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Canada being the Second largest country in the world is a land of overflowing opportunities and better lifestyle The reason they invite immigrants in a large scale is due to the sparsely populated. Canada’s Modern and multicultural society has attracted numerous Immigrants.Your Pursuit of Searching for Canada Immigration from Bangalore ends here since you have found the #1 Canada immigration consultants in Bangalore. We understand the vibrant and enthusiastic Canada immigration drives into your life.

Choosing a Genuine Canada Immigration consultants can steer Success to your Canadian Immigration dream. We are conscious that every client approaches us with a unique set of requirements At GreenTree Immigration Bangalore we are able to offer a service that fits your requirements and vision. Your vision can be understood and progressed by our experienced and professional Canada immigration agents in Bangalore where they adapt your vision as their mission and work for a successful outcome. That’s the quality of service we deliver to our clients seeking for Canada Immigration.

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Canada PR visa program

Most of the applicants across the globe opt to immigrate through the PR Visa program. In other words Permanent resident visa is a famous option to immigrate to Canada based on skills. This PR visa doesn’t require a job offer to apply.Our Canada Job Consultancy in Bangalore will helps to assist the perfect job based on your profile. PR visa grants you a validity of 5 years with multiple entry facility. Holding a PR visa doesn’t make you a citizen of Canada. you are still a citizen of your home country. A PR visa can be a bridging visa to obtain Canadian Citizenship. PR visa has a renewal option too if conditions are met.

Types of Canada PR visa

Canada PR visa can be attained in the following streams:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled trades Program
  3. Canadian Experience Class
  4. Provincial Nominee Program

Federal Skilled Worker Program:

FSW is a general stream for a skilled person to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa. This is a pointing system one must comprise 67 points to be eligible under this particular stream.The 67 points is a consolidation of Age,Education,ExperienceLanguage Ability Adaptability Job Offer (Not mandate)

Federal Skilled Trades Program:

An individual who comprises sufficient trade experience under an eligible occupation qualifies under the FST stream under Express Entry.

Canadian Experience class:

CEC program is specifically designated for prospects who owe Canadian Full - Time Work Experience under a valid visa status. This stream elevates an applicant to get faster nomination with additional points. The CEC is a faster route to attain Canadian PR. Unlike other streams this stream generally takes up-to 6 months

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Every province in Canada operates designated PNP streams as per their occupation in demand & immigration goals. Except Quebec every province and territory of Canada Participates in PNP. Every province's eligibility criteria vary. Although being a popular Immigration pathway, PNP is less time consuming.

How many points do I need for Canada PR

Program Type Eligibility score
Federal Skilled worker Program 67 Points
PNP (only few) 60 Points
Canadian Experience class NA
Federal skilled Trades Program 67 Points
Quebec Skilled Worker without spouse 50 Points
Quebec skilled worker with Spouse 59 Points
Atlantic Immigration Program NA

Check your Eligibility conditions for Canada Immigration

Canada PR can be attained in 84 streams. Hence choosing the right stream which fits your profile is highly essential. Choosing an ineligible stream may impose a 5 years ban. Reach GreenTree Canada PR consultants in bangalore to choose the perfect fit. Anyhow, If you assume your profile would fall under FSW Canada stream you can use our free Canada PR calculator tool.


The minimum age to apply is 18 years. Get maximum points, if you are between 18 and 35.


Higher secondary is minimum. You may need higher education depending on NOC code

Work Experience

Minimum of 1-year work experience. But to score higher points, more experience may be required

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in English or French is must. Also, provide the approved language test result, i.e. IELTS


Earn adaptability points for past education, work experience, relative, etc. in Canada.

Arranged Employment

You get valuable points for having arranged a job offer from Canada.

Eligibility Criteria for Canada PR Visa in 2022

Make sure to score 67 points under the points grid

Make sure your age falls within the bar.

You need to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively in English or French.

You are required to get a Police clearance certificate & Medical clearance certificate.

You will need to show proof that you have sufficient funds.

You should hold a minimum Bachelor’s degree if you are applying for a Canada PR visa.

Your Educational credential must be from a Recognized University.

If you would like to check your eligibility score adapting to these criteria you can use our free Canada PR calculator tool

What are the major services Offered by best Canada Immigration consultant in India:

Deep Analyzing


Eligibility Check

Core Process knowledge

Visa Process

Transcript Assistance

Resume Marketing

Post Landing Services

Document Notarization

IELTS Training

Applying for GCMS

How GreenTree Immigration in Bangalore helps you to get a Canada PR visa?

Our Canada consultancy in Bangalore will offer entire steering in the course of the application process.

All documentation necessities counting WES accreditations will be taken care of by us.

We can contact the concerned offices from time to time & provide regular updates in your utility popularity.

Our Canada Migration specialist team in Bangalore will deliver you the vital direction to apply & get a therapeutic clearance certificate as well as a police clearance certificate.

Our ICCRC registered Immigration Consultants in Bangalore will be on bolster to supply you with exhortation and tips to get a work in Canada.

At GreenTree Immigration you as a client stands first to us. We are nothing without you. The success GreenTree Immigration has secured is totally on the prospects who chose GreenTree Immigration before. Their success has driven us this far and made us attain the Most promising Immigration consultant in Bangalore and also our client success has escalated us to earn a spot in the Top 10 Canada Immigration consultant in Bangalore. Hence Greentree Immigration is totally made up of our success. Visit GreenTree Bangalore to check your eligibility and acquire steerage on the Canada immigration process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the age limit for Canada PR Visa ?

You must between 21 to 55 years to eligible to get Canada PR Visa

What are the eligibility requirements for Canada PR?
  1. Make sure to score 67 points under the points grid )
  2. Make sure your age falls within the bar.
  3. You need to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively in English or French.
  4. You are required to get a Police clearance certificate & Medical clearance certificate.
  5. You will need to show proof that you have sufficient funds
Which consultancy is best in Bangalore for Canada immigration?

GreenTree Immigration is the best Canada Immigration consultant in bangalore.We are an Authorized RCIC immigration consultant and a legit.

Which is the best Canada Immigration consultant in India to handle Rejected visas?

GreenTree Immigration is the best Canada Immigration consultant to handle rejected visa applications. We offer the best and perfect solution to rejected visa applications and relaunch your application for the best positive outcome. We have a dedicated and experienced team to look after your

  1. Study visa Rejections
  2. Visitor visa Rejections
  3. PR visa denial
  4. GCMS notes

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