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Chennai, the glorious metropolitician city is located on the Coromandel Coast is well-known for its South Indian arts, cuisine, and traditional Kanchipuram pattu. Chennai is the capital of the legendary state, Tamilnadu which is known to stand tall for its traditional & cultural values and most importantly its ethnic group. Chennai is also recognized for its high-spirited ambience and lively atmosphere. Chennai is the contemporary name given to Madrasapattinam.

Are you a Chennai local looking for New Zealand immigration and don’t know where to begin or which is the best consultancy to visit? Crush your worries away! Connect with GreenTree Immigration’s Chennai Branch, the first-class New Zealand visa consultant in Chennai.

Which is the Best New Zealand Immigration Consultant in Chennai, India?

Unquestionably, GreenTree Immigration is one of the leading New Zealand immigration consultants in Chennai and is known for its solution-oriented services in immigration. GreenTree Immigration has a creditable name when it comes to immigration services. GreenTree Immigration is one of the top-rated New Zealand immigration offices in Chennai. GreenTree Immigration holds its position among the top 10 immigration consultants in India. In the past few years, we have had an enormous number of success stories providing immigration services to New Zealand.

We have the best-in-class immigration consultants and handle the most scrupulous services and processes for every client. All revisions to the immigration policies made by the government of New Zealand are studied and updated by our Chennai immigration consultants to provide crystal-clear clarity to the client who is looking to immigrate to New Zealand. Immigration to New Zealand isn’t arduous anymore with GreenTree Immigration! GreenTree Immigration, Chennai, can help professionals obtain their SMC/PR visas smoothly and swiftly. GreenTree Immigration takes steps to easily and readily process your immigration needs.

Why are Indians considering to immigrate to New Zealand?

New Zealand is a stupendous island country that has bountiful opportunities for experienced Indian individuals engaged in employment in fields such as Information Technology (IT) field, Engineers, Sales & Accounts Representatives and many more. You can now enter under skilled immigration to New Zealand on a SMC visa. Therefore, many experienced Indians in these fields of employments are looking forward to move to New Zealand.

What are the different types of Immigration pathways to New Zealand provided by GreenTree Immigration, Chennai?

Our GreenTree Immigration Chennai branch is providing various services with regard to New Zealand immigration, ranging from Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visas to student visas.

The services provided for New Zealand immigration by the GreenTree Chennai branch are:

  1. Skilled Migrant Category visa
  2. Silver Fern visa
  3. Dependent visa
  4. Visitor visa
  5. Student Dependent visa
  6. Study visa

New Zealand Visitor Visa Consultant in Chennai

For those seeking the finest and top-tier New Zealand Visitor Visa consultant in Chennai, look no further than GreenTree Immigration. Boasting more than ten years of unwavering expertise and assistance, we are a clear choice.

The services provided for New Zealand immigration by the GreenTree Chennai branch are:

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  3. new zealand visit visa cost
  4. new zealand visitor visa requirements

Basic Requirements of a New Zealand Visitor Visa

  1. A valid identity proof
  2. Proof of certification for good medical and character
  3. Must have genuine intentions for visiting New Zealand
  4. Must have proof of sponsorship or funds
  5. You must leave the country at the end of your visit
  6. Pay for health care costs and other medical assistance
  7. Travel or a holiday to New Zealand
  8. Attend a job interview in New Zealand
  9. Can come and study for up to 3 months
  10. Visit family and friends in New Zealand

Who can be added to the NZ Visitor Visa application?

In this New Zealand visitor visa application, you can also add your dependents—your partner and child(ren) under 19 years old.

Length of Stay

With this visa, you have two options for the length of stay:

  1. Stay for 6 months if you are going to visit New Zealand multiple times, or
  2. Stay for 9 months if you are going to visit New Zealand once.
Cost and Processing Time of a New Zealand Visitor Visa
  1. The New Zealand visit visa cost is NZD $211 - $246 (10,390 INR approx).
  2. The processing time for this visa is 35 days.

Apply for Visitor Visa NZ with GreenTree Immigration for hassle-free and reliable visa services. If you need further information about the visa, contact GreenTree Immigration. We have successfully processed a handful of NZ visitor visas and taken measures beyond and above to make this visa a successful outcome.

NZ Study Visa Consultant in Chennai


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GreenTree Immigration is the ideal choice for anyone in Chennai who desires exceptional and elite New Zealand Study Visa consultation services, with over a decade of steadfast experience and guidance.

Basic Requirements of a New Zealand Study Visa
  1. Evidence of your identity is required.
  2. It is necessary to obtain an admission offer from a recognized educational institution.
  3. Your sincere intention to fulfill the requirements of your visa must be evident.
  4. Evidence of certification is required to confirm a commendable standing in both health and character.
  5. Sufficient payment of tuition fees is required for all students unless otherwise exempted.
  6. It is mandatory to possess complete medical and travel insurance for the duration of your stay.
  7. Proof of financial stability to stay in New Zealand.
  8. Include details about both your course and holiday in your application.
  9. Must depart the country before the visa expiration.
  10. Work for 20 hours during your studies; work full-time during holidays.
  11. Attendance and progress in the academic course is essential.

Who can be added to the NZ Study Visa application?

The dependents (spouse and children) of the NZ student visa holder can accompany them by filling in the relevant visa forms.

Length of Stay

Individuals holding NZ student visas can stay up to the duration of the course.

Cost and Processing Time of a New Zealand Student Visa

The New Zealand study visa cost is NZD $430 (21,137 INR approx).

The processing time for this visa is 19 - 48 days.

Experience a seamless and dependable New Zealand study visa application process with GreenTree Immigration. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for any queries about the visa. We've already processed numerous NZ study visas with remarkable outcomes, and we consistently go the extra mile to ensure the success of each application.

NZ Partner Visa Consultant in Chennai


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When it comes to finding the most elite and exceptional New Zealand Partner or Dependent Visa consultant in Chennai, your search should conclude at GreenTree Immigration. With over a decade of resolute proficiency and support, we stand out as the obvious pick.

Basic Requirements of a New Zealand Dependent/Partner Visa
  1. The supporting partner must be either a New Zealand resident or a citizen.
  2. Should have met before the application.
  3. Proof of identity - active passport and passport-sized photographs.
  4. Proof of a stable relationship.
  5. Proof of income to support their dependent.
  6. Proof of shared expenses and responsibilities.
  7. Health and police clearance records.
  8. Be over the age of 18.
  9. Should not be close relatives.

Who can be added to the NZ Partner Visa application?

The dependent child can be added to the NZ Partner visa application under the New Zealand Dependent Child Visa.

Length of Stay

You can stay indefinitely with a partner resident visa NZ in New Zealand.

With this visa, you can study in New Zealand.

With the partner visa, you can work for any employer in New Zealand.

Cost and Processing Time of a New Zealand Visitor Visa

The New Zealand dependent visa cost is NZD $3610 (1,77,454 INR approx).

The processing time for this visa is 5 - 15 months.

Trust GreenTree Immigration to deliver a smooth and reliable New Zealand Spouse Visa application process. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the visa. Our proven track record includes numerous successful NZ partner visas, and we always go above and beyond to guarantee the success of each application.

What are my eligibility requirements for New Zealand Immigration?

The work-life balance and the way of life is incomparable. Hence, New Zealand has some top-quality requirements for immigrants to move and live there. The process might be tedious, but don’t concern yourself; contact GreenTree Immigration, Chennai branch to assist you and provide you with the right choice of visa.

The kiwi country has proposed a points Grid which overall has 330 points out of which one has to secure a minimum of 100 points. These points are consolidation of a applicants.

The following point grid is provided here for you to calculate your chances of immigrating to New Zealand.


A minimum age of 18–39 years is required to obtain the maximum points.

Educational Qualifications

A minimum level of 5 (Diploma) is required. Higher points are awarded for higher degrees such as Bachelors, Masters, PhD, and Post-Doctorate, respectively.

Work Experience

A Minimum of 2 years of experience is required, But to score more points additional years of experience is required

Language Proficiency

English skills are mandatory to immigrate to New Zealand. IELTS with a minimum band score of 6. 5 is required, and other English tests accepted by New Zealand can also be taken.

Spouse Factor

The educational qualifications of your spouse/partner can help you earn additional points up to 20. To acquire this opportunity, your spouse must have an IELTS score of 6.5.

Merit Points

You can obtain supplementary points if you are linked to New Zealand through work or study.

Are you looking to calculate your eligibility for New Zealand Immigration? You can calculate your New Zealand PR points from here - New Zealand Immigration PR Points Calculator .

Can I commence my New Zealand Immigration with GreenTree Immigration?

The point grid that lets you immigrate to NZ is explained in

The flow of the application process is demonstrated in detail to our client for perfect and easy knowledge about the process.

The duration of the candidature approval process and other processes are specified.

The processing cost of the application and other offers exclusively given by GreenTree Immigration are demonstrated.

The consultants do an eligibility check for final approval of the application process.

The team puts forward the essential paperwork for immigration to New Zealand.

We also provide IELTS assistance.

We remit the refund if the profile is turned down. Also, we make pretty sure that we only make up success rates.

GreenTree is an excellent guide for selecting a migration assessment authority for skills evaluation.

What are the considerable merits of Immigrating to New Zealand?

There are copious reasons to immigrate to the Kiwi country. The major and considerable merits of immigration to New Zealand are listed below:

The Kiwi country is not overpopulated.

There are numerous opportunities to work and earn New Zealand dollars.

Top universities and first-rate educational quality

Affordable living expenses

Settle down with your family, and your partner can work full-time anywhere in NZ

The island country has a serene environment and marvellous buildings

Kiwi country also has some of the best recreation and entertainment activities like water sports, skiing, and hiking

Exclusive and excellent healthcare services

Neighbours and citizens who are friendly and helpful

Obtain top-notch counselling and suggestions from GreenTree Recommendation

GreenTree Immigration, the most trustworthy and extraordinary immigration services provider has branched out in Chennai, India. We fathom our clients' needs in order to propose and provide them with the best service possible. Our immigration consultants and processing team are industry experts who will provide you with exceptional and excellent counselling and registration advice.

GreenTree Immigration, Chennai Branch has issued various types of visas with respect to New Zealand Immigration Services, like visitor visas, permanent residency (PR)/Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visas, Student visas, Dependent visas and Student dependent visas. GreenTree Immigration is also known to be the best PR consultancy in Chennai.

If you are thinking of giving it a shot, get in touch with GreenTree Immigration’s Chennai branch regarding your queries on New Zealand immigration. The contact details of our Chennai branch are provided below.

Book your appointment today and visit our GreenTree Immigration Chennai Branch, the best New Zealand Visa Consultants in Chennai for top-notch New Zealand Immigration services from our finest Immigration Consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Which consultancy is best for New Zealand Immigration services in Chennai?

Ans : GreenTree Immigration is one of the best and most renowned consultancies for New Zealand immigration in Chennai.

What services are provided by GreenTree Immigration, Chennai for New Zealand Immigration?

Ans : The various services provided by GreenTree Immigration for New Zealand Immigration are SMC Visa/PR, Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Dependent Visa, and Student Dependent Visa. We can assist you and provide quality and diligent services concerning any clarifications on New Zealand immigration.

Does GreenTree Immigration, Chennai provide job assistance for New Zealand?

Ans : Yes, GreenTree Immigration provides the most honest-to-goodness job assistance concerning your profile.

Which is the best consultancy in Chennai for an SMC visa/PR New Zealand?

Ans : GreenTree Immigration is one of the most authentic and first-class consultancies for SMC visa/PR New Zealand.

Can I calculate my New Zealand PR eligibility for free?

Yes, you can calculate your New Zealand Immigration eligibility free from our website and contact us for further assistance and understanding.

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