got its unique features. The most Interesting fact is you cannot sponsor your in-law (spouse parents). Only the Primary PR holder’s parents can be sponsored under this visa.

Eligibility to apply for Parents & Grand Parents visa from India::

  • The Sponsor must be 18 years of age
  • The Sponsor must be inside Canada
  • The Sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or a PR holder
  • The Sponsor must have sufficient funds to support who is being sponsored.
  • Employment in Canada
  • The Sponsor must hold an invitation to apply from IRCC
  • The sponsor must sign a sponsorship agreement which includes undertaking for 20 years from date of PR issued. The sponsorship agreement in other terms called as Undertaking period.
  • The Sponsor must have filed taxes for at-least 3 years.

I live in Canada (outside Quebec) how to sponsor my parents & Grand-parents:

  • You must be a PR holder or Canadian Citizen.
  • You must meet the income requirements
  • You must sign an Undertaking for next 20 years
  • You must have paid taxes for the previous 3 years from the application time.
  • You must hold an Invitation from IRCC
  • You must furnish your proof of income as a evidence that you have sufficient funds

I live in Quebec, how to sponsor my parents & grand Parents:

  • The sponsor must meet Quebec Immigration sponsor’s requirements after IRCC approves you as a sponsor. The Quebec ministry shall assess your Income level.
  • If IRCC approves you as a sponsor. IRCC will send you the information on further Process.
  • The Sponsor must sign an undertaking with Quebec province

Reasons why you cannot sponsor your Parents or Grand-Parents under Parents & grand-parents Visa:

Who can you sponsor under a Parents & grand-parents Visa:

Eligibility Criteria for the person who is being sponsored:

The people whom the sponsor is sponsoring must also be eligible
  1. Requires to submit all application forms aligning with this application
  2. Requires to submit MCC
  3. Requires to submit PCC
  4. Requires to submit Biometrics

How to Get ITA from IRCC for Parents & Grand Parents visa:

You are obliged to submit an Interest to sponsor form. The IRCC will invite 23,100 Sponsors for the year 2022 those who applied back in the yar 2020.

if you have submitted your Interest to sponsor during 2020. IRCC would have sent you an confirmation number which has a late purpose. You can use the confirmation number to check whether you have been invited to apply for the 2022 process.

Invitations to apply will be sent via E-mail Access the Email you used back in 2020 during the interest to sponsor form submission Glance your Junk Mail or spam folder once.

How can I submit Interest to sponsor form now:

I have Received Invitation to apply for Parents & Grand Parents visa what’s next?

The sponsor must apply to become a eligible sponsor

Your Parents and Grand Parents Must apply for Permanent residence

The Sponsorship and PR application must be submitted together online.

Step 1: Get an Invitation to apply

Step 2: Apply online

Step 3: Pay your application Fees

Step 4: Submit your online application

Step 5: Send us additional information During process

Step 6: Get update about your submitted application via online

Step 7: After meeting the eligibility requirements IRCC will E-mail

Step 8: Link your application with the online account

Step 9: Update IRCC in-case of any recent changes in your application

Step 10: Wait for IRCC to process both the application

Step 11: Upon approving you as a sponsor IRCC requests for Parents passport

Step 12: C-OPR will be issued

Parents & Grand Parents visa processing time from India: )

The current processing time is 37 months.

This processing time is inclusive of biometrics submission

Parents & Grand Parents visa Cost from India:

For person who is being sponsored:

IRCC fee (Visa Fee): 1085 CAD$/ Applicant

Biometrics Fee: 85 CAD$

MCC: 8000 INR

For person who is the sponsor:

Sponsorship application fee: 75 CAD$

Parents & Grand Parents visa Validity:

Same as the validity for a person who is holding a PR. (5 years)

How GreenTree Immigration can help you with Parents & Grand-parents visa:

We have a panel of experienced Immigration consultants and highly qualified Process consultants with more than 5+ Years of experience in the immigration industry. Parents & Grand-parents sponsorship visa has attained a high level of success for us. We can reach your nearest GreenTree Immigration branch and explain your case to our immigration consultants for expertise guidance and precised solution.

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