What is Post graduate work permit

Post Graduate work permit is issued to international students who recently Graduated from Canadian universities which is listed under Designated learning institution (DLI)

PGWP allows you to stay in Canada Temporarily for work. Graduation from a Non DLI university doesn’t allow you to be eligible for a PGWP

How long is my PGWP valid?

    PGWP validity depends on the tenure of your study program.

    Study program is less than 8 Month:
    • Program less than 8 months disqualifies the eligibility for a PGWP
    If program length is 2 years or more
    • You are eligible to get a PGWP valid for 3 years
    If program is 8 months but less than 2 years
    • PGWP will be issued for the Program duration (i.e) if you program length is 10 months you will be issued with 10 months valid PGWP
    I have completed more than 1 program
    • You are eligible to attain a PGWP combining the length of both the program
    • Both programs should be under DLI and be more than 8 months
    • In the event of staying in a PGWP after completing one program you are eligible for a PGWP for the second program

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for a PGWP?

Application Fee: 255 CAD$

On which criteria I’m eligible to apply for PGWP inside Canada

The validity of your study permit is 180 days remaining

Submitted an application to extend your study permit before it expired but no decision has been made

Having a valid visitor record

Graduated for an DLI

Course duration is above 8 months

Maintained a full-time student status in Canada (this does not include your final semester)

On which criteria I’m not eligible to apply for a PGWP inside Canada

Already been under a PGWP

Under a study permit which expired 180 days before

Studied English or French as a second language

Studied general improvement or self-improvement courses

Completed a study program in Canada which is a non -Canadian institution

Participated in Canada-China scholars exchange programs

Received funding from global affairs Canada

Completed majority of the program via distance learning (online, E courses & correspondence)

On which criteria I’m eligible to apply for PGWP Outside Canada

On which criteria I’m not eligible to apply for a PGWP Outside Canada

My passport has expired before applying for a PGWP

Flight school graduates

What is the cost to apply for a PGWP?

  • Application Fee: 255 CAD$

What is the Processing time of a PGWP?

  • Online application: 106 days
  • Offline Application: 106 days

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