Canada Parents and Grandparents Super Visa

Canadian Super visa is issued to the Parents and Grand-Parents of Canadian citizens and PR holders. Irrespective of applying for a Visitor visa or tourist visa to meet your Child/Grand-child residing in Canada the prospects can opt for a Super visa.

Eligibility Requirements of Canadian Super Visa

  1. The prospect’s Child/Grand-Child should Be a Canadian citizen/ A PR holder
  2. The prospect Must have an invitation letter acknowledged from the child/Grand child.
  3. The child/Grand child must promise the prospect’s financial support for the stay length
  4. The prospect should reside or Be outside Canada while applying
  5. Prove Visa officer the intent to return back to own country after the Visa tenure
  6. Proof of medical insurance obtained from a Canadian insurance service Provider at-least for 1 year or coverage of 100,000 CAD$
  7. The Child/Grand child must meet the income requirements depending on the number of family members. Also defined as Low Income Cut-Off (LICO)
No of Family Members Funds required in CAD$ (per annum)- 2024
1 27,514
2 32,254
3 42,100
4 51,128
5 57,988
6 65,400
7 72,814
For each additional member beyond 7 7412
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How to Provide Proof of income for Canada Super visa

Original Employment/Offer letter from the employer mentioning your Job title, Description and CTC

Employment Pay stubs/Bank statements proving your income

Recent Copy of your T4 or T1 from your employer.

If Self Employed: obtain letter from an accountant proving the annual income

Pension statement or Other investments proving other sources of income

How can I apply for a Super visa for my parents/Grand-parents from Canada?

Documents Required for Canadian Super visa

For Sponsor

Proof of income showing financially stable

PR card or Citizenship status

Driving license

Employment letter

Proof of tax Remittance (T4 or T!)

Required application forms

For person being sponsored

Valid passport with at-least 6 months remaining or 2 pages remaining

Medical clearance certificate obtained from panel physicians

Required application forms

Invitation letter from sponsor

Evidence to prove family authenticity

Proof of assets or Employment or business in your home Country

Bank statements of last 6 months

Insurance coverage for at-least 1 year or a total coverage of 100,000 $

Vistor visa Vs Super visa: which should you choose?

Visitor visa allows you to stay inside country only for a short tenure (6 Months) and only can be extended by applying for an extension, you will return back to your home country if expires. With respect to Super visa if requirements are satisfied it will be granted for a tenure of 10 years where as you can stay inside the country for 5 years in a single entry..

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Highlights Comparison:

S.No Super Visa Visitor Visa
1 Upto 5 years of stay for single entry and super visa is granted for 10 years 6 months of stay for single entry but issued for 10 years
2 Canadian medical insurance coverage min for 1 year or $100,000 is required No medical Insurance required
3 Only PR /Citizen can sponsor Student / temporary resident can sponsor
4 LICO is required No fixed income cut – off is required

How to apply for a Super Visa extension?

Super Visa allows you to stay in Canada with your child/grand-child for 5 years in a single visit. At the verge of super visa expiring applying for an extension at-least 30 days in prior. The major advantage of super visa is you are allowed to stay inside country during the period of Visa extension. Irrespective of health conditions, sufficient funds may be a concern

Why should I choose GreenTree immigration for applying Super visa?

Super Visa application process is vague, complex, Time consuming and Exorbitant effect on error. All the details are brief and practical knowledge is must. Therefore choosing a professional Immigration consultant like GreenTree Immigration is essential. Who can handle your application eliminating blunder

What is the approval rate of Canadian Super visa? What are the chances for Super visa Rejection?

The approval rate is Over 83% if approved you can expect the processing time to be sooner and the origin country plays a major role on your visa approval or visa processing time

What is the general processing time for a Super visa?

General processing time for a super visa is 145 days. Processing time depends on the visa officer or office and the origin country of the applicant. More the documents we submit faster the Process would end.

Can I apply for my parents Super Visa from Canada?

Parents/Grand-parents willing to join you in Canada can apply for a Super visa and the application should be processed outside the country. However you must include the following from your end while your parents apply for a Super visa.

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Date of birth
  • Information about status in Canada (Proof attachment required)
  • Number of persons living at Canada Residence
  • Invitation letter
  • Family details including name and date of birth
  • Income details with proof attached
  • What is the Cost to apply for Super visa?

    Biometrics: 85 CAD$ per adult

    Application fee: 100 CAD$

    Medical Insurance: 1660 CAD$ (approximately)

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